Abdominal Tightness

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Sony2003 - December 1

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I am about 19 weeks along and a few days ago I started feeling abdominal tightness that comes and goes. I am a high risk pregnancy after the loss of my first baby at 21 weeks so any weird feeling in the abdominal area makes me nervous. There is no bleeding or cramping, and it usually subsides eventually after I drink a lot of water and lay down for awhile. Could these be Braxton Hicks? Is it too early to be feeling them? How often is normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)


Astra - December 1

It sounds like Braxton Hicks. Also maybe some of it maybe due to stretching as the baby is growing. I know that I experience the abdominal tightness sometimes and then it goes away. I also think it's braxton hicks but this is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure. It does seem like a pretty normal feeling in pregnancy. I can understand why you would feel nervous. Check in with your doc, if only for the rea__surance...


Happymommy - December 1

I will just give a ditto to what Astra said--sounds exactly like Braxton Hicks, which are normal and to be expected at your stage, but if you have any doubts don't hesitate to check it out with the doc.


cattac - December 1

At around 19/20 weeks I started having Braxton Hicks (which is what it sounds like you're experiencing). This is my third pregnancy and I've always had a lot but didn't remember having them that early. I started having them noticeably after I'd had a bad stomach bug, hadn't really eaten anything in two days, threw up 16 times (yes i counted) and couldn't keep anything down...basically dehydrated. It is OK to have a few at that stage per the dr but when I went to the hospital they said to try to drink a cup of water every hour. It helped and I didn't really have them as much anymore. I still have them just not as much.


cattac - December 1

oh and tomorrow I'm starting my 24th week.


Sony2003 - December 2

Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the answers...I was thinking it might be Braxton Hicks, but I never had them in my first pregnancy, so I am not sure. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow so I am going to ask him. I still feel some of that tightness every day but it usually subsides after awhile, especially with water and rest.



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