Question About The LINE ON YOUR BELLY

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sjlopez - July 2

what week or month average does a pregnant women get that line from there belly botton down. when do most pregnant woment get that?


carol23 - July 2

I got my line from what seems like the get go. I'm now 31 weeks and it's VERY visible.


Bluespace86 - July 2

Mine goes from my belly b___ton UP to the middle of my chest 0_0 Is this not normal? I'm almost 17 weeks now and there is no line down after my belly b___ton.


christa0120 - July 2

some people dont even get it at all...i am one of them


mandee25 - July 2

I haven't seen anything definite yet and I am 20 weeks along. Maybe I won't get one either.


sa__sifras - July 2

I got mine with my first pregnancy around 6 months, right when it was warm enough to lay out. The sun REALLY brings it out. This pregnancy I noticed it much earlier, around 12 weeks. The darker I get, the darker the line gets...along with the pregnancy mask on my cheeks:)


Perl - July 2

Hi SJ, I've been following "The Pregnancy Journal" which tells me day by day what to expect during pregnancy. I'm in my 20th week and don't have that line yet but I remember reading that it was common to start appearing several weeks ago like in month 3 or 4.


sjlopez - July 3

thank you ladies. i feel much more better.


scarlett - July 3

I'm 23wks and have been having that belly line for quite some time now...don't exactly remember when.


ThePezChick - July 3

I'm 26 weeks and haven't gotten one. I'm faired skinned so my doctor said I may never get one. The darker your skin is the more likely you are to have one.


alwaysamber - July 3

Not everyone gets one. Most women who have them have told me to be glad I didn't have one...:) People with darker skin are more likely to have one.


ren05 - July 3

i think mine was slightly visible from around seven months although it was very faint and it was perfectly straight.someone told me if its straight u will have a boy and i did, but i think it one of those old tales.


flower.momma - July 4

Mine never totally went away from last time (my dd is 18 months old and I am 19 weeks pregnant). Now it is progressively getting darker, and is strangely off center. It is off to the side of my belly b___ton. Weird.


tryingx3 - July 4

I'm 28 wks and don't have pretty fair mom and sister both had a line when they were pg...


NURSEJ - July 12

i have one and i am 12 weeks 3 days it is just starting to show now though. they say people who are dark skin it is more visible so maybe thats why i see it now. i just have a little bump and pouch not really showing yet.


babysel22 - July 13

I am 15 week pregnant and got mine at around 12 weeks .Right now it is very visible and dark.I hope it does not stay like that though : )


KLT - July 14

Mine is crooked..and I think my belly b___ton shifted too! Both lines are dark (i'm not dark skinned) and one goes all the way up my chest, the other all the way down...its too funny...and my belly b___ton is changing big time.. All too weird! I'm 26 or 27 weeks now...can't keep track anymore!



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