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crystal s - April 17

Hi guy's, i'm 16 weeks pregnant and i just don't know what to eat during the day, and for dinner. I was just wondering if anyone had any meal ideas.(and snack ideas)


HP - April 17

I'm 16 weeks also. I eat lots of fruits.. I eat oranges like crazy, strawberries, banana, apple, watermelon. For snack, I eat whatever I feel like eating. In the morning I have one boiled egg & cereal. Dinner whatever sounds good :) My fav: baked potato with skin, boiled asparagus, and a piece of steak. I always love carbs :)


Sophia - April 17

I too didn't know what "eating right" meant. I just know "eating more" is the key. For a nutritious snack, slice boiled eggs and eat with some salt and pepper. I slice up cuc_mbers and tomatoes and make a persian salad. Eat romaine lettuce instead of iceberg, which has virtually nothing of any nutritious value. Make yourself cream cheese sandwiches. Stay away from too many fried foods, as the cooked oil is not healthy for you.


naomi - April 17

Here is a sample of my diet Breakfast Bran cereal (fibre) Low fat milk (calcium) Snack Banana, plum Lunch 1x whole meal sandwich, Tuna and salad or egg and salad. With fruit. Snack Carrot, celery or fruit, or whole meal crackers with low fat cheese Dinner... chicken, lots of cooked veg, oven baked potato or sweet potato or brown rice. Snack hot drink, fruit I have chosen to eat whole grains products and avoid white bread, rice and pasta as they lack a lot of the goodness that baby needs to grow, they also help me to feel full for longer, help with my digestion and prevent large weight gain I do not eat more than I used to but am eating foods that contain more goodness; I am avoiding fats and sugars.


Hayley - April 18

Hi Crystal, I don't think it matters too much what you eat as long as you have a varied diet. I've not changed mine too much, I just make sure I eat a bit more fruit and vege. I still get my indian and chinese takeaways at weekends!


Leahp - April 18

Hey crystal!!! This is the time to try to eat your best!!! I have friends who eat Steak'n'shake, sonic, and I talk about how I really watch what I eat, if I don't have a great reason too, and they all say this is the time I say I can eat what ever I want, and then they wonder why they're overweight and their kids are always sick. I do believe the health of your baby is a big influence of how you take care of yourself!! Great snacks are cheese and crackers, yogurt, fruit, pretzels with PB, nuts. I've had problems being creative for dinner as well!! But last night I made a cajun black beans and rice with chicken, tomatoes, green pepper and green chilies!! The hubby loved it!! I love HP's selection we do that alot as well, since it's getting warm outside!! Just search some recipes!! it's a great time of year to try all sorts of things!


Michelle - April 18

Granola Bars are a great snack in between meals. I live on them!


m - April 18

I'm w/you Crystal.... I don't know what to eat half the time. I snack on fruit, cheese, make sandwiches, egg salad, drink my milk, but when dinner time rolls around, I'm clueless on what to fix. The last meal I made was Friday, salmon dinner, the rest of the weekend was carry out. I'm getting bored in the kitchen that's for sure!


crystal - April 18

Thanks guys, you gave me some good ideas. I really need to start to eat healthier, For me and the baby. Keep your suggestions coming.


Foxy - April 18

Someone said nuts, but my midwife told me to avoid nuts because some people believe they can cause your child to have a nut allergy. I've been eating pretty much what I always eat but adding more fruit and veg. I have fruit smoothies and cereal for breakfast. I think I have a pretty balanced diet. I can't stay away from chocolate though.


julie D - April 18

HI, thanks for some great ideas. I am trying to eat whole grains like Naomi is because my midwife advised me to cut down on white bread and pasta as I was gaining to much weight. I hated brown rice and whole meal pasta to start with but am enjoying them now.


b - April 20



Lynn - April 20

The Bradley Method website has a ggod pregnancy diet to follow. They advise getting about 100 grams of protein a day along with your normal fruits & veggies & stuff...



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