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D - June 24

Hi girls... Its FRIDAY! YAY! How are things ladies? you all feeling ok? I'm exhausted, but that seems to be normal these days, so I might as well just say I'm fine! Tomorrow I'm 24 weeks.... wow. The baby is very much awake today... We went to a Mexican restaurant last night, and I had habanero sauce on my chips last night...:-) That always creates action in my tummy!


Janice - June 24

Hi D- Your due in October? I went to the Dr. yesterday for my 24 week check up- I had Chinese food Wednesday night-and my little guy must not have like it--it repeated on me ALL night. DO you know what your having?


D - June 24

Hi... I'm due Oct 15. I decided not to find out what we're having... I think its a girl, though!


Misty - June 24

Good morning. So good to see someone here already. :-) I was feeling so tired until I read that you say you are 24 weeks tomorrow D. That reminded me that I am 24 weeks today!!! So exciting. Janice you must be due the 13th, I'm due the 14th and D is due the 15th. Hehe, isn't that cuute. :-) Oh well, I really need to start getting ready for work. I just am waiting for my mom so she can watch my son and then I'm off for the rest of the day. I work til about 11 or 12 tonight. It is going to be a loooooong day. That's o.k. though. I finally got my maternity shirt and so now I look more pregnant rather then like I am just gaining weight. So maybe I'll get better tips. :-) It really did amaze me just how many people didin't know I was pregnant unless they knew me from before. Somebody at work would say to ask the pregnant lady and you would be amazed just how many people were like....who? I'm 24 weeks, hello. Ohhhh, our babies weigh over 1 pound already. They already have hair and fingernails and toenails. If I remember right though they are just starting to open their eyes. So maybe then they settle into a pattern? Since they can then distinguish darkness from light. Ah well, my mom is up. I'll talk to you all on Monday. have wonderfull wonderfull days!!


D - June 24

In my last ultrasound, we could see the retinas of the babys eyes through the eyelids... Pretty neat...


Robyn - June 24

Good morning ladies! Mmm...Mexican food sounds so bomb right now! Some enchilads.....mmm.....tell me about the tummy activity, I ate Taco Bell the other day and had planty of hot sauce to spice a small country and they were kicking all night! I think its kinda neat though. I hear ya misty! I hate it when people think youre pregnant and dont want to say anything or are just stupid. We had one of our big time bosses in the office the other day and he was all like, "Oh...youre pregnant?!" Luckily my boss said something first...She goes...DUH! He said he is just really careful about that question because one of these times he might ask when someone is due and get punched! LOL I guess I can kinda see his point, but hello!!!! I have this huge beer belly lookin thing goin on that wasnt there a few months ago! LOL Oh well....HEY....ITS FRIDAY!!!!!


jess - June 24

hi gals....yay friday.......if i didn't have sooo much work to do!!!! i am 24 weeks on tuesday - !! does that make us 6 months then?? wow!!


jess - June 24

u guys suck...all gone again..........


tracey - June 24

glad you guys are further than me. i already have a 3,5,and 6 year old with one due in november. i am 19 wks and 3 days. i finally got to the point where i am no longer sick- and it's nice. my last pregnancy, 3 1/2 years ago was horrible. i had to get IV fluids from the hospital 3x wk. I haven't been that sick, nor am i worrying as much, just loving this time, taking everything in-last pregnancy... good luck and best wishes to all of you.. oh and yah, friday- we're taking our children to a fair in our town... then onto batman begins.. have a safe and nice weekend. anyone want to email me- [email protected]



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