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citrouille - May 13

hi everyone, still no movement so far.. but it's the morning and the baby isn't usually very active at this point. I'm going to call my gyn this afternoon if I stil haven't felt anything! hope you all are sleeping soundly in bed :) It must be in the middle of the night your time


ekay - May 13

Hey Cit, are you feeling little bumps or anything? I mean, movement is movement, so is he at least rolling around? Try the good old OJ and laying down trick. I notice some days my baby is really quiet and I have to wonder myself, but usually the next day he's jammin out to Willie Nelson. :-) Let us know what the doc says.


nm - May 13

Good morning everyone. Will be off and on again today. Have a couple of mtgs to go to today and then I am off for my dr appt.


Beth - May 13

Good morning ladies!! Kara, have fun signing those papers, I know it is a wonderful but scary feeling. As for the name Jonas, I like it but I THINK it was Jennifer or Ekay that has other family named that. . . ? oohh man my brain is starting to go, haa haa. Cit, I am 24 weeks and I too do not feel the baby all the time, I start to panick after not feeling her most of the day and then bam, one little movement!! Yesterday I don't think I felt her at all :0(, I was in the car this morning and I felt her turn, I said There you are!! :0) Nm, Good luck at your apt, let us know how it goes!!


Jennifer - May 13

Good Morning Everyone. Yes it was my with the name Quinn, it is my husbands Aunts last name, his Uncle pa__sed away last year, so that is actually back to one of our names, I like Jonah Quinn, I know that is close to your name Kara, funny eh. Or we are also thinking about Quinn David. They are the 2 names we are debating on right now, for a boy. I am pretty sure it is going to be Jacklynn for a girl, my dad's name is Jack, but we are not sure on a middle name... any suggestions???


citrouille - May 13

Good news! I didn't end up going to see my gyn because the baby started moving around again today. After lunch he/she started kicking and rolling around. Yeah!!! What a relief! My mother in law lent me her stethoscope because I read that you can hear the baby's heartbeat at this stage with it.. but I haven't managed to! I'll try later on.. It is hard to hear anything other than my own heartbeat. how is everyone today?


nm - May 13

Cit, we are on a new thread..But, that is great news:)



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