ABC April Babies Club Part 3

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jojomac - November 14

Okay ladies - I have counted 18 of us on the last thread. Here is what I have for due dates and what we are having so far: myself - due Apr 3 with a girl RRC due Apr 16 Amyell due with a boy (not sure the date) Cynthia due with twins (not sure the date or s_x) wantanotheraftertr due with a boy (not sure due date) jazminesmom due with a boy (not sure due date) mommylove2 due with a boy on Apr 11 beardtl due Apr 25 Mel Page (not sure due date or s_x yet) abeanie due Apr 2 (not sure s_x yet) Cevvin due Apr 26 Mama Keya due Apr 7 and not finding out the s_x Aurora23 due Apr 23 Brendensmommy (not sure due date or s_x yet) Krissy (not sure due date or s_x yet) jvall2030 due with a boy Apr 21 Nervousmommy2b due Apr 18 Babycrazy due Apr 19 babybrain32 (not sure due date or s_x yet) So far it looks like I'm the only one having a girl.


jazminesmom - November 14

my due date is April 2, and yes it is a boy, i still can;t believe it.


cynthia502 - November 14

Hi all - went to the dr's today. Heard 2 precious heartbeats - 1 was 151 and 1 was 156. Looking forward to my next appointment on the 21st for my u/s! By the way, my due date is April 16th, but I am hoping to make it to at least mid-late March. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


mama keya - November 14

LOL, Hey guys save a baby boy for me. I feel like we're gone to run out of baby boys when its my turn. Lol. Just Kiddin Good Job Jojomac and Thanks for starting a new thread.


Cevvin - November 14

Yup my due date is the 26th, and wont know the s_x until december 6th. Hoping for a boy this time. I have a little girl that needs her b___t whooped into shape HA HA:D Good luck ladies


rrc - November 14

Hi Ladies of the April Babies Club!! :) I'm so sorry I've been MIA lately. JOJOMAC, good job on starting the new thread, and congrats on the girl! JAZMINESMOM- Congrats on the Boy!!! This is an exciting couple of weeks where we're all finding out. What fun! MAMAKEYA, are you staying strong to not find out? You're amazing. I'm way too curious. BABYBRAIN-I'm so glad you posted! I was really starting to wonder about you! I even checked over on the miscarriage board the other night to see if you were there and just hadn't told us. I'm very relieved that everything is going well with you! We may find out what we're having on the same day. My big u/s is on Monday morning. I'll be almost 19 weeks. Hopefully you'll be able to see what yours is too. AMYELL, how are you this week? How's that little boy doing? Jvall-man it looks like everyone's having boys! I kind of am secretly hoping to join Jojomac on the pink team. But we'll see. I'm be happy with a boy, too. I want one of each ultimately, but I'm a little scared of having 5 boys trying for a girl. That'd be just my luck! :) But that could be fun, too! I guess Cynthia, you'll know how it feels to have 5 kids soon! But at least you have a mix. It'll be fun to know what the twins will be. Do you know yet if they'll be identical or not? Anyhow, I'm off to bed now. I'll try to post more regularly. ~Rachel


Amyell428 - November 15

JOJO- great jpb on the new thread. I am glad you started it because there is so many of us I have to look back to when everyone is due and what they are having. I must are awesome! I have one small correction. I am due April 15th not the 16th. Lord knows I do not need to have to wait 1 extra day! LOL! RRC- I am glad you are back. I was starting to worry about you. You can not go into hiding like that anymore. We will send in the troops looking for you. MAMAKEYA-we are saving a precious little boy for you, don't worry! Hey JAZMINE- how is that little man today? CEVVIN-we would love for you to join the blue team. We always need more team mates. LOL! CYNTHIA - how are the twins? My bet is you have one of each. Well, this morning I woke up to my DH's eye being so swollen. We think he has pink eye. Oh yeah! He is such a baby when it comes to eye drops so I know the next few days will be fun having to hold him down to put the drops in his eye. It is actually kind of funny because he freaks out. He hates anything that close to his eyes. I can't help but laugh and call him a big baby. He will admit it honestly that he is the biggest baby about it which makes it Ok to kid him. I am still fighting this cold which was bronchitis. I think someone needs to shoot us and get us out of our misery. LOL! So, has anyone felt their little one yet? I am still trying to decide if I have or not. I am starting to worry wondering. I feel something that is not quite a kick or anything. I guess I am just waiting for the big jab or kick so I will know for sure. How about names? Does anyone besides myself and Jazmine have a name picked out?


cynthia502 - November 15

Hey AMYELL - - I hope you are feeling better soon! When I was pregnant with my last son, I had bronchitis for weeks! It was horrible, so I really know what you are going through. I hope the worst is over. I have been feeling the twins for a few weeks now. Each day the movements are more and more. I would say they are constant now. I am 18+ weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy, so I really knew what to look for and not to mention there are two in there, so I am sure that is why I am feeling them so much!!! We do have names picked out. The first one that comes out whether boy or girl is going to be Jordan, the second one is going to be Jamie if a girl and Jeremy is a boy (I least that is the boy name so far). I guess we will find out on the 21st!!! I hope all you ladies are doing well. I need to get a list of everyone and their due dates, etc. RRC - we missed you, glad to see you!!! So, who is next for their u/s?


jazminesmom - November 15

rrc-how are you?? i know i am excited about my boy, his name is Aiden Markus. Amyell- he is doing good, he is was kicking this morning but he calmed down for now, maybe long enough i can nap when dd naps.


jojomac - November 15

We have decided on the name a___lise Lynn. a___lise for my grandmother and Lynn for my hubby's aunt. I feel movement sometimes - just feels like a fluttering motion right now. Both ultrasounds she's been really active, so wondering how much she's gonna kick when she's bigger.


babybrain32 - November 15

Oh No! I feel so left out =( I have been gone for a minute but let me update everyone. I'm the last one in the opening to the thread. My due date is Apr 26 but scheduled to deliver via c-section 2wks early. I will know on Monday the s_x so I will let you know but I'm pretty sure its a boy. I have a 2yr old daughter and from the looks of this pregnancy, its a boy this time. Yippee!! I will be soooo surprised if I'm wrong. Anyways, How is everyone today! I see the majority are on the blue team. Cool!! You know there is a man shortage so good job ladies repopulating the earth. LOL Oh Rachel, you are so sweet. I'm blessed to be doing very well. I would have told you if that was to happen. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You don't know how much that means to me. You and I both will have an u/s on Monday. I will be 17wks. I'm right behind you =) I will be waiting for you to post that day ok. I'm so excited for the both of us. I've been working so much lately that I haven't been able to post. I've missed you guys!


babybrain32 - November 15

FYI- My name is Tee everyone. I don't think I mentioned it ever. Sorry =(


Nervousmommy2b - November 15

JOJOMAC- Congrats on your girl! Hopefully come Monday morning I will be joining the girls side. lol. I hope everyone is doing good. My morning sickness os finally gone...YEAHHHH!


aurora23 - November 16

hey everyone! I have a feeling I'm having a boy also, I go for my 20 week u/s on the 21st! sooo excited! My due date is actually april 16th, I have some names picked out for if it's a boy or a girl. First of all the middle name for either b or g is gonna be Marion, just because my due date happens to be my great grandmothers birthday, so I think it's only appropriate. For a boy it will be Aidan, and a girl Amelia. I'm not sure if my bf is completely convinced on these names but I'm sure he'll come around. haha! I've had these names picked out since I was about 12, plus he already has two kids from a previous relationship, so it's only fair I get to name this one right? lol


rrc - November 16

TGIF ladies! It's a weekend!! Yipee! And then Monday we have I think four people with ultrasounds! Me, TEE, NERVOUSMOMMY, and KEYA. But Keya's still holding out, right? :) I keep telling myself it's a boy, but I think that's because I really want a girl. But I had an older brother growing up and loved it, so if I have a boy first, that's cool too. But you can bet money that I'll be reading up on all those books about determining the s_x of your baby! :) AMY- sorry I made you worry about me. It was just a crazy week. I'll try not to do that again. I'lve been feeling more and more definate movements now. It's so exciting! As for names, the only one we know for sure is Levi something if it's a boy. That's my husbands middle name, and we both like that name. We have a list of potential girl names, but nothing definate. I play the piano at church and this week I'm accompanying the Ladies Octet. Should be fun. Anyhow, hope everyone has a great weekend! ~Rachel


cynthia502 - November 17

Just wanted to say HI to my ABC ladies and hope you all are having a great weekend! I look forward to hearing everyones results this week. I go for mine on Wednesday!!! Enjoy each day ladies!!! :-)


pomny143 - November 17

Hi all......You forgot about me!!! LOL. I am due April 12th with a baby girl!! Yeah!! Hope evryone is doing well.



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