Abnormal Quad Screening

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ggoetz - December 3

Hi...I'm 27 years old and am having my first baby. Last week the doctor's office called and said that I had an abnormal quad screening result, my risk of having a baby with DS is 1/55. After reading some of these posts, I've concluded that I am pretty young to have these kinds of results. Since it is my first pregnancy, can anyone please give me some sort of reassurance through this process. Thanks


Stephanie_31 - December 3

Chances are still very slim. I 'm sure the doctor has told you your options going forward but what you need to ask yourself is "What would I do if I did have a baby with DS?" If it doesn't matter I wouldn't worry about it. If you don't want to keep the baby you need to know ASAP. If you want to know to prepare yourself, but it wouldn't warrent termination, than you have time to weigh your options. If you have the time, you can always start with the u/s and see what it says. If there I no DS markers in the u/s, your chances are pretty slim. If you want to terminate if the baby does have DS, you need to know for sure so amnio is the only option to be 100%. Before anyone jumps all over me about stating termination as an option, I have 2 family members with DS (whom I love dearly and would not trade for the world) and I work with children with physical and mental disabilities. Everyone has a right to decide whether we like it or not.


krissy - December 3

hi! i hope your dr. office told you that the blood test is not a 100% reliable way of showing if your child will have DS. it is just suppose to show that there could be a slim chance and that is suppose to alert the dr. of the possibility this then allows you to do an amino to find out for 100%. the amino is the only true way to know and i hope you ask to have one soon to put your mind at ease! hope everything works out for you.


4buzybeez - December 13

ask for second opinion?



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