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Jodi - October 12

Hey girls, just wanted to start the new thread in the second trimester board! I can't believe we are almost actually here can you!? It's so great! Well Good Night!!


Camilla - October 12

Hey Jodi, just wanted to say I found you..And like you said, I can't quite believe it yet. It felt really strange clicking on the 2nd tri board..Yay..It's real.!! Jess, are you the earliest on here? I'm 12 weeks 3 days too, they said April 23rd to me. My recent u/s measured 4 days more in size, but my date won't change. Bean, Emma, Nicole, Monique, Tara, Liz..(did I catch everyone?) hope to see you all over hereI. I'll write more soon, have to go and catch some sleep..C.


Jess - October 13

Hi girls....Can't believe we are almost actually to our 2nd trimester. It doesn't feel real (especially since I don't look or feel pregnant!) It feels like an eternity until my next Dr visit but its nice reading about everyone elses. Keeps me looking forward to mine and hopeing I make it. I didn't make it this far with my last pregnancy so I'm praying everyday that everything works out for this one. Hope to talk to everyone soon over here. Have a good day!


Nicole - October 13

Wow I feel like I finally graduated. I have had 3 pregnancies and two mc and never come this far...I think I might cry...no I think those are the hormones. My first scan said my due date was April 21 the second said April 24 who knows since I didn't have a period to date it. Anyway Camilla thanks for letting us know you were over here.


Emma - October 13

Hi Girls! I found you! I am 12w today!!! 4/28 is edd. Can't wait to be officially 2nd trimester. Have a great day.


bean - October 13

Hey Ladies! I'm going to try my best to write down everyone's edd... here goes: Jess 4/22, Camilla 4/23, Nicole 4/24, Jodi 4/25, Bean 4/27, Emma 4/28, Liz 4/30, and Monique 5/10. Tara - when is your date? Did I miss anyone or would anyone else like to join?


Renee - October 13

Hi pg mommies....I would like to join!! I was just reading your post in first tri board. As of now, my due date in 4/29, however that could change once I have appt. on weds the 19th. I'll keep you posted. Congrats to all!


bean - October 13

Welcome Renee! Yup, the 29th is still available, so you may join - lol! :) Congrats to you tooo!


Allie - October 13

Hi Ladies, Can I join the thread? I will love to keep in touch and share this pregnancy with you all :) My due date is April 9. I got my BFP early in August, the 3rd. I'm 14 weeks and glad to be in the second trimester, almost over with the Nausea !!


Nicole - October 13

Welcome Renee and Allie. I think Tara is the 24th with me...She can have the 24th since I also was told the 21st also...that is still up for grabs right?


Tara - October 13

I havent been able to get on the computer lately due to family visiting. My due date is the same as yours nicole 4/24 . Wow its so neat we made it to the second trimester board! I just wanted to tell anyone who has rented a doppler that is is wonderful, but sometimes very difficult to find heartbeat. Somedays it takes me seconds and today I couldent find it. I know it can be hard at times, but I was still a little panicky. I ended up putting it down and trying again later and I found it. I have the gurgling noises in my tummy it feel likes swishing and gurgling. My bladder infection is finally gone and I feel a lot more comfortable.Im starting to feel dizzy at times and no energy and out of breath when Ive only walked a few steps. My husband made a comment after walking with me that I was really out of shape. I told him that my breathing fast was because of pregnancy (He was only teasing). I havent worked out with this pregnancy, but with my last babies I jogged right til my due date. Im a little scared to workout even though I know I didnt cause the miscarriage, but I was doing hard cycling cla__ses with my baby I lost. I just want to take it easy with this one.Im going to start walking, Anyone else working out? when they weighed me at doctors I couldent believe I was already 10 pounds heavier then I was with my son at same number of weeks. I was losing weight now Im really starting to make up for it. How is everyone else doing with symptoms and weight gain? Anyone else started nesting? I want everything clean, but so tired its killing me. take care everyone and Praying for healthy babies for all of us!


Jess - October 13

Welcome new commers! Tara- I can't wait to get my doppler. Was suppose to come yesterday and it still hasn't shown up. I'm haveing it shipped my husbands work because it come FEDEX and we are never home. So needless to say I'm a little p__sy. I emailed the company to see what the malfunction was. Anyhow, I can't wait to get it to hear that rea__suring sound! SO it looks like we should all be having our babies about the same week. I just can't wait to look pregnant or even to gain some weight.


Tracy - October 13

Hey everyone, I have been reading your posts and talking to Nicole on another site (Nicole, I left you a long message on the other place before I found this one). I feel like I know you all already. I hope you don't mind if I join in, I am due April 28th - same day as Emma, but according to my calculations, I am not 12 weeks until tomorrow. Oh well, there was some question about my exact due date, so who knows. I am thinking of renting a doppler to ease my fears - 2 m/cs, no children. Anyway, thank you for all of your stories and advice, I look forward to 6 and a bit months of sharing! Take care.


Nicole - October 13

Tracy I am glad you found us over here. It is a great group of women and we are all due pretty much within a week of each other. TARA I have not worked out yet. I usually work out 5 days a week but since I became pregnant I have not had the energy to do more than walk...I was training for the Marine Corp Marathon before I became pregnant...I was up to mile 9 and then stopped running. I think I will start doing some sort of exercise again. Jess let me know how it goes once you get your doppler...I think I might get one.


Tara - October 13

Nicole, you sound like you were in really good shape before pregnancy, so you will still have the muscles through your pregnancy. I wish I could feel comfortable working out like I did with my son (I looked wonderful and lost weight right away after his birth). I havent done anything in close to 5 months maybe 1 walk last week and Im not used to going so long without working out or eating healthy. Thats something I havent done in a while. I think Ill just have to take it easy or go back to the gym and start walking on the treadmill. Even though my son was a cesarean because of my small pelvis and he was too big but my labour was so easy that I recommend working out to anyone pregnant, but a lot slower pace. Jess, It will be so nice when you can hear the babies heartbeat. Welcome over here Tracy, its so nice to have women to talk to that are going through the same things. Take care


Renee - October 14

Hi Ladies! Thanks for the nice welcoming. From what I've read so far everyone seems to be getting along fine, right? I have as well...have had minimal symptoms, just b___st tenderness and tingling, cramping, always feeling hungry and thirsty...thats been it since day 1. Crazy, huh? Oh yeah and for the past couple of days, every now and then I get his little vibrating sensation way down low, above my pubic bone, right in the middle. It sounds crazy because its so early on but I think I am feeling the little flutters of baby!!!!! It feels so weird....and mostly happens after I eat. Any one else have this a 11-12 weeks early?? let me know....I'm curious. Have a good night!


Allie - October 14

Good morning Ladies! I have been trying to work out, but during week 6 after and ultrasound I had some brown spotting, so I completely stopped because was very scared. Plus I had morning sickness everyday and felt miserable. I already bought two DVDs, fitmama and Rocki's prenatal yoga. I have done each of them twice and I don't love either one. I like the poses and the workout on Rocki's but her voice is completely unispiring and I can't get to relax on the meditation part. The Fitmama DVD is ok but kind of repet_tive, although I feel kind of tired with both the salsa and the yoga section and you need a yoga ball, that I need to buy. I'm trying to do only 20-25 minutes a day because both DVDs with all the chapters are one hour long, that's too much for me right now, I get so tired and winded!! Is anyone using any prenatal workout? Any suggestions?? Have a great Friday!!!



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