Pain In My Side I Need An Info Please

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Lily - May 17

Hello. I'm 16 weeks preggers, and I started having a funny pain on my right side, in the same location as where you would find your appendix. It feels sorta like a hot needle is being poked into my side. What worries me, is that a couple of times, it's made me double over because it catches me offguard, and it's not a constant pain. It comes and goes. My midwife says that its just the ligaments stretching with baby's growth, but wouldn't that be a constant pain or tenderness in my side? Not just now and then. I'm concerned about this. Is there any other expectant ladies that have experienced this? If so, what were you told by your physician? Thanks in advance.


Christy - May 17

I have had similar pain since becoming pregnant and was told the same thing. I was told to keep an eye on it and let the OB know if I experience and changes with it.


Maleficent - May 18

i can sympathize! i've got a ligiment that just wont give up and it's killing me. it hurts more when i'm up and active, and since i'm chasing a 2 year old i'm up and active most of the day. lol. sometimes it will just give me a shock out of no where and i d__n near fall over. i was also told not to worry, and i'm not. it's just sooooo annoying!


Sam - May 18

I know exactly what you mean. I'm at 18 weeks. And the "hot needle" comparison is perfect!!! My doctor said it's fine but did a u/s just to waylay my fears. Everything was fine. He said it could not only be ligaments, but organs moving around, trying to get comfortable whilst being squished in ways they haven been before. I get doubled over sometimes when I sneeze or cough really hard. Or when baby kicks in just the right spot....


Lindy - May 18

I totally just out of hospital with the same symptoms...they kept me in for observation cos the pains were so crippling...same place same description as yours. i am 24 weeks... they checked for appendicitis but it turned out, thankfully to be a bad urinary tract infection, easily cleared up by antibiotics. get it checked out and dont suffer for a week like i did thinking it was stretching etc. infections like that if left can lead to further complications like pre eclampsia etc...get it checked sister!!" good luck x


Lily - May 19

You Ladies are my Angels!!! I'm SO glad to know I'm not the only one that has had that particular pain...I've had this pain almost every day for 4 days now. I'll be calling my Dr. tomorrow Lindy, and I'll be sure to ask about it being a uti! Baby Dust All Round!!


Lindy - May 20

Lily so glad I could help you in any way... let me know how everything is ok, and that your feeling better! Its pretty safe to say, that throughout pregnancy, no matter what ache or pain u have, u are never alone!!



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