A Little Info On 3 D Ultrasounds

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HollyW - June 24

Hello ladies. I had a 3-D ultrasound done and just wanted to share a little info about it with you all. First of all, if you're thinking about having one done, schedule it for when you are 26-28 weeks because anytime over that the placenta may get in the way and you won't be able to see a good pic of your baby. When I went for my regular ultrasound at the doc he couldn't tell for sure if it was a boy or girl, but after having the 3-D one done and going inbetween those weeks, you should def. be able to know what the s_x of your baby is. I'm from PA and the place I went to did an awesome job!! I was there for about 45 min. and I got a DVD that was put to lullaby music of everything my husband and I actually saw while we were there, and we also got a CD for the computer or DVD player with over 100 pics on it and we paid about $165 for everything!! Believe me, if you are curious and excited to see what you're little one looks like ahead of time-a 3-D ultrasound is the way to go. If anyone has any other questions feel free to drop me a line and I promise to try to respond to you ASAP. Hope I could help :)


HannahBaby - June 24

Awesome, i have one scheduled for July 19, iwill be 27 weeks 5 days. Im so excited. The one that im going to is in Nj (www.viewamiracle.com) and is pretty much the same deal (30 minute ultrasound, about 20 color pics, a cdrom with all the pics that they take for about 200$) Im so excited!!


HollyW - June 24

Hannah, good luck! I thought it was so worth it!! My little girl liked to have her hands at her face all the time cuz she was asleep most of the time. That's actually how I sleep too (the ultrasound guy said that's hereditary) It was so cute to see her yawn and open her eyes every once in a while. Let me know how you liked it :)


HannahBaby - June 24

o i will. Im most excited because at my first us at 19 weeks first they say boy, then 5 mins later said girl, then 5 mins later said boy again, then said "o heck im not sure!!" so im ready to know what i baking here!!


HollyW - June 25

I did notice though that the guy that did my 3-D ultrasound did show us the gender, but he was kinda funny (scared)about it-guess he's just worried about how people react to that stuff now days.


HannahBaby - June 25

The lady who did my regualr US was So nice. She tried for a good 5 minutes 3 different times throughout the scan and she felt really bad that she couldent tell. i told her not to worry i was having a 4d anyway


Lilu - June 26

Holly... where did you get your 3d u/s? At Innerview? Just curious, I've been thinking about it. Thanks for the advice.


HollyW - June 27

Lilu, yes, I had mine done at Innerview. It's a really nice place to go. My in-laws and one friend were with so since we wanted to know the s_x of the baby; he asked them to stay in waiting room at first so we could have the moment to ourselves-then afterwards they came in and we told them and they saw the rest of the u/s with us. Let me know if you decide to have one and if you do, how you liked it.


Lilu - June 27

Thanks Holly... I'm really thinking about it. I will write if I do.


Tiffany814 - June 27

Holly- where is Innerview? I'm from central jersey and I'm interested in getting it done too. I'm 14 1/2 weeks now, but I was wondering...if you didn't want to know the s_x of the baby, is it still worth getting done or is it soo obvious? Can you say you just want shots of the face? That may be a stupid question but I have no idea how that works. My hubby and I really want to be surprised but I think the 3-D ultrasound is so cool and something you'll always have and can share w/ your baby when he/she gets older! Good luck!


HollyW - June 28

Tiffany, the website for Innerview is www.innerviewultrasound.com. They have a lot of info on that website including pics of place and directions on how to get there. It's near the King of Prussia mall. The guy asked us if we wanted to know the s_x so if you tell him you don't want to know, I'm sure he won't really pan to that area for you to see. He stays about 95% of the time on the face and he'll show you the little heart beating and the blood flow. Hope that answers most of your questions :) Just remember if you do decide to get it done to make an appt. for when you are 26-28 weeks.



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