A REAL Pain In The Groin

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pebblesnbambam - February 26

Anyone else experiencing this.. I don't remember this from my first pregnancy.. but was already experiencing preterm labor at this point and was experiencing contractions. I am feeling a pain in my groin area.. not the round ligament type pain.. but actually right on my groin area... it is soo werid. Kinda like I pulled a muscle down there???? ANYONE??


pebblesnbambam - February 26

Oh, I am 26 weeks along this Wednesday... Have had 2 ultrasounds and everything looks good! Just weirded out by this.. Started doing yoga and spent some time outside with son yesterday trecking through snow.. wondering if I used some weird muscles or something.. Thanks for any thoughts, similar feelings..etc


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

you bet! Sometimes you even feel it in your b___t! Yes it hurts...sometimes it helps if you just get off your feet for about 30 minutes or take a warm shower or bath. i've felt this with all my pregnancies, its not fun and you start to waddle like a duck to alliviete the pressure!


lqtoo - February 26

I just had this last night and have been worried about it. But I am only 14 weeks, so it's not like there should be a lot of pressure down there yet. Anyone know what is causing this?


pebblesnbambam - February 26

I was just reading up on it... not what I should be doing right now.... but It sounds pretty normal.. unless there is cramping.. like contractions... it is the body streching... moving, and sometimes just the pressure on a certain nerve.. I thank you for your responses. I think I will give it another day and if not better get a little check up..


ophelia73 - February 26

have been feeling that for the past two weeks off & on. It's almost like it's right under my labia, is that what you mean Pebbles? It totally sucks, because I end up taking teeny little steps to compensate. The nurse pract_tioner told me last week it is ligaments stretching, as well as the changes in the way we are carrying ourselves. Whatever it is, it's pretty darn uncomfortable!!


pebblesnbambam - February 26

Thanks Oph... That is what it is like.. Almost like someone kicked me right between the legs. I have had lots of UTI's before and if it continues until tomorrow may go and rule that out.. AMAZING all the fun things we get to deal with. I feel like I am walking as if I rode a horse for the last two days!!!


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

with my first pregnancy I called the DR for every twitch. I agree you should call if your still uncomfortable. That's what theyre paid for right! I started feeling like this around week 11, but Ive also had two other babies so I knew what I was looking for and what it was. Its probally just the round ligment pain or it could also be your sciatic nerve. When that happens it radiated pain to all kinds of areas. Your body is making room for your baby! If your still feeling the pain and it doesnt go away I would make the call tomorrow just to be sure and to make you feel better! Oh and drinks lots and lots of water..it helps!


IrinaZ - February 27

I have the same pain - in my pelvic bone. It really feels like someone hit me there. It comes and goes, some days it's almost gone, others - hurts a lot when I walk or get out of bed. But I feel great otherwise. So I am not really bothered by it. I am still planning on mentioning it to my Dr. during my appointment this coming Friday. I will let you all know what he says about it.


pebblesnbambam - February 27

Well, still bugging me today plus having some menstral cramping so went to the local OB.. I travel 45 minutes to see a specialist in Fargo.. anyway.. he checked urine - clear... did an in office ultrasound... looked good.. He could not explain why I would be having the cramping.. I forgot to mention that I fell this weekend but he said to take it easy and no more exercising for a while. I can go to work and then take it easy in the evenings.. I did have preterm labor with my son around this time... so need to be cautious.. I will mention to my NORMAL doctor when I go in 4 weeks.. or call her sooner if it does not get better.


DownbutnotOUT - February 27

Im having bad pains in the groin area as well, really really hurts alot not so bad when im sitting down but when i stand or move OUCH! I remember this from my previous pregnancy so I know its just groin muscles stretching.


ophelia73 - February 27

I know that's all it is, too, but I hate that the meds I know would make it better (Advil, Aleve) are off limits!! Tylenol doesn't do much for it, unfortunately! Sitting is OK, but rolling over in bed or walking, or lowering myself to the toilet is awful. What I wouldn't give for a handicapped size toilet right now!!!



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