A Different Question About Gender

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curious - November 17

I'd like to take a poll from all the pregnant women who are so curious what the gender is so, as they mention, they can finally go shopping for baby: What effect do you think societally genderizing a child has on them? Why? Thanks in advance for your responses.


Is that you - November 17



bump - November 17



anita - November 17

uummm....i don't think it has much effect at all. i'm having a girl and i'm gonna buy her lots of pink girl stuff and i'm sure she'll grow up just fine.


callie - November 17

curious--are you gay?


Lacy - November 17

haha, is this a psych. project, because in my psych cla__s, we had to do a paper on an article about a baby X, who was not supposed to know if it was a boy or girl.


b - November 17

is baby X born yet? I mean.. how could baby X be alive and at an age where he/she starts seeing other kids (boys and girls) and not be able to identify his own gender? That's almost cruel of the parents - what do they do - name the kid Sam and call him "it"? I guess I don't get the question.


what???? - November 17

what are you talking about???? i really don't get your question!


To what??? - November 18

By genderizing, a parent (or society) would dress and treat a child according to social norms for a boy or girl...like blue for boys, pink for girls, trucks for boys, dolls for girls, and so on. curious wants to know what effect that has on a child on an individual level


KLC - November 18

I have three children and am expecting my fourth. My two oldest are boys and the youngest is a girl(we are having another boy) Anyway, as you can imagine by the time we had our daughter I was SO excited for a girl that EVERYTHING was pink or purple and all pastel type colors. My daughter is such a girly girl(I love it, drives my husband nuts) My daughter just turned 4 and for her birthday she wanted her room all pink with pink and white check curtains and the princess bed set with the canopy top. We did the room over for her as her gift. On the other hand my sons were all blues or hunter greens and they are all about construction vehicles and star wars. To qoute my 7 year old "dolls are stupid" and one time he got a pink placemat at a restaraunt and din't want to eat on it!!! Now whether or not this is because of what we as parents buy for them as children I don't know. I like to think these things are all just their own personalities and traits.


mls - November 18

this really boils down to the "nature or nuture" dabate. I feel that the end result is split 50/50. the bottom line is making sure your child feels good about who they are....not whether they're a boy or a girl


curious - November 19

These are really interesting responses. Keep 'em coming. Thanks.



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