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Mandy1984 - May 15

Hi all was just wondering how some of you are doing? I am 19week and 1 day (the all important 1 day lol) anyways, I thought I had felt my baby move but I'm beginning to think it was just wind lol (4th pregnancy you would think I could tell the difference) Anyways I was just wondering how ''big'' some of you have gotten.. I am getting conflicting comments from friends/family ''your belly is too tiny for 19wks'' / ''your too big for 19 weeks'' just wondering what some of you are like, Are you showing yet?? This is a picture of my tummy, taken yesterday Its in amongst the pictures somewhere, Does my tummy look 'normal' for 19 weeks?? I haven't gained ANY weight just 'size' if that makes sence lol


michellep - May 15

I think it's fine. I'm a lot smaller than you, and I'm at 18 weeks. My doctor told me I'm right where I should be.


Ddvinson3 - May 15

I looked at the pic and for 19 weeks you are about right. I was a little smaller but this is my first. If this is your 4th they say that you show a lot earlier after your first. So I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone's body is totally different and everyone carrys different. So I wouldn't worry! Good luck with everything!


GraceRenee - May 15

I would say for 19 weeks and 4th pregnancy you look just about average. I suddenly popped out between weeks 16 and 17, but can still hide it if I try, so I my belly is quite a bit smaller than yours... but you are about 10 days ahead of me. This is my 5th pregnancy but 3rd baby.


Mandy1984 - May 15

hey, GraceRenee, soryy to hear of your losses :( This is my 4th pregnancy but 3rd baby, I lost a little boy at 18weeks on 1st June 05. Some days my tummy looks smaller I guess I still get bloated lots.. I have lost a total of 15lbs but this past few weeks I have gained 3lbs making my weight loss now at 12lbs... People kinda look at me strange when I say I've lost weight :)


ThePezChick - May 15

I'll be 20 weeks Thursday and I'm a little smaller than you, but not much. I was afraid I'm getting too big, but everyone I've talked to says I look great for how far along I am. My husband checked out your picture and said to tell you that you look great, not to worry about it.


Taffy - May 15

Mandy, you look about right to me. I'm 18 weeks and a few days and still haven't gained weight. I'm down about 12 lbs from prepregnancy. I do have a bulge (rather than a bump) but it's still much lower than yours. I think I'm carrying in my pelvis more and not out front like some ppl do so this makes me look smaller. I think I would prefer to carry forward so I could eat more easily!


bonnie1 - May 15

HI, I am 23w with my 1st, and I am smaller then you,. You now have me worried, On the weekend I was told I am big for 23w, but then yest, I was told I was smal for this time. Just must be the way I am carrying junior, cos he/she sure is kicking me hard, so I know he is in there growing,. As the kicks are getting more obvious everyday!


scarlett - May 15

The only person who can tell you what's normal is your doctor/ob/gyn. Because measurements done during an ultrasound scan can give you an idea if your baby is growing as it should. Other than that, every woman's body is different. I'm 16wks ++ and happily have a pregnant tummy. A friend of mine who's 17wks ++ doesn't even look pregnant at all. The size of your tummy is not the most important thing - it's your baby's size that matters. Ignore those comments that people make, because they only make you think and get worried. Instead, do your research and get your doctor's opinion. He'll tell you that every woman's body and uterus size/shape/placement is different, and that affects how your tummy 'looks' from the outside.


Neets - May 16

Hi Mandy. I'm 17wk 3d so obviously am measuring smaller than you! But I'm showing, and would think you look 'normal' for your stage. Besides, everyone's different and you are on your 4th pregnancy, so are bound to be showing a lot! BTW, cute kids.


AppleCake - May 16

Do a google on "belly galley" and you will get a few sites come up. I have found this really usefull for setting my mind at ease- you can go look at all the mama's the same no. of weeks as you, and see how much variation there really is!X


Erin333 - May 16

If you want, you can compare it to mine. I have a picture up at 20 weeks. I think you may be a little bigger then me, kinda hard to tell from your angle. But you've also been pregnant more times then I have. Anyways, hope this helps a little. (under pregnancy pictures).


Alison - May 20

Mandy I wouldn't worry about your bump - I am 22 weeks 3 days and my bump is a little bigger than yours. It was like yours at 19 weeks so looking at your picture reminds me alot of my own tummy lol! :-) Everyone is different and grows differently - if you're bigger people will say you're big for your stage of pregnancy, if you're small they'll tell you you don't look pregnant! I think you look just fine for where you are. Also when it's not your first pregnancy you show quicker and since this is your 4th you probably show quicker than you did in your 1st pregnancy. I was so sorry to read of your loss you experienced. This is my 4th pregnancy but first time I have gotten past 1st trimester (3 early Miscarriages) so I have been quite excited to be showing alot now as I find it rea__suring lol! That and the increasing kicks/prods from baby to rea__sure me he/she is ok ;-) Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best to you and your lovely family xxx


Mandy1984 - May 20

Hey Alison, I can't even begin to imagine having 3 m/carriages :) I feel for you but I'm glad you have a happy healthy bean now. I guess I feel kinda lucky to have had a m/carriage at 18weeks as opposed to an early m/carriage. That dosn't sound right...What I mean is... If I was going to have a m/carriage no matter what, then I think I'm almost lucky to have got to 18weeks, Seeing my baby helped me 'heal' better, I was able to get closure, Also I felt him kick and wiggle so I have some memories of him, I honestly think its much harder on the mother when she has an early m/carriage... I'm feeling a little sad at the moment simply because its almost been a year, then I feel happy because I'm pregnant again, then I feel guilty becasuse I feel happy when I think I should be feeling sad because of my boy , kinda mixed up really :) I guess the pregnancy hormones don't help at the moment lol :)


mandee25 - May 21

Your tummy looks fine for 19 weeks so I wouldn't worry at all. Good luck!


laura17 - May 21

your belly looks just about right mines the same!!


Alison - May 21

Hi Mandy, I know what you mean about the mixture of emotions - I can relate to that. Anniversaries are hard and I hope the 1st anniversary of your loss will not be too hard and that your little one and lovely girls too will help you through the day. You have nothing to feel guilty about feeling joy for this pregnancy, but I know it's hard with all the conflicting emotions and as you say the pregnancy hormones! My baby's due date is 21st September which is only 5 days after the 2nd anniversary of my 1st loss. I am so glad that September will become a happy month for us instead of a sad one-it almost feels significant that baby is due then. We must be just a couple of weeks apart - what a special month :-) I can't wait for it to come I am just so excited! I still feel like pinching myself every day that this is really real :-) All the best to you and your lovely Bump! xxx



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