Quot You Can T Be Having A Girl You Re Carrying It Wrong Quot

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cfuller - September 19

I absolutely HATE it when people say that to me! I found out about 2 weeks ago that I am having a girl and it was pretty obvious that there were no little boy parts to show off. People have asked me "what are you having?" and when I tell them they say "are you sure? you aren't carrying right for a girl. When I had my girls I carried them such and such a way and you're carrying like its a boy." I just want to tell people to keep their effing opinions to themselves sometimes! It p___ses me off to no end that just because they carried their babies different than me that they think there is NO possible way that my body is different and that everyone carries their babies their own way! I am slender to begin with and I haven't really gained any weight this whole pregnancy so far. I think I've only really gained 8 or 9 pounds and I'm 22 weeks along. I carry my baby straight out front cuz there is no place else for her to go! Anyone else have people saying the same kinds of things to you? The worst offenders are family for me. So irritating! LOL, sorry this is so long, I just really had to vent!


Avasmama - September 19

Uggh i know what you mean. I get so annoyed by that too! Especially when you get those remarks from these know-it-alls that act like you have no idea what pregnancy is really about.


jennifer_33106 - September 19

haha sorry.. That is annoying. I wont find out what were having til my 20th week but I am the type of person that I am rude back for example the other day someone started touching my tummy and asking how far I was so I rubbed theirs back. haha. I would probably say something like OH were you there!? Have you seen the u/s? No? So you know better then trained professionals.... Sorry but haha I wouldnt be nice. Even now I get people trying to dictate every inch of my life (mostly family) and it does get tiresome. haha


cfuller - September 19

LOL, Jennifer I am SO not a pa__sive person so i actually do snap back and it's pretty funny because nobody expects it. I told my grandma that I wasn't her so she can't tell me how I carry MY baby! I also sarcastically say something to the effect of "so are you my doctor? are you the one who does thousands of ultrasounds and knows what you're looking at?? I didn't think so!" even strangers try and touch my belly but I jump back and tell them to keep their hands to themselves. It gets old fast, i'm glad i'm not the only one who hates stuff like that.


Tory1980 - September 20

This made me laugh reading it and brought back some memories. A few of my work mates almost came to b__ws over my fist and second pregnancy over what I was carrying. I have carried three pregnancies to term (currently 24weeks with number 4) and ALL of them were boys and ALL of them were carried very very differently with different symptoms. Carrying has nothing to do with the s_x - I blew that tale out the window! LOL!


sarah21 - September 20

That would get on my nerves so quickly. I am way too pa__sive to say anything but I would get very annoyed. Thank goodness my mom was a nurse and my stepdad is just overjoyed that I'm having a baby so I won't get comments there. The only people I have to worry about is the mother in law and she lives 1900 miles away so I don't really have to worry about it. As for people touching my belly, I really don't mind. People have just started doing it as I am just now poking out a little (13 1/2 weeks along). I'm thinking of getting one of those maternity shirts that says "Yes you may touch my belly." I didn't think I'd want people touching but I've been surprised that it doesn't bug me.


jennifer_33106 - September 20

haha Sarah!! you are too cute. haha I have never seen shirts like that. You know, for me, I hate having people in my bubble and even though its growing, my tummy is with in that bubble. hahah. Do they make shirts like "Stay away from my belly"?


Stephanie_31 - September 20

Jennifer - They have one that says "Touch my belly, lose your hand"!! I need one that can switch back and forth. Most people I don't mind but there are a couple that I would love to smack when they come near me. They are the same people that won't be touching the baby when it is out either!


Stephanie_31 - September 20

Jennifer - there is another one that says "Don't touch my bump". I love ebay. I just got one that says " Does this baby make me look fat?"


sarah21 - September 20

Yeah I've seen a couple different designs. One said "No you may not touch my belly." Another one said "You can touch mine if I can touch yours." Cute sayings, I think, and it helps people to know where you stand on the issue.


sarah21 - September 20

Oh for a really good website with tons of shirts... go to cafepress .com/buy/maternity? CMP=KNC-G-LB-FAM&ovchn=GGL&ovcpn=Baby+Kids+and+Family+Prime&ovcrn=sr2LB2go6808gp4508pi7ai1665+maternity+t-shirt&ovtac=PPC&SR=sr2LB2go6808gp4508pi7ai1665 take out the spaces


evae777 - September 20

if you think that is bad, my sister in law said to me, " are you sure you are only 5 months?, I was as big as you before I gave birth, maybe you should check those dates again." my family is really religious and she is trying to say that i am farther along than i really am and hiding it to hide the shame! i actually thought it was funny and i told her, well i guess since i am so big now i wont be walking at 9 months! and i'm not even that big. im just really pet_te so all you see is stomach. everyone thinks i got shorter since i am a shadow of my bump! so i hear that too, "did you get shorter?" jeeessshhh.


babylove4 - September 25

i hate know it alls.......evae777 i know how you feel, I'm 22 weeks and I can say i do look farther along like 8 months and some people have told me that...i just say, Well i had 3 big 8-9 pounder babies so it's mine!!!!lol



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