Febuary Mama S And Babies Of Love Sec 2

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jennifer_33106 - October 4

Here's to happy and healthy pregnancies!! Congrats to all the Feb. mama's who recieved tell of the gender and to those who decided to wait. As for the rest of us still awaiting that fateful ultrasound may our babies not be camera shy!! haha Lets get on with the kicks and tumbles of our LO's!!


swollenangel - October 5

Hello!! Thank you Jenni for starting a new thread... the other was getting way long! Well, i have nothing new to report from my side, other than patiently waiting for my next scan (16 Oct)...I'm soooo excited! My belly has been growing steadily and lo has been kicking very nicely - such a great feeling!! Hope all is well with everyone! Have a great day =)


jennifer_33106 - October 5

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!!!! (Depending on where you live and the time zone.) haha I am doing great!! YAY FOR ME!!!! I am half way through my pregnancy today!!! I am 20 weeks and have popped out. hahah When I get bigger I can use it as a make shift TV tray. haha ONLY 3 MORE DAYS!!!!! Sorry I am so excited. haha Anyways, Where the heck is everyone!? It seems this thread has up days and down days. haha Its ok ill talk to myself!! haha jk. Rifqah!! OH YAY!!! I forget, how far are you!? We are about the same right? Awe I bet you look so cute with your preggo belly!!! I cant wait to find out if you are having a boy or a girl. I am 50% sure you are having a boy. *serious face* haha jk. Anways!! I wanna hear how everyone is!!??


swollenangel - October 5

Hi again Jenni! seems like we the only 2 ppl here! Almost time for me to go home and start the weekend! YAY!! We are close Jenn, i was 21wks yesterday... so its about a week apart! Altho, i cant seem to decide whether I'm big or small... guess it all depends on who i'm speaking to! Haha! cos sum say i'm small and others say i'm big! well either way i LOVE the way i look right now!! You so lucky your scan is so soon! I tried negotiating, but my doc wouldnt listen =( Ahh well, it will be worth the wait!! I am 51% sure it is a boy!! (that 1% should count for something! haha!) Anyway...enjoy the weekend =)


jennifer_33106 - October 5

Hey!!! Yeah I think we were deserted. haha. Why is he making you wait so late? Here in the USA it is usually done at 20 weeks. I could have went today or tomorrow but wanted to wait til the 8th cuz Shon dosent have to work. haha. Have you started hearing people say "You are carrying a girl/ boy because you are carrying it..." I have. haha. Everyone tells me it is a girl but I still think boy. haha


swollenangel - October 5

cos at the last appt he said i was 'small' - here in SA its generally done at 11wks & 22wks... and now he's making me wait an extra week, cos i'm 'small' ... and here i thought i was SO big! Bad news for me is that becos its in the mrng, my dh cant be with (he just started a new job, so he cant get off that day) ... I'm so sad about that! I dont wanna go alone, cos i really want someone to share that moments with... so i think i'll ask my mom or sis to go with me...also the hospital im at doesnt hav the equipment (yet) to record the u/s so i cant even show dh afterwards! =( I'm really down about that, cos he was with my 1st u/s and it was so special! Anyway, i'm gonna try not to mope too much about it... thats not so easy!! Anyway, not to dampen the mood now - I'm feeling exactly the same as you - my gut says boy, but everyone says 'cos of the way you carrying...its a girl'... guess we'll have to wait and see! so excited to hear whether you're right about yours ... cos that will give me faith that i'm right about mine! haha! On my way out now - have a great weekend =)


BeccaBaby1 - October 5

HI Hi, I'll check in. No new news here... oh except I have felt like my tummy skin was stretching to it's limits and discovered that I grew an inch around my waist in 48 hours! Woweeeee... stretch marks here I come :( Hope everyone is well.


jennifer_33106 - October 5

OMG!!!! MY POOR BABY!!! (My puppy) She was playing and jumping. She came down on her back left leg and started screaming so we rushed her to the vet and OMG she broke her leg. She had to go into surgery tonight!!! I was crying hysterically at the Vets office!!! Even though I know I am not supposed to lift over 15 lbs I couldnt put her down. (She weighs 27) OMG This has been the most horrible day!! I am so sad. She wont be able to come home until Monday. Is'nt it funny though that when it comes to someone you love Money becomes no object!? You pay and dont think twice. It cost us $700! But when you love someone it dont matter. Anyways just wanted to share my c___ppy a__s day and the fact I am so lonely with out my Halley Bug. :(


babylove4 - October 5

Hello all!! I'm 23 wks & 1 day today & been getting allot of rest, My LO feels heavy, She moves allot more now esp. when I eat I can tell she loves food...I'm glad to see everyone's progressing nicely....Does everyone pretty much know what there baby's gender is?....I'm so sorry to hear about your poor little puppy Jenn :(.... Try not to be so sad Your lo will feel it...I'm glad you had the money to get help for her & She'll be o.k. don't worry....Have a good weekend Ladies


jennifer_33106 - October 5

Thanks!! I am so glad though cuz I talked to the nurse and she said Halley came through great! We are gonna see her tomorrow though. You wanna know something odd though. I hadnt really felt the baby all day until Halley hurt her leg and I got hysterical. haha When I was crying the baby was kicking me bad!! haha I guess our emotions do effect the babies!! I am still waiting til monday to find out what it is!! I am so sure it is a boy but everyone from my MIL to the cashier at the store says girl. haha We will see!!


K8 - October 7

Oh Jennifer so soryy about your puppy! My borderCollie was the love of my life and the first night i bought my daughter Heidi home from the hospital my doggie got run over bad and it was so strange because normally i wouldve just died of shock and cried for ever but having my new precious bundle to love and protect became my first and only priority. So my sis and husband took the dog to the emergency vet. Turns out he made it through and lived to tell the 'tail' (just has a limp now even after a year) but its so weird how when your new little one comes nothing in the world matters except protecting them. For the first month i swear i didnt even pat my dogs, i felt so mean so now i make a concerted effort to play with them everyday. Anyways that was a whole lot of babble - im off to pat my doggies :) Hope you are all well.....also swollen and jen i think you are both either having a boy or a girl! (yes im blonde...and think im hilarious) Ha Ha Ha Ha wee.....


jennifer_33106 - October 7

Kate! Nice to hear from you!! How are you feeling!? I forget cuz I am so forgetful right now but ar eyou still waiting for your U/S or have you found out yet? Well, I can see where you are coming from. Having barely got home from the hospital and having a newborn right there you didnt have much time. haha. I dont know what it is going to be like when the baby is born but I do know that I want Halley and the baby to interact. She is doing so well though!! It is amazing an animals tolerance for pain! Anyways tomorrow is the big day for me!!! I am so excited I get to see my baby and find out if its a boy or a girl (has to be one or the other) haha and I gets to bring my Halley bug home. :D Anyways how is everyone doing!? And the Broncos are gonna kick the chargers A$$. haha. Thats a given, haha


hopeful24 - October 7

Hey girls, how is everyone? Jen, I am so sorry to hear about your puppy. I know exactly how you feel. My husband is in his last year of vet school and tells me stories that always break my heart:( I have a question for anyone...I have been throwing up again like crazy. It started about a week ago. My abdomen is so sore that I can barely even move. I have thrown up so much now that I am throwing up blood by the end because my throat is so raw. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I all alone? Does it hurt the baby at all? I am sort of freaking out. Well hope everyone had a great weekend, and by the way Jen, what happened to the Broncos?


jennifer_33106 - October 8

Hey girl! hehe The Broncos were AMAZING,,,,, *Straight Face* Ugh. Dumb Dumby Broncos. They LOST 41-3!!! TO 3!!!!!!! There is no excuse for a lose of that magnitude. haha. And worst of all, the Chargers have been playing like c___p too. Well now the Broncos are as well. Tonight was not a good football night for me. haha I love and i MEAN LOVE Brett Farve and the Packers and yeah they lost to the Bears. Not that the Bears are a bad team my any means and Thank GOD they got rid of Grossman. hahah Anyways Girl I would go to the doctor soon. You might have the flu or something if you are throwing up excessively. As far as affecting the baby, it could if you are not being able to keep down anything as the baby feeds form you. Go to the doctor though. As for me, I am heading off to bed ladies!! I have to get up super early manana!! Tomorrow is gonna be a good day!! I get my baby bug back form the Vet and and and I get to find out the s_x of the baby!!! Hopefully.... Please dont cross your legs and if its a girl it will be the only time I ever say that. haha jk. Anyways I hope everyone is great!!! NIGHT!!!


Mel Page - October 8

Hi there girls, my name is Melony,i'm 27 and I'm scheduled for a c-section the last week in Feb!!! I'm now 19 weeks allong and my little girl is doing gymnastics or something in here, she's sooo active, it's awsome!! I'm a first time mom and love being pg. I hope you dont mind me joining you girls??? Oh and Jen good luck at the doc's today, hope your bub reveils all!!!!! Love Mel XxXxX


babylove4 - October 8

Hi!!! Jen today is your big day, Keep us posted...K....Well I think I'm ready to go back to work, I'll find out Thursday...Does anyone have really bad back pain?, That is the only thing I feel really bad at this point, I'll be 6 months on Thursday, I don't remember feeling that until I was 8 months along with my first pg's...O'Well...Have a good day Ladies!!!


jennifer_33106 - October 8

Hey guys!!!! GUESS WHAT!!! A little girl!!!!! Wow. haha well the tech and Shon saw it. I was not sure what to look for. haha but she wouldnt stop moving and I am most likely gonna have to go back to get another. She was so wiggly that the tech couldnt get a pic of the heart chambers or the lips and they need them to check for abnormalities. She is a little small but not abnormally small. She weighs about 11 oz!! They changed my EDD yet again and now they say the 27th of feb. But haha They have given me everything inbetween the 22nd and 27th so I stick with the 22nd cuz they usually go back to that one after the baby grows a lil. Also she is measuring at 19 weeks 5 days and I am 20 weeks 3 days so not a big deal. Also her heart rate was at 140 BPM. But you guys go see!!! I am so happy and she is a s_xY GAP BABY!!!! Well soon to be. haha. Mel page!! I didnt know you were pregnant!! Congrats!! babylove, I have a numb a$$ and thats pretty much it. haha it always goes numb. haha How is everyone doing!!??



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