Abnormal Uterus

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squished - May 23

I have a didelphic uterus, where it is split into two seperate sides and I was wondering if anyone else on here had an abnormal uterus, so that we can compare notes because I'm sure that some of the cramps and things that I feel are different than a normal pregnancy.


Renee B. - March 24

Hi Squished. I also have didelphic uterus, but am still trying to conceive. Did you have any problems? My dr. put me on Clomid.


pregnant76 - March 24

Hi, squished. I don't have a didelphic uterus but a friend of mine did. The only thing I remember her going through is through her last trimester where she had to go in for weekly nonstress tests. She also ended up delivering a little early at 37 weeks. But, in the end, she has/had a very healthy baby girl who is one year old now! Good luck!


nic - March 25

Hi squished, I don't have this problem, but I do belong to yahoo group called "MullerianAbnormalities" and you are sure to find others with your problem there. I suggest you join!


squished - March 25

Hey renee! We didn't have a problem conceiving, they are just going to keep a close eye on me starting at 24w. I have to go for cervical length checks every 2 weeks to make sure that I don't have any cervix dilation and make sure that the baby is growing fine b/c that is one of the risk factors with a didelphic uterus. Your biggest risk factor is actually a breech baby, but that's it. Actually the doc said that of all of the meullarian abnormalit_tes that a didelphic uterus is the best one to have b/c it has the highest normal, healthy pregnancy rates, which are honestly comparable to normal uterus pregnancies. All of the things you read on the internet about the abnormalities as a group usually groups all of the issues together instead of breaking them down by abnormality. Good luck on the the clomid and I'm sure that you will have a happy little baby soon enough! And pregnant 76 thanks for the story with a great ending! nic...I've checked out that group a couple of years ago, maybe I should see what's going on there now....thanks!


ginger6363 - March 26

I had a didelphic uterus and a septated v____a (two separate sides of the v____a and 2 cervices) but I had corrective surgery about 2 years ago. I had the surgery mostly b/c of the septated v____a (made s_x painful) but I had the doctor "fix" the uterus at the same time though most doctors agree you can have a healthy baby even with a didelphic uterus. I had some complications with scarring from my surgery and had to complete treatments for another year after I had the surgery. I got PG in Dec naturally (16 wks now) and have had no complications. *Fingers crossed* Best of luck to you!


squished - March 28

ginger...I too have a septated v____a, but the division, or wall, starts way up with one side being very small. I never knew that I had a problem until about 3 years ago. I don't have any complications from it so I don't need corrective surgery. I'm glad that your pregnancy is going good! Are you pregnant in the left or the right side? I am pregnant in the left and am only a little lopsided in the morning. I was so afraid of being big on one side and small on the other!



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