Ultrasounds At 14 Weeks

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jvall2030 - October 31

I had an ultrasound today and I am 14 weeks 5 days preggers. The doctor said everything with the baby looked good and that it looks like we are going to have a boy. Are the baby's genitals already fully formed at 14 weeks? How accurate is an ultrasoun a 14 weeks? I don't want to go out and buy blue stuff if it is not that accurate. I have heard that they tell you boy and it could be a girl!! Did anyone experience false gender determination through ulrasounds?


Tory1980 - October 31

We have never found out the s_x through our pregnancies but at nearlly 15weeks it is usually possible to see the s_x. I would wait until your 20week scan and ask again just to make sure. I have friends that have been told girl and it's a boy and be told boy and it's been a girl. Sometimes it is just difficult to tell so unless you get a blatant view of their 'parts' I would stick to neutral colours for now! Congratulations on the healthy baby!


Greeklady28 - October 31

They told me it was a boy at 15 weeks too. I made the tech double check my last 2 ultrasounds and at my recent one (28 weeks) baby was spread eagle and I saw the boy parts really clear. I still waited until I knew for sure before I bought anything. A tip that I got from one of the ladies in the 3rd trimester room is to keep the tags on as many clothes as you can and keep your receipts just in case.


ROBYN - October 31

We found out at 16 weeks we were having a boy. Theres usually no mistaking for a boy its easier to mistake with a girl.


ROBYN - October 31

I beleive the genital are fully formed at 13 weeks by the books i have read i could be wrong i dont them in front of me. I have also had about 5 u/s since then i am 22 weeks and its definitely a boy. Good luck to you.


Mel Page - November 1

At my 13 week u/s my gyno told me that he'5 95% sure that I'm having a girl but not to go buy pink stuff just yet, just incase, and at my 17 week u/s it was confirmed, a bouncing baby girl indeed!!! If I were you I'd wait till my next u/s and just be sure!! XxXxX


jvall2030 - November 1

I guess I will find out for sure at my 20 week appt. I think it's just that I want a girl so bad that I want it to be wrong. I should be blessed with what I am going to have. I am just being selfish! We have 3 boys already, so looks like we are going to have a house full of testosterone!



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