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Sick of This - May 18

I know this is something women don't like to talk about.. but I gotta ask... I usually only have a bowel movement once a week.. maybe a few tiny ones during the week.. but I just keep thinking about how i'm all plugged up inside and when's it gonna come out? haha.. i know its kinda sick.. but i was wondering if anyone knows of any suggestions or are you going through this too? what helped you?


Me Too! - May 18

I have been feeling hte same way. It is awful, and the worse part is I am scared to try and push! I hate this part of the pegnancy. Oh well hope it will let up a bit. Good Luck!


Heidi - May 18

I have the same problem. My doc suggested adding Metimucil to my diet or eating cereal like Raisin Bran once a day so I'm more regular. I know the feeling. After like four days I feel so bloated. When I finally do "go", I feel 10 lbs lighter. Sorry. Hope that didn't gross anyone out. I'm 18 wks tomorrow! I've noticed coffee in the morning once in a while helps keep me more regular too.


tara - May 18

this has never happened to me but I know that the best thing you can do to prevent this and have more regular bowel movements is to drink lots of fluids - water, juice ect. have fruits with lots of fiber like papaya - this helps with regularity. You can also take metamusel (sp) it's safe as it only pa__ses through you.


Sick of This - May 18

Does Metimucil act like a laxative.. the last thing i want is to get Diarrhea from something that I take... i just need something to help pa__s things very smoothly! i dont want to get the sudden need to have to go because i took something then i'm at work or something and it ends up being a nightmare.... is it any metamucil that is fine and helps?


Kara - May 19

I don't know about the different types of metamucil, i've taken the normal orange flavoured one and found it helped, though for the reverse problem, not constipation! It's not a laxative, so you don't have to worry about running to loo, it just helps your bowels to function the way they ought too, and helps correct it, whether it's because you go to loo too often or not enough! Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy! :-)


Audrea - May 19

I used to have the same problem. I started eating a salad everyday either at lunch or dinner. It adds fiber to help things move along. And, it is very healthy for you for all the vitamins you can get from it. It was a life saver for me and keeps me very regular.


Lily - May 19

Hey, I know what it's like...My doctor recommended that I change my diet to include whole grain cereals and breads. And also to take Benefiber once a day. He also said to eat more green veggies and fruits if I can down them, drink more water and to try prune juice if my constipation becomes too much. I highly suggest talking to your doctor...Good Luck!


Claire - May 19

You need to eat as much fibre as possible. Also iron tablets can cause this as a side effect if you're on those.


Kellie - May 19

OK this is probably going to sound gross but I was so plugged up a few weeks back it hurt to sit. I had to buy a home enema and have my husband help me with it. It unclogged me almost instantly and I have been ok since.


Jodie - May 19

Ok this is going to sound really gross but when you go, if you get a bit of toilet paper and then press on your perinium it really helps and you dont have to push as much. This was suggested to me by a dr as ive suffered constipation as long as i can remember



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