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hc - October 16

h__lo, i just had my 20 wk u/s and we were dying to find out the gender. but the baby had its legs crossed so we didn't get so see it... :~( it is healthy though so that is great news! However, i was wondering, my dr says that there will most likely not be anymore u/s unless something happens, is that true? don't you usually have another u/s later on in the pregnancy to check on things?? or is that only wishful thinking from my side?!!?? We really would like to find out the gender.


T - October 16

From what I understand, you only get one unless there are complications. Actually, I was told that I could have as many as I wanted, but my insurance will only pay for one, so I would have to pay for the rest of them. Good Luck.


Erin - October 16

I always thought they check at around 35-37 weeks to see if the baby is breech?


Lisa - October 16

You would think they would give you one once the baby dropped..like Erin said, to check for breach closer to your due date? The doctors today just don't seem to care anymore about their patients, it's all about money...most companies are like that today actually.


kendall - October 17

my ins is the same way only one. i was thinking of going and getting a 3d u/s done to have it on dvd and also see everything again i'm in az and the cheapest i found was $95 but for a 2d for a 3d it was like $150 but for me that's a lot of money


Ashley - October 17

There are other ways to tell if the baby is breech - like once the baby's head engages in the pelvis. You can also tell posterior and anterior without an u/s. We had two u/s early on to date the pregnancy and watch a cyst. We were told our particular insurance covered two u/s a trimester when we called about it. All insurance is different.


val - October 17

Where I am from the norm is to get 2, one in the beginning around 8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy, and one around 20 to 22 weeks to do the general check up on the baby and to find out the gender. I have never heard of anybody getting one later on in pregnancy unless something is wrong. Some dr's are nice and if you can't see the gender at your 2nd u/s will let you come back in for a quick peek later...my cousin's baby didn't cooperate at her u/s so her dr. let her come in for a few minutes a week later to take one more peek to try and see what it was, at no charge.


erinsoul - October 17

I was told by other previously pregnant friends that most Ins. co will pay for 1 or 2, which are routine scans. They MAY cover more than that if they are medically neccessary. Like if a problem is detected and further monitoring is neccessary, or if there is a question about safe delivery. But I really think it is at your Ins.co's discretion. You should call them if you have an issue.


Amber - October 17

My doctor told me that I will have between 4 and 5 u/s. I am 14 weeks and have already had 2 - my third is in a few weeks, and I hope to find out the gender then. Maybe my doc is u/s happy? I will have to pay a bit more from what my ins. tells me, but I have a lot of cool pics to send to the family!


Tarah - October 17

It just depends on your insurance and your pregnancy. Usually you only get 2 with an HMO, I on the other hand had cysts within my placenta at 8 weeks so I have had an ultrasound every 4 weeks to make sure the baby is okay. Just look at it that way, atleast you know for sure you have a totally healthy baby on the way with no other complications.


elizabeth - October 18

I had the same problem. When i had my ultrasound done at 18 weeks and 5 days, the baby;s legs were crossed the whole time so we couldnt find out, and the doctor said they will not do another one unless they might think something is wrong or a measure too big.I think we should have at least one more by the end of pregnancy to actually get a idea of how much our baby weighs and see if it is ok...sucks though, now im almost 23 weeks,,its kinda fun not knowin but then you wonder all the time. but i love it


Beth - October 18

My baby had the umbilical cord in between it's legs! I was so dissapointed, now I've come to terms with not knowing, I want another u/s still though, I didn't know I could just ask and get a 3d u/s, and I want a 3d pi of my lil guy....or girl, but my doc says that I don't get another unless somethings wrong, my sister told me to fake spotting....I considered it, but decided not to, I still harra__s my doc at every appt though, which, after my next appt, will turn into every two weeks, he'll give in eventually, who can say no to a crying pregnant lady?


Jenn - October 19

In canada we have 3 in the begging to find the right age of baby then around 18 - 20 wks to see how things are and the end to make sure baby is ok for delivery . I had my first one at 7wks 4 days had another at 12 wks for the triple screen test so I will be lucky and have 4 of them plus you dont need all the water one water bottle sm one 20 min before is enough


Ronni - October 19

Hi hc I am 14 weeks and have already had 2 u/s one was @week 8 and one i just had to check the spine for downs syndrome. i get one more at 20 weeks. I hope i will be able to find out the s_x at that one. we really want to know!



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