Accupuncture While Pregnant

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LAUR81 - March 4

I have terrible sciatia pain in my left leg at 21 weeks pregnant. It has been going on since like week 14. I have just about had it. I do physical therapy and pre-natal yoga but nothing is really making it go away, just bearable. I read about acupuncture. Has anyone known anyone that has done this while pregnant? Is it safe? I think I might just call my OB but I thought maybe you girls would have some insight as well. Anyone have sciatia?? It sucks so bad:(


softbreeze200 - March 4

Laur - I had accupuncture done during my first pregnancy while I was in intense physio treatments for a accident and it is fine to do while pregnant. They just use different points on your body than they would if you were not preggers, and it does feel great. It def. helped with my siatica pain and low back pain. I am considering trying to get bakc in to see them again with this pregnancy as I can tell I am going to have some seriouse problems with my lowback(due to an old injury) and most likey my sciatic again. Good luck, I hope it helps withyour pain, that is a terrible uncomfortable pain to have at any point in time let alone while preggo. :)


boodahbaby - March 4

Actually a good accupuncturist will approach you with caution but will definitely help you. My acupuncturist (saw for regulating female hormones) sees pregnant women mostly in the beginning to help the baby "stick" in the beginning. And at the end to ripen your cervix and get you ready to go into labor! I have a dear friend who did the labor induction and thought it was the best thing ever... her 2nd child and labor was 30 hours with 1st one and 6 with the 2nd! As far as ailments go, I have an appt to see her at 20 weeks for my congestion. She wanted to make sure that the u/s comes back great before doing anything! I can't wait because my congestion is soooo bad! I say call a few of them, ask around for a well known one and you will know if it is right for you, as will the acupuncturist! I am a huge advocate for it! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


stefkay - March 4

A friend of mine had this bad and went to a chiropractor...and he fixed it! I go to an acupuncturist during pregnancy and she's great, but I don't know about the back pain as I don't have her treat me for that. My acupuncturist also has chiropractors on staff so they can treat whole body. I'l look for a clinic like that and call to ask. It really does help though!



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