A Sex Question

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Karen - December 30

Heh ladies - I'm heading into my 26th week and am wondering if anyone is concerned about engaging in s_xual intercourse at this point in pregnancy? I know that for the most part s_xual actiivity is permissable but because it can bring on contractions - when does it become a "no-no" activity. By the way - the thought of dh inserting anything - freaks me out at this point... :o) Just looking for some comments....thanks.


Prissanna - December 30

With my first, we had s_x right up until it was due. The dr. even told us in the last few weeks to go ahead so we did. I think if you are worried about it, you should ask your dr. if it's OK.


PJ - December 30

I think you are safe unless you have medical reasons not to. contractions are okay - the baby may even like that. :)


Jen - December 30

when ur having s_x.. do you kegel exercises.. it will help out with the birth and your husb will get extra pleasure from it too..


Mary - December 30

You don't have to worry about not having s_x until your water breaks or the doctor gives you a reason not to.


a bird - December 30

Unless you're a high risk pregnancy, you can have s_x the whole time. I've noticed as I get later into this pregnancy (I'm 24 weeks now), that certain positions hurt more. But all ya need is a little adjustment & imagination when that happens. lol


Karen - December 30

Thanks for the responses and suggestions! :o) I find that certain positions are just not comfortable like they once use to be. I so miss our s_x life - LOL!!! But we are managing and trying to be creative but I've found I have become a bit more nervous as I approach the third trimester thinking I may end up going into preterm labour...I know I'm being too cautious but I don't want any regrets later either...we women sure put up with a fair amount...hubby is patient and extra gentle knowing my concerns. For those reading and hope its not tmi but "me on top" works best for us. Which I find surprising!!! I thought it would be the position quickly ruled out...anyways...thanks again...Happy New Year everyone!



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