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Lily - May 20

My husband and I decided to have the down syndrome and spina bifida testing done. Why? Because this is our first baby, and we wanted to be prepared for anything. Even if it was bad. Well the results came back in the mail today, that said my "levels are normal". LOL....And that was all it said. It didn't give a percentage or a ratio number, like we were told it would, which we both found rather amusing. So my question is, what is "normal" suppose to mean?


m - May 21

If it falls in the normal range then it doesn't give you the ratio. If it's "normal" then you can a__sume the ratio is whatever it is according to your age. Most of those tests have false readings the older you get; but regardless that test isn't 100% accurate either way. The only real way to tell, if you want to be prepared is an amnio, or markers during an u/s. The nuchal fold is another test that's not 100% accurate. Those tests just offer "something" to people who don't want the amnio. Hopefully in the future there WILL be a simple blood test to find out for sure. That'd be so much better.


Maleficent - May 21

for me it means finding something else to worry about. lol. congrats on the good test results.


Ranya - May 24

Congrats on your results, just got mine back as well and thank God they were great. There is a normal range of probability for your age group, for mine (will be 31 in July) it was 1 in 909 and when the results of my blood work were added to the equation, it became 1 in 10,000. I think you could ask for the actual probability in your particular case, but like Lily said an amniocentesis is the only way to find out 99.9% for sure. My doc only recommends it (small probability of miscarriage due to procedure) if the Quad-test gives back a probability of 1 in 200 or less.


kelsey - May 24

I also did all that testing like three weeks ago and still haven't got my results. I have my appointment this Friday to find out the s_x so will they have my results or should they of mailed them? Does anyone know how long it takes. Im kinda nervous about it!


jj - May 24

so i got a 1/1150 for downs and a 1/7000 for spina bifida...is that good then?/ the downs doesn't seem that great?


to jj - May 24

I had 1 in 5000 for both of mine and I was told by a genetic counselor that this is the lowest risk for each but I have seen lower risks on these boards. I think that your risk for down's is still very low, based on the numbers you give here. I wouldn't be too worried.


georgia - May 27

i took the test and had a1 in 12,ooo prob but 2 days after my sonogram my dr called and said the sonogram tech may have seen a cyst on the umbilical cord which could be linked to down syndrom were seeing a specialist on tuesday the 31st for a 3 -D sonogram too get a better look at her i'm so scared i feel in my heart that shes ok and im' only 27 years old and have 2 healthy daughters but im so worried has any one had something like this happen


jj - May 27

i hope those numbers are ok..i would be happier if it were 1/7000 for both.....and i didnt get a number for trisomy?? is that odd?? georgia....my tech thpught they saw something wrong with the babies foot.....but on the second u/s it was just fine...i think if something is angled odd then they err on the side of caution......i wouldnt worry...your number are 1/1200??? thats awesome!



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