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Jodi - November 28

Maybe a new post will bring new hope. Tara I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through! I can't imagine how hard it must have been, but please know that we might not really know you, but are always right here if you need to talk! I hope as far as the rest of this goes we get some good news. I have my first u/s this Friday,so please be praying for me. I'm really nervous after all of this. I will pray for you Tara. Things always work out for the best, even though sometimes it's hard to find a light at the end of the tunnel, some day maybe it will all make sense? Well I love you girls! There is so much kindness from each and everyone of you! Goodnight!


Monique - November 28

I am just logging on for the first time since last Tuesday and I am SOBBING!!! TARA - I doubt you will be back to read this but I am SO SORRY, my heart is broken. I am relieved to know you found some peace with this terrible turn of events. I am also so happy that you have 2 other healthy beautiful children!! I knew I had grown attached to everyone here but this just showed me just how DEEP I feel for all of you. JODI - Good Luck on Friday!!! UPDATE - I scheduled my amnio for this Thursday but after speaking to the specialist, I think I will re-schedule for next Thursday (Dec.8). He wants me on bed rest after for atleast 24 hours and not to travel, lift, pull, or push anything over 10 pounds for 7 days. I have a shoot in Chicago I MUST fly to 5 days later.... so as much as I want to get this over with, my gut says to wait. I just looked at my calendar and I have my big u/s on Dec.12th. Ofcourse now I'm scared to death because of Tara's news, but I MUST not go there in my brain!! I hope everyone else is fine and I look forward to hearing some good news!


bean - November 29

Monique - just wondering... but is it simply worth waiting until your big u/s and then deciding on the amino? Your u/s is less than 2 weeks away, and from what I understand the dct can see anything major from the pictures... Speaking of u/s - how did they go? Mel? Camilla? Anyone else? Jodi - you're on Fri, when is everyone else?


Nicole - November 29

Hey ladies last week was a very hard week. We have all experienced loss with our m/c...nothing like Tara had, but it just shows us how fragile our little ones still are and how we can not take anything for granted. I have my u/s tomorrow I know Tara was going to be today but there was someone else. maybe Meredith? Anyway with 3 of us this week I hope we all start feeling more secure that our babies are healthy. I was a little worried this morning I have still only gained 4 pounds. What has everyone else gained? My belly is pooching and I think I actually look pregnant although it makes me nervous I feel like I should be gaining more.


bean - November 29

I think it was Mel - yesterday, Camilla - today, Nicole - tomorrow, Jodi - Friday, and then Monique on the 12th. I'm not sure about anyone else - so please chime in! Hoping for wonderful news from everyone! Nicole - I've gained a lot more - actually 3x as much. I keep a chart of the low gain (25 lbs) and high gain (40lbs) and I'm right in the middle for my 19wks. Hope to stay that way and gain only about 35 or so... we'll see though. 4lbs sounds low because we should all be gaining a pound a week after week 13 - so that's at least 5lbs, but if you're healthy, the baby's healthy, and the dct doesn't mind, then it's just perfect for your body.


Nicole - November 29

Thanks Bean. I am not thin but I am not heavy either...I am pretty average. I think I have lost alot of muscle since I stopped working out and running. THat could be the weight difference. I am loosing muscle but gaining weight so the scale is staying close to the same. Don't get me wrong I am happy I haven't gained alot...I just want the baby to be healthy. Here's to good news this week. Good luck everyone!! TRACY when is your scan?


Camilla - November 29

Hey girls. I'm definitely on the pound a week schedule...Find it takes some getting used to though. This morning I hit another new pound mark, so I've put on 14lbs in total. It's just feels odd (though I know it's normal) that my body is putting on weight but I'm not eating more really! Nicole, as long as baby is growing well, which I'm sure they'll confirm tomorrow, and doc says you're fine, then I'd not worry about it. At least the pounds will come off quickly later! Yep, my u/s is later on in the afternoon. I'm scared!! I should just be excited but I'm pretty nervous. Oh well. Like Jodi said, we can only hope for some happy news on here soon. Bean, it's so great your little girl is doing so well. Monique, like Bean I'm wondering if you can't have the u/s first. But I guess doc is pretty keen on that amnio..Anyway, you sound really busy. What line of work are you in, if you're involved in shooting? TV? Film? Anyway, on a more trivial front..I'm starting to get lower back ache, and I've never really had that in pregnancy. Hope it doesn't last. It's a pain in the - well - back! I'll catch up with you all later, C.


Emma - November 29

Hello ladies. I just found this site yesterday after reading Tara's posts. I feel so sorry for her and what she has been through. I am hoping everyone else's pregnancy is uneventful leading to healthy babies. As for me, I am 21 weeks pregnant with my 4th and final child. This pregnancy was a surprise but welcomed nonetheless. I suffer from crohns' disease and am considered high risk with this pregnancy. I see an OB every 3 weeks and get ultrasounds of the baby to monitor growth every month. So far baby is right on target. We found out on November 23 we are expecting a baby girl~! We are pretty excited just hoping she is healthy. I have been taking steriods since I became pregnant and am worried about the adverse effect this can have on baby. I know the major effect is cleft palate and pray baby is fine. Well ladies, i hope i can continue to get to know all of you and praying everyone's u/s and amnio's go well. Take care and i'll check in later.


Melanie - November 29

IT'S A GIRL!!!!! I was excited but certainly nervous, but everything looked fine. All sorts of measurements, echocardiogram, and such.....it all looked fine. Whew! Such a relief. It was so neat to see her moving around in there. Wow. A girl. Pretty cool. We didn't care at all which it would be, just fun now to start dreaming about our little baby girl! I'm hoping for excellent news for you, Camilla and Nicole. You too, Monique...I'm w/ the others - any disadvantages to u/s first, and maybe not needing the amnio? Might be worth a chat with the doc. Emma, congrats on your girl, too!


bean - November 29

Congratulations Melanie!!! That's wonderful news! You too Emma! Wow - three girls so far! Camilla - can't wait to find out if you'll be having the first boy on our thread! Melanie and Emma - have you thought of any names yet?


Emma - November 29

Congrats on the girl Melanie. When is your EDD? I have thought of Ava for a name, but my hubby isn't that fond of it. Have you thought of any yet?


Nicole - November 29

Wow girls, girls, girls. Actually with Treya that makes 4 girls. My gosh I can't wait to hear the rest of us. I will let you know tomorrow. How exciting. I think I am having a boy..We will see.


Tracy - November 29

Hey girls, and many more girls!! I go for my u/s on the 7th of Dec, I will be almost 20 weeks. I am so nervous and every little thing makes me think, I hope all is well. I have to admit, too, that Tara's whole experience has put a bit more fear into my head, but I also try not to go there. It just really shows how much of a miracle all of this really is. It is funny how many people are finding out that they are having girls. I am not really sure, and I will not find out what we are having. It seems to be split in the families, almost half and half. I guess I will have to wait five long months to find out. Nicole, I too am not putting on too much weight. I think I am slightly obsessed because I am weighing myself everyday, which, of course is dumb because I am not seeing any consistent change with checking everyday. I will find out for sure how much I have gained when I go for my next appointment, but I am pretty sure it is only 4 pounds or so, if that even. I am pretty concerned, but no one seems to share that concern especially since I am definitely looking pregnant. I also lately have been having some pain in my lower abdomen, not ligament pain, but sharp pain that nearly knocks me off my feet, or just a dull pressure, sort of aching pain. I know that I am paranoid because of 2 m/c and now with Tara's experience, but I just can't help myself from worrying. I think too that I am not sleeping well because I am used to sleeping on my stomach and now I can not do that, so I just do not sleep well. Funny, after all of this, I would not trade this experience for the world, I truly am loving every minute of it!! Good luck girls with all of your ultrasounds, keep us posted, so we can keep a tally of everything. Am I the only one not finding out what I am having? Take good care of yourselves, girls!!!


Emma 1 - November 29

Hi girls --- This is the Emma from the first sopg got bfp 3...don't want to get confused so I guess we need another name!! I will just go by Emma1, unless any other ideas! So anyway, Hi to the new Emma! Congratulations Melanie...seeing the baby is such a miracle, and having a girl is so fun. I had a dr. appt. today...up 6 lbs, which dr. said is fine (18w5d), I have my u/s Dec. 13th, also can't wait, but we aren't finding out....is anybody else waiting? We found out with our other 2, but want to be surprised this time. Nicole, I think I'm having a boy too...we will see. Monique, good luck with amnio, I understand wanting to make sure everything is okay, or even if it isn't, to get the right mind set to deal with whatever is wrong. Tracey, I just saw that you aren't finding out either....we can both be surprised! Any thoughts on what you are having? Talk to you soon girls, Emma1!!


Tara - November 29

I have moved over to the pregnancy loss forum and if you ladies ever want to talk to me Im on quite a few posts. Right now I have one about terminating my pregnancy and feeling bad about it. I dont want my experience to bring fear to you ladies during a time you need to enjoy your pregnancies, so I will read your posts but will not respond so just enjoy those sweet little ones . My email address is [email protected] You ladies are true friends and Im praying for all of you. I lost a baby, but dont want to lose friends. my amnio results came in 100% Turners Syndrome and it is not genetic and my chances are the same as any one else less then 1% chance of happening again. Im still getting genetic testing because two losses since June is too many. My husband and I who used to have a strong relationship are going in seperate directions so Im hoping we will be able with councilling to work it all out. Love you all and enjoy those little ones for me and my sweet angel Treya!


Jodi - November 29

Nicole, I've only gained about 9-10 pounds, but a girl I work with only gained 16lbs. her whole pregnancy. Tara, I just want you to know that there is no reason at all for you to feel bad for what you did! It was a huge risk for you and with 2 other kids that just something you don't want to mess around with. Thank you though for still staying positive for the rest of us, that shows a true friend! About all these girls on here, I already know 5 of my friends also that are having girls!! It's crazy, they keep telling me at work I'm going to have the boy, we'll just have to see. Only 3 days from tomorrow. I even have an early appt. 10:00 am. Goodnight!


Nicole - November 30

CAMILLA how did it go yesterday! I can't wait to hear? TARA I would love to hear how you are doing please do keep in touch. I have heard that a huge loss can bring you and your husband closer together or tear you apart. That must be hard when you need each other the most. It is good you are going to get help. I hope you find the support you need. You and your little girl will always be in our hearts. EMMA 1 welcome back. I am not sure I new there were two Emma's I think I thought you were the same person. MONIQUE I think that it is great you are keeping faith. That is very hard to do. I am sure everything is and will be fine. There was no alarm to do your amino it just sounds routine to do it in your office if your approaching 35. Keep up the positive att_tude. My u/s is today I am very excited and nervous. I will let everyone knows how it goes. Have a great day ladies



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