September Mums Bubs

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Chris1975 - March 16

To all those of you due September 09, pls join in on the second phase of our wonderful journey :)


sarah21 - March 16

Cute thread name Chris.


FallenFromHeaven - March 17

Yay!! We moved over. I guess technically I've been in the 2nd tri for about 2 weeks but oh well. I'm not throwing up anymore!! I could just dance around the house. LoL!! And I've been feeling much better. At my last appointment I got to hear the heartbeat and it was 150. I was so excited. It took her 10 minutes to find. I was getting alittle scared. I have my big ultrasound next Thursday (I'll be one day shy of 17 weeks.) I haven't gained anything either. I've actually lost. From my last appointment I was down 3 pounds. So still not showing. :(


bernadetteoc - March 18

Yay everyone is back! I have been checking on here and haven't seen people really posting. How is everyone doing? Has anyone found out the s_x yet? I finally stopped throwing up, so I'm very excited. I'm still waiting for the energy though. When do you all have your ultrasound scheduled for? Welcome to the second trimester everyone :)


ksmommie - March 18

Hi ladies. I am so glad to be out of the first trimester! My nauseau has subsided for the most part - thankfully!!! I am 15 weeks and going to my next docs appt monday. I'll make the ultrasound appt at that time. Are you all finding out the s_x or not?


FallenFromHeaven - March 18

I have not had a very good day ladies. I woke up this morning and got around for work and when I wiped there was blood. :( So Dh called (i was to busy having a breakdown) the on call doctor and he told us to go to the emergency room. We got there and I wasn't bleeding at all. They were all really kind of mean. They said that it was from DTD last night. But I went to the bathroom several times afterwards and there was nothing. You would think that it would show up after. But nope not a thing until this morning. And it was bright red blood not brown like one would expect 9-10 hours after. I'm just really shaken up and kind of upset.


sarah21 - March 18

I'm so sorry Fallen. What is a DTD? I hope everything is okay. I have my ultrasound scheduled for April 21st, that's when we'll find out the gender. I am just 13 weeks now. And as far as showing, is this your first pregnancy? I can't remember if you already said it was or not. I lost 12 pounds my first trimester with my first baby. The second time around is a lot different! Well sounds like DD is not taking a nap after all so I better go get her before she figures out how to jump out of her crib.


FallenFromHeaven - March 18

sarah DTD - Doing (Do) The Dance. Kind of like baby dancing except now that i'm already pregnant we are not dancing for baby but for pleasure. I probably over reacted since i am doing much better. A couple little twinges here and there but nothing like this morning. Yes this is my first pregnancy and I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow. I've lost 4 pounds so far but not worried.


tryingx3 - March 23

Okay, I'm a wimp! I am just over 14 weeks, caught a stomach bug last week, vomiting. Yuck. Was fine within 24 hours - so I thought. Acid reflux moved Saturday (5 days from the 1st event) I was as nauseaus and miserable as the day it started. Did this mess throw me into pregnancy sickness? I didn't have it with my previous pg and only had mild waves during the 1st trimester. Argh!!! I am seriously worthless to be around - if I could just sit with my head in my hands I would. Is this what it is like to have morning sickness?


EricaB - March 24

Fallen, that is so scary! You weren't overreacting at all. I am a nurse myself, so I am in the hospital environment every day. I know people can be so insensitive. Make sure you realize that although they give you a name bracelet, take away your clothes, and dress you in an ugly johnny, you still have a say in your care and how you are treated. Many people forget this. It seems when you are in the hospital that you lose all your control, and we all boss you around. Realize that overall people are there to help you. This doesn't mean, however, that they have the right to act disrespectful toward you! I am so sorry. How are things going now? No return of bleeding? Do you have placenta previa? Things are changing for me, as well. The nausea has actually decreased quite a bit. They still represcribed the zofran and phenergan prescriptions, but I'm not having to take them as frequently. Pain is my main problem. It has been getting worse over the past week or two, but they told me this would happen. My OB says with this type of fibroid, the pain will be worse during weeks 16-22. After 22 weeks I should feel better. I'll be 16 weeks in two days. Can't imagine pain getting worse than this! Oh, as far as energy goes.... I actually cleaned the bathroom yesterday! This is the first surge I have gotten. It felt great to have the stamina to complete a project, and also to wake up today to a sparkling bathroom.


Jennbj - March 25

Hi, can I join you? My EDD is Sept 3rd so I am 17 weeks today. Have an appt on Monday and the U/S on the 15th. I am super scared, trying not to give into fear because I lost a baby girl last July at this same time. So I would really love to be feeling some movement. (still can be early, I know) It's still hard to tell the difference of if I feel the baby or just gas bubbles. I thought I had felt some small things last time but was wrong so now I constantly second guess the possible flutters. Anyway, it's good to see that most of you of feeling good. It's so great to be past the major sickness. EricaB, I can completely relate to completing a project. Now, if I can just get the energy to do 2!


EricaB - March 27

I replied to you yesterday, Jenn... It is missing from this page. (?) How are you feeling today? My U/S is also on the 15th. I'll be thinking about you that day! It's neat to be on the same schedule with someone. Are you still feeling the little flutters? I thought I was last week, but it could be anything. Today I was suffering at work, going through torture with this pain. I called my OB and she saw me briefly on my lunch break. The doppler of the heart beat was rea__suring, and she checked my cervix, which also was hard and felt normal. I am having uterine contractions, though. I didn't know why the pain was changing and getting worse! There are still the stabbing pains from this stupid fibroid, but for the last couple days I've had cramps as well, and lower in my pelvis. After conversations with my frantic husband, my department director, and my OB... disability. Starting Monday. I have been trying to avoid this at all costs! Financially this could really hurt us. For now, the OB doc told me that its more dangerous to work. She said that since I can't take the dilaudid at work and hurt all day, there are catecholamines coursing through my body at high levels all day--not good for me or the baby. I'm not on bedrest, but I need to be taking my pain medication night and day. This really SUCKS. At least the baby seems to be fine right now.


Jennbj - March 28

Well, I am still doubting everything that might be a flutter, but it does make me feel better thinking that it might be. EricaB, that is so fun to have our U/S the same day!!! Are finding out what you are having? We will find out. I have 2 boys already, ages 5 and 2, so if this ones a girl I need to get stuff. I'm glad the baby is okay. Sorry you can't work, it does make for financial stress, but try to enjoy the time you get to spend on just you. I should be able to stay home and only work 1 day a week from here on out. I am super excited. Though we are financially in a bind too. Working wouldn't change that though because we own our business and aren't taking a paycheck anyway. How long do you have to be on the meds?


EricaB - March 29

The dilaudid will have to be taken until the pain goes away. I'm not sure how long that will be. The other two medications are for nausea, and I'll have to take that along with the pain medication, as nausea is a side effect. Are you hoping for a girl this time, Jenn? Maybe you're on the same page as my husband.... He wants one of each, and will only try one more time if we have two of the same. We are going to wait until the birth to find out. I am so excited for you going down to one day a week by choice. Are your other two boys at home with you? That must be very busy. I can't even imagine.


Jennbj - March 30

So I went to my dr appt today. I was soooo nervous. It felt like forever before he came in. I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack (okay, not quite that bad), but he finally came in and asked how I was, I said NERVOUS, so he says then let's get the heartbeat. WE GOT IT!!!! Wow, was I relieved. He even kept losing it because the baby kept moving (wish I could feel that). So I feel so much better now that I am past the point where we lost the last baby and now I can almost dare start telling people. O course the belly kind of gives it away now anyway. EricaB, you are so strong to wait until the birth. Some days I want to, but I don't think I could wait the whole time. So do you already have a boy?


EricaB - March 31

No, we don't have any kids right now. Congratulations on your appointment!!!! That must have been the hugest relief. I am afraid at every appointment, too. I almost hold my breath while she pokes around with the doppler. Are you done with appointments until April 15? Do you have to have appointments every two weeks, or every month right now? By the way, where is everyone else on this forum? Did we scare everyone away? How are you all doing???


ksmommie - March 31

I am still here. I have a the ultrasound appt on 4/15 also. weird!



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