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Alaina - June 22

Hi!! How has everyone been?Does anyone know the precentage of having a miscarriage in the second tri? I have already had a miscarage in the past and I am now 15wks and precentages sound better then "chances have droped signifantly" Anyway I'm feeling good still getting doc visit the 28th.Take care :)


Kelly K - June 22

Depending on your age.. it can be from 3% down to 1%.


kimj - June 22

your chances are slim to nothing!! GL


Alaina - June 22

Thank you guys I fell so much better .


littlemrsb - June 22

Alaina, I love your name - just had to tell you that... Also, I wanted to encourage you that I read that having one miscarriage does not put you at a higher risk for miscarriage during the second pregnancy. Congratulations for hitting the 15 week mark... I am 21 weeks now, and the last few weeks have been so fun... you have so much to look forward to, so try to focus on that! :) God bless!


Alaina - June 22

Thank you mrsb.That is so sweet.My name is french Alaina chontel.I don't know why my mom gave me a french name when I'm mainly Italian but I've always liked it.Thx again for the reinsurence!


Cinshon - June 22

I like you name to any suggestion on a girl name, I don't care if they are french or Italian etc. Just something special.


Alaina - June 23

I love the name Dakotta(native American means keeper of the stars),Brianna,Annabel,Dahlyla,my mom was going to name me Ashlyn lyne if u don't like these i'll send u more doing great it is so nice to share our prego with others.thanks again


ang - June 23

alaina, have you seen the baby on an ultrasound or heard the baby's heartbeat? once you hear or see either of those things, the chances of a miscarriage decrease a lot. to miscarry in the second trimester, there actually has to be a reason. i was really relieved at 15 weeks that i wouldn't miscarry....good luck


Alaina - June 23

thx ang. I have had two ultra sounds.One at 8wks and one at 12wks.I heard the heart beat last month.I go back tuesday for a check up and to schedual the big ultasound.(I should know the s_x soon) yeah! Thank you everyone I'm starting to feel better.



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