New Late July Baby Thread

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jodie - January 25

Helly everyone! How is everyone doing? I go to the doc on the 30th and he is going to give me my paperwork to schedule the ultrasound....wooo hooo! I am so excited to find out what I am having. I would love a little girl because I already have a son (14mos). But it would also be great to have to little boys to rough-house with. Has anyone had a ultrasound yet...or have one scheduled??


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

i had one at 7w5d, but cannot wait to get my next one!!! i'm 14 weeks as of tomorrow morning and our doctor said we could schedule the ultrasound any time after 17 weeks!!!!


jodie - January 26

Hooray!! It's so exciting isn't it!! I am such an impatient person. My bro and sis-in-law are preg with their second and the are due just 1 1/2 months after me...and they said they aren't going to find out this time.....ahhh!!! I will go crazy for them!


Nad - January 26

I'm due July 15th!!! I can't wait, this is my first!!! Congrats to you!!


soimpatient - January 26

I had an u/s at 7weeks as well. Unfortunately, I have to wait until I am 20 weeks before I have another one. I can't wait to see this little baby. So....I got on the scale (big mistake) and it looks like I've gained a few more lbs!!! I can't believe it. Honestly, I'm not eating like a pig, I just keep gaining!!


Marie6549 - January 27

I am 15w 1d today and so far have had 3 u/s, which is quite good for the UK as 2 is the norm. I had one at 6w, 9w and 13w. As I have had a few and their really busy my next one is scheduled for 22w 4d! It seems an eternity away! LOL! I keep telling myself that I have waited 4 years for this baby, another few months wont kill me. I have a DS who is 4y 4m so it would be lovely if this one was a girl. Is anyone finding out the gender? I can't wait I am so impatient! So far I haven't gained any weight, in fact have lost 2lbs, but I only gained 10lbs with DS and I went 2 weeks over. I am on the large side anyway so I've read that's usually how it goes. I am due July 20th!! Yeay....a summer baby!


squished - January 27

Hey everyone!!! Yeah!!!! jodie the 30th is so soon! Have you not had any u/s yet? Wow...that would drive me crazy! Due to our last pregnancy we've had a few so far. One was a regular one at 9w3d. Then we've had 2 real quick just check up ones at the docs office. We are going to start going to a high risk doctor and our 1st appt. is on the 5th, so I'm sure that we'll get another one then. At the last u/s the uterine wall had a spot that dipped in towards the baby, so that has worried me, but the doc didn't seem too concerned about it. Anyways, sorry I got off on a tangent. JODIE.....they are going to tell you the s_x on the 30th? Wow....I didn't know that you could find out this early. I think that you and I are due on the same day. I don't think that we are going to find out though. With seeing a high risk doc though we might accidently find out. As soimpatient said....I got on the scale yesterday and I've gained 4 pounds. And my jeans are getting tighter :), oh oh!!!!


jodie - January 27

Hey squished..I wish I was finding out the s_x on the 30th!! I just have a doc appointmend where he gives me my paperwork to schedule my it will probably be in feb sometime!! SOOOOO long!! I think I have gained about 4 pounds too. My scale makes me weigh more than the doc office scale so I decided to just go by their!!


candk - January 28

hey everyone! I have an ultrasound at 10 weeks and it was awsome. I get to find out the gender on Feb. 20th. Four days befor my birthday. I am 14 weeks and 5 days as of today. I'm due July 24th :) My hubby and i are so very excited. We are hoping for a boy but we will be happy with either. i have gained 5 pounds up till now and just this week i have finally noticed my pants fitting a bit tighter. I can not wait for the belly to come!!!!! How is everyone else doing?


jodie - January 28

Hello CandK. I am feeling great these days. Except sometimes when I cough or sneeze my ovaries feel like they are gonna pop. I am gonna ask the doc about that on tuesday. We have a 14 month old son and are due July 23rd with this little babe!! I am going to schedule my ultrasound for feb also. I can't wait to find out!!


squished - January 28

When I sneeze I have to almost bend over b/c of the cramp I get :). It's great that you guys know when you have your big u/s. My appt. is on the 5th, so hopefully we'll know more about when our "big" appt. is too. Although, like I said, I don't think that we'll find out. Do you guys want boys or girls? I think I'd like a boy first, but either is great as long as they are healthy.


jodie - January 28

Hiya squished! I will have to try the bending over when I I already have a 14month old son so I would love to have a little girl so I could have one of each. However it would be fun to have brothers so close together. I think we are only gonna have two kids...atleast thats what we are thinking right the whole boy girl thing would be great. But either way a happy healthy baby is all we can really ask for. All my baby dreams so far have involved a baby girl or shopping for girl clothes so could be a sign....HA!


squished - January 29

Maybe all of the girl dreams are a sign!! :) I've only had one pregnant dream and it was of a boy, so hopefully there's something to that! Now that my appt. is getting closer I'm getting nervous. I always do so it's nothing new. Have all of you told your work that you are pregnant? I haven't yet and I;m not sure when to let them know. hmmmm!



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