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Ashley - January 19

This might sound stupid but I have never registered for baby stuff and I was wondering what I should register for? should I limit myself to certain things or should I add everything I want/need and hope people buy it? I dont want to sound/look stingy! (mostly family will be buying from the registry) But I dont know if there are "guidelines" to registering! Thoughts and opinions please!


karen - January 20

I was kind of wondering the same thing. DH & I registered earlier this week. I was hesitant to scan certain things, and his att_tude was basically just scan what we want, and either we'll get it or we won't. Chances are some people will look at it and think it's crazy to want all that stuff, but they'll forget about it. It's good to have lots of options for people who want to buy you something. Usually the store gives you a list to use as a go-by, but you'll probably find that you aren't going to need ALL the stuff on it.


Tess - January 20

Well.....We registered about 1 wk ago and dh seems to be more excited than I am.....(he's the one scanning stuff and thinking oh we'll need this) It may sound crazy but he even scan for 2 diaper bags, he's comments were its better to have 2 diff. options so people can choose?!? i just laugh but I know for sure it should have been just 1 diaper bag n thats it. All the necessities like a crib/plya yard, 3 in 1 stroller (car seat, carrier and stroller) we bought it ourselves.....the rest went to our registry. I hope that helps.


bean - January 20

My SIL gave me the advice that you shouldn't register for too many little things - like cute toys, books, accessories, etc. Register for the things you really need - like a crib, stroller, car seat, mattress, high chair, etc. That way you're more certain to get items you'll have to buy anyway, rather than a bunch of little cute things. Obviously put some smaller items so everyone has a price range to choose from. From what I hear, most people get clothes and things that aren't from their registry anyway, so if you do create a registry, keep it to the essentials.


yungmama - January 20

I just scanned everything and anything I could think of. If you don't get it oh well. And if you get some things you don't think are as important take them back and buy the more important stuff. Better safe than sorry. If you don't register for enough you could end up with too many of the things you don't really need and not the stuff you REALLY need.


ShellyC - January 20

We haven't registered yet, but I've always been told that you should buy the big stuff (like furniture) yourselves. If you have family members who you think would be willing to buy big items (or go in together on something), then register for it, otherwise purchase it yourself.


Ashley - January 23

Thanks everyone. I have a few family members (quite a few actually) that wanted me to register for the furniture that i needed and they will buy it. When I registered I scanned a lot of things and if they arent purchased then I could always buy them myself! Thanks everyone for your opinion!


Anissa - January 30

I am almost 16 weeks and wondering when it would be time for me to register. I know I won't have showers until the month or two before delivery, but when did you all decide to actually go and create your registry?


Tillie - January 30

I found these answers incredibly helpful when trying to figure out what to register for: http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-Necessities_for_Newborn_/ Anissa - 16 weeks seems quite early to register. I think waiting until 25 weeks or so is probably best.


Tillie - January 30

Also very helpful: http://www.pregnancy.org/article.php?sid=1610


Been There - January 30

Tillie, you need to call my sister. I'm only 13 weeks and she's trying to rush me to the store. I'm holding out until I find out what I'm having. That will allow me focused shopping.


Tillie - January 30

Ha ha!! What's her number? People are trying to rush me, too--I'm 20 weeks and I just think it's TOO EARLY to be registering! The same thing won't be available in stores in five months, and if you don't know what you're having yet, "focused shopping" is definitely out! Buying a little onesie here and a blanket there is one thing, but I feel wary of heavy purchasing or registering until it's close. Bad luck maybe? It's a little superst_tious, but some cultures (for instance my Jewish friends) aren't allowed to buy anything or receive anything at ALL until the baby's born.


Not Too Early - January 31

You really should think about registering when you find out what it is. It is definately not too soon. You want to make sure you give yourself time for changes and multiple trips to the store. Your hormones will cause you to change your mind a lot.


Ashley - January 31

I def. agree with the chaning your mind thing! I have already changed the bedding theme a million times!! ughh!!! lol...everything thinks im crazy too...lol...whatever! haha



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