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rrc - October 16

So the long awaited second trimester has arrived for us! Hope everyone finds this thread, and for those that already came over, come join us again!! :) Here's to a happy second tri! ~Rachel


Amyell428 - October 16

Hey Rachel....glad to find you over here! How exciting...the 2nd trimester. Good grief, the 2nd trimester has brought on night time sickenss for me. Everytime I eat I feel yucky. Maybe that will help me not togain weight but I know I have to eat. Oh what fun I am havng now....but boy oh boy it will be well worth it later.


cynthia502 - October 16

Hey ladies! We made it!!! Now we can start our 2nd trimester journey together!!! :-)


wantanotheraftertr - October 16

rrc congrats on tri 2! I am on my last 9 weeks finally! My lo was weighing 3lbs 11oz on Tuesday last week. He is going to be a big boy. I can not believe how fast things are going for you! Are you going to find out what your lo is? I keep looking in to see how things are going looks like things are looking good. Talk to you soon!


rrc - October 16

Good Morning Ladies! Amy, I can't believe you're just now getting sick! I didn't think it came this late in the pregnancy. That's wild! Hopefully it won't stay long!!! And Cynthia, tell us about your twins! Did you know you had a chance of twins? Do they run in your family? How are you doing with your shock? Have you told your DD yet? Pam, thanks for checking in! I can't believe I'm finally in the 2nd tri, either. And you're in your third. Home stretch! How exciting! Your big boy is going to be here before you know it! :) I still never had any sickness or nasuea at all, but lots of bleeding and spotting. But they still keep doing u/s and everything keeps looking good. Currently I've had almost two weeks of brown spotting. I see my doctor again tomorrow and she'll probably do another u/s to see if everything is okay still. Craziness. Anyhow, Hope everyone is having an awesome day! ~Rachel


cynthia502 - October 16

Hey Rachel - I am glad that your u/s are continuing to show positive results and you are doing well. Keep the faith! :-) I am still in a little bit of shock. I have to keep looking at the u/s pictures a couple times a day to believe it. I wasn't on any fertility this is all natural. There are a few sets of twins in my family, but that is over several generations. There are more random and there is no pattern to them at all. My two oldest kids are very excited!! My almost 23 month old ds has no clue and probably won't until they are born. I am reading through my first pregnancy book about multiples today. There is a lot to learn......sooo much different than being pregnant with just one. And just when I thought I was a pro at this!!! I hope you continue to do well as well as all our other April mommies! We have an exciting tri-mester to look forward to!!!


jazminesmom - October 16

hey you made it over, i will be 16 weeks tomorrow and i had a dr. appointment today everything looks good heartbeat was 150ish, next appointment we get an ultrasound to find out what we are having and measurements, i can't wait til nov.13th it seems so far away!!!!


mommylove2 - October 16

Hi, everyone! I thought I would join everyone now in the 2nd trimester board. I am due with my second child April 11; my daughter will be 22 months when the baby is born. Hubby and I are very excited about this pregnancy. I thought all morning sickness would cease at 14 wks (as it did w/my first), but sadly, it is still lingering. :( I will be ready when that part of pregnancy is over!!! Nice to join you ladies!


rrc - October 16

Wow, Cynthia, I guess I didn't realize you had 3 already, I was thinking you just had the one. You definately won't be bored! You being shocked and having to look at the u/s picture reminds me of me when I first saw the positive pregnancy stick. We'd been trying for a couple years and when I finally saw it, I actually took a picture of the stick with the two lines on it. :) I took my camera to work everyday for the next week and keep looking at the picture just to be sure I wasn't making it up! That's cool they have books specifically for multiples. I can imagine how amazingly useful that would be! JAZMINESMOM- November 13 will be here before you know it! You'll be the first ABC mom to find out, I think. How exciting! I can't wait till I get to find out. Do you have names picked out yet? MOMMYLOVE2-Welcome to the ABC! I'm due April 16 with #1. We're super excited! Sorry about your nasuea. That can't be fun. Hopefully it will taper off here soon for you! So where abouts are you from? I'm from Washington state. Anyhow, hope everyone else finds us here on the 2nd tri board. I'm off to bed now. :) I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, so I'll let you all know how it goes. I'm guessing they'll do another u/s. We'll see.....


Amyell428 - October 17

It is so good to see everyonr doing so well. I am very excited for everyone. Rachel, if you have a Dr. Appt today and they do an ultrasound you may get to find out what you are having. They looked at my 12 1/2 week u/s but could not tell. The nurse said she thought there was a possiblity that there was something between the legs but that she also thought that exact thing with both of her girls. LOL! I think I will have to just wait. MommyLove - welcome to the board. I am so sorry to hear that you are still getting sick. I am too but it is mostly when I eat too much or not enough. Usually I eat a snack when I get home from school (work- I teach kindergarten) and when my DH gets home at 6 he is ready for dinner but by then I am not wanting to eat again so nothing sounds good. I know that I need to eat something healthy so I try to eat again and then feel sick. UGHHHH! Thats OK, my mom said I made her sick the whole time. Lucky her. Has anyone felt any movement yet? I am not sure what I am feeling but I swear I feel some small something that is tinglely. I am not sure if it is gas, ligaments stretching...LOL...or the baby. I know that on the u/s this baby was kicking like crazy and moving everywhere. It was so cool. If this baby is anything like I was when my mom was pregnant with me it should be a fun journey. I kicked my mom all the time, so much so that it would wake my dad up when she was laying against his back. Maybe I have a field goal kicker in there. LOL. Let me know what yall have been up to.


cynthia502 - October 17

Hey Amy - glad to hear that you are doing well as well. I bet that it is little movements you are feeling...probably not full fledged "kicks" yet, but kind of like a bump up against you, right? I have been feeling that too!!! Don't worry, you will feel it when he/she starts to really kick! I remember feeling feet in my rib cage, on my cervix, everywhere...sometimes it can get painful. We used to play let's see how long it takes to knock the remote off my belly. We'd put the remote on top and see how many kicks it would take until it fell. The things pregger women do! Rachel - we are anxiously awaiting to hear about u/s appt. Hopefully they can tell what your little bean is. My next u/s (in about 3 weeks) I am hoping we can find out what these 2 little beans are!! I got some good news last night....the blood they took on me Friday to test for Down's came back very low risk. That coupled with the measurements on both babies coming back normal made me feel very good and less stressed. Now all I have to do is conentrate on growing these little babies!!! Mommylove - the m/s is sitll hanging in there with me too!! Not as bad, but some days are worse than others. I hope you feel better soon!! I am anxiously awaiting everyone's next report. :-)


jazminesmom - October 17

RRC- i am very excited to find out but i want to know now, if we have a girl her name will be Lily Ann, and if we have a boy his name will be Aiden Markus.


Amyell428 - October 17

The feelings I am having is so hard to explain. It almost feels like a pulse or how our heartbeat feels to your hand, but I am feeling this on the inside of course. I tried to explain this to my DH and he said, I believe you are feeling the baby but how you are explaining it is making zero sense. LOL. I knew that though. It is hard to explain and I am not sure I would have actually noticed it but after reading several post about how many are feeling things and are more in tune to it with 2nd, 3rd..etc babies, I started to slow down and take note. I am now 14 weeks so I know the feelings I am having will not be strong but I am going to continue to pay attention and see if I am right.


cynthia502 - October 17

Hey Amy - does it feel kind of like a bubble popping (different from gas though)....a light fluttery sensation. Most of the time at this stage, it is not too consistent but there nonetheless. I bet you are feeling the baby! Every woman describes it differently. It's not until the baby is heavier and stronger in a few weeks that you will feel full-out kicks. Congrats Amy - you are feeling your bean!


Amyell428 - October 18

Rachel, hopefully your bleeding will stop. I do not see how you contain yourself with that happening. Did that nurse not know that we were all anxiously waiting your gender results. Shame on her. I mean, there should be no one else that is as important as you. LOL! Oh well, I guess we will have to wait. I go back to the doctor on Nov 2 but I do not think he is going to do an ultrasound then. I think he is going to get me to come back 2 weeks after that apointment or make me wait until the following 4 week appointment. UGHHH! I am hoping that if I ask him to do an U/S this next time he might agree with it but if I wait just a little longer I think they will be able to tell that much more. The names were are thinking of are Jacob Everett and Anna Lynn. Everett is my DH's middle name and Lynn is my middle name. We are still thinking on this so Iguess we shall see.


rrc - October 18

Amy, the bleeding/spotting has definatly been unnerving and very scary at times, but I figure it could be worse... I could be having all this bleeding/spotting stuff AND puking my guts out! I feel really fortunate that I never had the slightest sickness or nasuea. So while some of you girls have to deal with that, I just have my out set of problems to deal with. I'm not sure which is worse!! But hopefully we'll all have smooth sailing through this 2nd tri. I like the names you picked. I suppose we should start thinking about that more, but how on earth does one decide?!? It's like deciding the destiny of the child. That's the name they're stuck with forever! What if they hate it? I suppose they could always change it, but still... Hmmm.... Well, the only name we know for sure is that if we have a boy, we'll name him Levi something. Levi is my husband's middle name, but we have no clue about a middle name or any girl's names. So how many weeks will you be at your Nov 2 appointment? Oh wait, I think you're the same as me, right? Or you're the 15th, I'm the 16th. Right? So yea, they'll probably make you wait. I don't think they like to do that u/s until 18-20 weeks. Sadly. I'd like to know NOW!! :) I don't know how people have the patience to wait the whole nine months. That would just drive me nuts! Okay, well enough rambling for tonight. Hope everyone is doing well. ~Rachel


beardtl - October 18

Hello all, finally I made it to the second trimester. I am 27-married and this is our first pregnancy! We live in NC and are overjoyed about our baby. My due date is 4-25-08- looking to share my journey with people who know first hand what I am and may be going through.



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