A Thump

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jaimie - June 29

I was laying down, and I was feeling little bubbles on the right side of my belly with my hand. All of a sudden, I felt a little thump and then the bubbles again. Could this be my baby? I am almost in my 16th week. Has anyone else felt this thump?


D - June 29

Very likely the baby. I get kicked all the time now. I started feeling thumps around 14 weeks. Now, if I poke in on the side of my belly, I frequently get kicked at!


SC - June 29

Hey there! I have felt the same thing! Isnt it so neat?!! Is this the 1st time you felt it jaimie? I felt mine around 15 weeks. I am 20 weeks now.


Melissa - June 30

Awwww, thats adorable!! I am 16 wks on tuesday and can't wait to feel the baby. Alot of women say they feel bubbles....how do you identify that? But I guess when I feel something unusual in my belly I will know.


taffy - June 30

probably the baby jaimie :o) it's cool isn't it? i didn't feel any flutters at all in the beginning, but maybe i didn't know what to feel for as it's my first baby. but i felt proper kicks for the first time at 18 weeks - like a big pulse inside me. i'm now 26 weeks, and for the first time a couple of nights ago i actually felt the outline of her foot when she kicked and i had my hand on my belly. my heart just melted :o)


D - June 30

Have they shoved their head or bottom out as far as they can yet? :-) Not the most comfortable, but its kinda neat to feel the hard little round lump... if I rub it, the baby moves. Very neat... I'm almost at 25 weeks now, and I keep trying to hear my baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope... but it doesn't like the stethoscope, so anywhere I put it on my belly, I get kicked. (I've successfully heard the heartbeat once now...VERY hard to find!) Such fun!


jaimie - June 30

Yesterday was my first time feeling it, SC! I felt it again this morning, too! I am very excited indeed! -Melissa, once you feel the bubbles inside your stomach, you will know!! I knew what to look for because I have 3 sisters who all have had kids, and I used to feel their babies bubble inside them, lol. Its easier to feel on your own stomach, though! Also I know my body pretty well to know what is different and whats not! I cannot wait to feel kicks, but for now little thumps will do! :-)


Jennifer - June 30

Congratulations Jaimie! I know the feeling your describing, because I felt it a few days ago too. I just turned 16 weeks and I was feeling the bubbles and then Thump! I almost started crying. Some people will try to tell you that it's gas and it's too early to feel the baby, but I say that's bull. I know what gas feels like and that's not gas!


Sarah - June 30

Right on Jennifer! I very much dislike when ppl tell me that my baby bubbles are just gas!!!! hehe I cried when I felt my baby move too! 16 wks also!


Kimmy - June 30

Well you ladies have sucessfully thrown me into a full b__wn panic !! I am starting my 18th week this weekend, and i havnt fely ANYTHING AT ALL, no flutters, no bubbles, no thumps !!


cd - June 30

dont worry kimmy ...it took me until my 20th week to feel my little one move .......guess there are some late bloomers out there and ours are one of them;-)


D - July 1

There are some people who don't feel the baby until week 27 or so... it all depends where your placenta is attached. Mine is attached in the back, hence I felt the baby sooner. If yours is attached in the front, it will take quite a bit longer to feel the baby. Disappointing, I'm sure, but it IS normal! ;-)


jaimie - July 7

Hello! Well, I was wondering something agian.... I have only felt a thump once more (which was last night) since I posted this question. When will I be able to feel the baby thump more? Or does that depend on my body?


kimj - July 7

You should beable to feel the baby more often at about 20 weeks.... I am 22 weeks with my second and he moves all the time.... It is really neat.


Kayla - July 8

Jamie ~ I completely understand your frustration girl! When I was 14 wks I felt it, then at 15/16 i felt it a few times during those weeks, but i only became a little more regular, and i feel it constantly (in the evenings) now and I'm 18 wks... hang in there soon, soon...


Natalie - July 21

I feel little bubbles really low....it feels like they pop and it hurts....I am 22 weeks. Its near my cervix....what can that be....is it my baby?


sera - July 21

i remember when i first felt my baby move. It felt like tiny bubbles popping inside of me. Now they are a lot bigger.



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