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Amyell428 - December 2

OK ladies, I have made us a new board and we have got to get better at posting. I am hoping to welcome new people, new ideas and new thoughs to our April Due Dates. The count is on and April is right around the corner. How has already started to buy cute stuff and work on the baby's room? Also, let us know if you know the s_x of your baby and when your due date is going to be. That helps us get to know you. I will start with me...My name is Amy and I am due April 15th with a precious baby Boy. We are planning to name him Jacob Everett.


jojomac - December 2

Hi Amy. I was on the other thread. My name is Joann - due April 3rd with a girl that we're naming a___lise Lynn. I had my last appointment on Friday and everything is A-okay. She's been moving around alot at night right after dinner. We plan on doing her room in purple and pink Hello Kitty. Luckily my friend had a little girl on labor day so I will get alot of stuff from her. I'm trying to resist buying clothes until after the baby shower. I also have two step boys ages 5 and 7.


Amyell428 - December 2

Hey JoJo- I am so glad you posted and everything is going good. I love your baby's name. My middle name is Lynn. Funny thing is, if we were going to have a girl her name was going to be either Ashlyn Clare or Anna Lynn. That is so close to what you have chosen so you know I love that name. Please keep posting, we all need the support and great ideas that we share.


Babycrazy - December 2

I know I just posted this on the last thread but here it is again! Baby girl due on April 19th, name is going to be Avalee .....not sure on a middle name yet though. Congrats April mommies!!


rrc - December 2

Hello my fellow April mommies! My name is Rachel, I'm due April 16 with a boy. This is our first. His name will be Levi something. Still working on a middle name. He's really starting to kick up a storm! It's so fun! My next check up is Dec 10. Can't wait to hear the heartbeat again! Well, all the snow we got this last week all melted last night and today. We got a warm wind in that made it all disappear. :( I prefer snow to mud, so I'm sad to see it go. Oh well. We're working like mad on our remodel in our bas____nt now. Took a break last night to see the Parade of Lights here in town. It was really cool! Very festive. Anyhow, that's it for here. Hope everyone's having a great weekend! ~Rachel


renaye - December 2

Hi all ,im Renaye im from Auckland New Zealand im due APRIL 11 im not finding out what im haveing this will be my first and i cant wait it will be nice to chat to you people from across the outher side of the world (if you dont know where new zealand is it is after australia down under)at the moment it is our summer time so it is hot i will be carrying all the way through so it will be hot , baby is moveing a lot when it wants to . well i will look forward reading up on you adn your baby Congrats April mummies 2 be !!!


Amyell428 - December 2

Hey Rachel, I am so glad to hear that the remodeling is coming along great. We are in the process of building a custom built home and good grief at all the decisions. I am in the process now of picking out ceramic tile and counter tops for the kitchen and marble for the bathroom. STRESSFUL! I am glad to see everyone moving over to the new thread. Welcome Renaye - I am glad you joined us. These is a really great group of women. I must admit, I am so glad it is not summer time now and having to go through it all pregnant. I am jealous of Rachel's snow. I live in Alabama and we never get snow. Not real snow. We may get 2 inches every 5 to 10 years. I have never seen REAL DEEP snow. I think the most snow I have ever seen is 3 or 4 inches. Pitiful, I know. Rachel seen me some snow...LOL!


Nervousmommy2b - December 2

Hello everyone! My name is Suzie, I'm due April 18th with a baby girl. We are going to name her Hadyn. I want Olivia for the middle name and he wants Elizabeth. The last name is Mynatt so it's either H.O.M. or H.A.M. It looks funny either way! lol. Maybe we will come up with one totally different...(if anyone has any suggestions, they are welcome! :) I'm startin to feel stronger movements, which I love. I always stop whatever I'm doing. I love everything about bein pregnant...this is my first. I hope everyone is doing good! Take care!


Nervousmommy2b - December 2

I meant to put Haydn, not Hadyn. And we are doing her room in dark purple and light purple daisies!


babybrain32 - December 2

Hey all!!! I hope eveyone is doing great. Wow! I can't believe how far we are coming. Amy you're right. April is right around the corner. Anyways..... My name is Tee and I am right at 20wks pregnant. I'm due April 26th but as I've said before, I will be delivering mid April via C-section. I won't know the s_x until this weekend (Saturday). I have my in depth ultrasound that day. Oh and trust me, I will be reporting in asap. I'm so excited to know and so jealous of you ladies who already know. I'm happy to be a part of such a great thread. I can' t wait to start buying things. I feel so left out =(. Anyway, guess I will check in when I have some better news. I'm sending out a lot of belly rubs to all of you ladies. Bye!!!


Amyell428 - December 2

WOW..I can not believe it, there has been 10 post TODAY and it is the weekend. We must have decided to wake up! YEAHHH! I like meeting the new girls that have joined. NMommy and BabyB - thank you so much for sharing. I am glad you posted about the room NMommy because I forgot to tell yall what Jacob's room will look like. We are going to make it into a baby sport's room. We found a comforter at BabiesRUs called "Little Rookie". It is light blue with a football, baseball, basketball and soccer ball on it. It is only $80.00 so that is a plus. I just can not see spending $200.00 on a baby comforter that you do not really use. I will probably hang his on the wall. I think this will be an easy way to make his into a toddler room or even a big boy room later on. I can't wait to start buying all kinds of things for him. Since we are building a house and it will not be finished until Feb. we are trying to hold off on buying a lot. We just do not see that point in buying and having to pack up it all up to move it again. Look out March I will go crazy!


cynthia502 - December 3

Hello ladies - my name is Cindy and I live in WV. I am due with twin boys on April 16th. It appears as though they are identical. If so, their names will be Jordan and Jaden. If they end up fraternal their names will be Jordan and Jeremy. We haven't decided on middle names yet. I have 3 other children, 13 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter (from a previous marriage). My dh and I also have a wonderful 2 yr old son together. My husband is a real estate closing attorney and we also own and operate a b and b. It is snow country here and currently we are expecting 6 inches or more. Good luck to all you ladies! I can feel both my boys kick a lot lately!!!!


rrc - December 3

Well, the warm wind we got to melt all our snow is still here. In fact we lost power for several hours yesterday it was so strong. Kept waking me up last night too, so I'm a little tired this morning. I suppose I should get used to that, though, huh? :) The nights of good sleep will soon be over. And boy will it sure be worth it!! Hi Joann! Do you ever get snow in Buckley? Or just the contant rain all winter? Amy, glad you started a new thread! I usually have an easier time posting on the weekends if I'm home. During the week, I seem to slack off. But I'll try to do better! :) Suzie, I like your name of Haydn! That's a cute girls name. Not sure about the HAM thing. HOM would be better, I think. And TEE!! Welcome back! I kept waiting to hear what you were having, cause you thought that you may find out the same day as me. And then we never heard. So it's this weekend for sure? How exciting!!! Let us know! Okay, I gotta go get ready for work now. Happy Monday! ~Rachel


rrc - December 3

Hi Cynthia! We must have been typing at the same time. So you have all the snow? Amy, looks like you need to visit Cynthia's B&B to see some real snow! You need a good weekend getaway, right? :)


little_mommy - December 3

Hi, everyone. My husband and I are pregnant with our first baby, due April 16. We'll find out in two days (so excited!) whether we're having a boy or girl. Either way, I want to paint the baby's room in pastel greens and yellows - try to keep the decorating as neutral as possible and let them choose their decorations when they get old enough to.


buddylee - December 3

Hello, My name is Kelli and I already have a 22 month old precious little girl...and i am due on April 4th with a little boy... My husband and I have picked out the name Owen Zander and we are trying to work on his room which is going to be trucks and cars. Congrats to everyone!


Amyell428 - December 3

Rachel - that is so funny that you typed that because I was thinking the same thing. I need to go see Cynthia. Yall steal all the snow. I am willing to give you all my address if you will promise the snow will arrive as snow and not as water. LOL! You would think I was 2 years old wehn they predict snow here. I mean...even if it is only flurries. I have been known to play in sleet. You wanna see something funny, picture me playing in the sleet with an umbrella to keep dry. UGHHHH! Well, for all of you that have snow... I have the beach. It is only 30 minutes from my house and we are totally beach people. We are already planning a trip in May to put Jacob's foot in the water for the first time. It is kind of a tradition in my family. He will not go in the water but he will have his foot in it...just for record sake. We are crazy, I know. I want to welcome Little Mommy and BuddyLee. We are a pretty good group to chat with. Keep us posted on what is happening with you! Have a great Monday everyone! I will post again this afternoon.



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