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Alaina - August 12

I just ahte when the thread gets real long so heres a fresh one.


Erin - August 13

Hi all! Ca__sie, I live in SW Germany on the Schwabian Alb near Stuttgart, it is a really pretty area. Where does your family live? Have you ever been over here? Gina, I think it is neat too that you will be raising your child trilingual. I think that is really important, I will also be speaking English to our child and my husband German. I am a little worried about how it will work out (if we will keep it up) but I'm sure it will be fun once we get the hang of it. I haven't been feeling a lot of movement at all--just small movements once in a while. I am at the beginning of my 22nd week. Is this normal guys? Hope everyone has a great day!


Erin - August 13

I almost forgot--Alaina, you said you were right on track with your weight gain, how much have you gained so far? Since we have the same due date I guess we can compare with each other! I have gained a bit too much so far, about 18 lbs. I hope I can be a little more careful in the remainder of the pregnancy, but of course the main thing is that the baby is doing well. I am such a c___ppy dieter, though, I admit I am a bit worried about afterwards. But, I guess a lot of women feel that way. Talk to you all soon!


Ca__sie - August 13

Erin, my family lives in Hamburg. My dad is from Germany, and my mom is from the US, but they moved over there for 5 years after they got married. Now they're back here in the USA though (where I was born). Yes, I've been to Germany (4 times). I really want to go again once the baby is old enough... maybe when she is 2. I would love my family over there to meet her... especially my grandpa because he feels he is too old to come over here. Anyway, hi everyone and hope all is well. My little one has been doing some weird acrobatics today! There weren't any bladder kicks though, so I don't mind. I like feeling her and knowing she's active. Gina, raising your child on more than just English is a good idea. I myself know German and it has helped me when I have traveled overseas.


Alaina - August 13

Erin I read in what to expect ect...that every person is diffrent and don't let anyone tell you your to big(unless you gaine dlike a hundred lbs) I've gaind 11 or so but then again I go to the doctors the 22nd so I've probley gained a few this month,I'll let you know.They say any where between 25/35 is good but like I said everyone is diffrent.Plus I'm sure those Mcdonalds sundees I eat everyday will catch up with me soon(he he he)Ca__sie Germany sounds nice,My grandfather came over from Italy I'd love to go there soon, mabey a second honeymoon.I'm going to start taking Italian in collage for fun,I think it would be a good way to honer my granfather.erin I'm right their w/you on the movments, I thought I was feeling him sooner then I was but I'm feeling him in short doses now.Well catch you all soon


bump - August 14



TCM - August 14

Hello all My husband felt our little boy move last Friday - another milestone! Most of his kicks are still soft but every now and again he gets an energy boost and it is hard enough for others to feel. Very exciting. Also went to a great preggie exercise cla__s run by a Physio this weekend and learnt a couple of tricks - not rolling on your back to turn over, rather roll onto your tummy (a lot easier) and to move slower. I have been having sharp pains every now and again that I thought were normal but since I have made an effort to get out of bed, stand up etc, slower, I haven't had any pain! About languages - my father is Italian and my grandparents lived with us until I was 3 so I learnt Italian from them. I have learnt and forgotten many languages at school, university and overseas but never forget the Italian 'cos I learnt it young enough - I think it is fantastic to teach children other languages when they are small. I still speak Italian like a 3 year old (no grammar) but am learning more so I can teach my boy. They say that if parents are consistent about the language they speak, it is easy for a child to learn. Sorry so long .. a lot to catch up on.


Alaina - August 15

Cla__s sounds fun, I took the dogs for a walk w/the hubby today(didn't even make the hubby wear a leash haha just kidding I love my hubby) I'm up and bored can't get any sleep latley.I was pretty good today no icecream tho noe I think about it mabey a little bowl ummm....I still roll on my tummy just not all the way it's a comfortable way for me to lay in the mornings sometimes.My Doc says it's fine for now, I think I have to stop at the end of the month tho.Has anyone got one of those body pillows yat?I want to get one I just don't know where to get one at, I was thinking of ordering one online,but then I wouldn't beable to feel how soft it is.Let me know if you guys have any ideas.Sorry to about the rant but I'm bored.Take care chat w/u all soon


TCM - August 15

I dont have a body pillow but have started hogging the other pillows on the bed. Just had a piece of cake and baby is going crazy. Either the cake or its time to stop wearing yet another pair of trousers (these are low so I have got away with it so far).


simple - August 15

go to walmart, they sell body pillows, and u can buy a pillow cover. the micro suede and its really comfortable.


Alaina - August 15

I tried walmart already they really didn't have any, mabey I'll try walmart online.Thxs.TMc thats my problem I aready have all the pillows but one, the poor everyone feeling?Good I hope


Bree - August 15

Hya everybody! I'm having a monday here at work, that's for sure. Good thing it's almost time to go home in less than an hr ...yes!! Hey, do any of you take tums for the calcium and heartburn benefits. I bought some extra strength (1,000 mg calcium, I think) and figured it might help. What do ya think? I'm struggling w/getting my calcium needs met. I can't stand milk all of a sudden and yogurt -forget about it. Cheese is so fattening. I'm getting some broccoli back in the house, though. My diet's a mess lately.


Ca__sie - August 15

Hi gals! I want to get a body pillow too, but feel guilty with all the things I am buying because of pregnancy. You know... having to buy all new clothes, etc. So far I'm just using our other bed pillow. Baby has been active today and my friend actually was able to feel her. Hubby felt her about 5 days ago or so. I love it when she is active. I think it is so cute. I can't wait to see her and meet her. And so exciting... tonight hubby and I are going to register. Woo-hoo! We're going to USA Baby tonight and will go to Target another time. I'm going to print out a list of must haves from online so I am at least a little prepared for when we walk into the store. I can't wait!


Linds - August 15

Hi girls...i bought a body pillow that is too soft and it just sinks down to the bed and makes me even more uncomfortable. so last night i took all of the pillows and left hubby with a throw pillow :( i feel bad now thinking about it. Ca__sie-my little boy is also very active he kicks all night long low in my belly...i can actually see his kicks now...anyone else experiencing that yet? soooo cute!!!...good luck ladies!


Alaina - August 16

Hi ladies, I felt like c___p today.I went to my moms for breakfast and felt real sick.I'm feeling better now after I layed down.Mabey I'll just buy more reg. pillows(I already have 3) The hubby sleep on the couch last night god bless him, he's so great.I'm glad were all doing good.Bree have you tried some icecream(lol my fav.) They have light icecream that is good and as I said the books I read say if you want to eat something sweet thats seems bad some icecream is good because it's a great sourse of Calcium.Well chat w/u all soon :)


Bree - August 16

Alaina, sorry to hear you felt sick today. Hope you're better! As a matter of fact I had a klondike (sp?) bar today - heath ...yummy! It was good! I've got a headache myself. Too much crying. I'm an emotional basketcase. My fiancee is an *******! I'm counting down til friday. I'm so ready for the weekend. So, how is everybody else these days?


gina 12-27-05 - August 17

I am exhausted. I have been painting for three days at my parents house. They will be moving and I am helping prepare the old one for the big sell. AND then I have to go and finsih painting my cla__sroom and some walls outside my room. I have painted all summer it seems. I wish to speak Italian myself since I dance in an Italian folk dance groiup. Were off to Boise in a couple of months for our national conference. Although my dancing is starting to slow down a bit. I am really scared about my weight. 17 pds in 21 weeks. I have my monthly appt on Monday. Do they check you inside around this time? I have not had a baby is so long............



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