Accurate Gender At 16 Weeks

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Mellissa - January 27

I have my 16 week appt on tuesday the 31st and my midwife agreed to do an ultrasound because my hubby just found out he will be deploying to iraq within the next month... so he won't be here for the 20 week u/s. she said she will try to get a peak at the s_x and i was wondering if anyone else found out that early and it was accurate? i know my friend did, but i just needed some other opinions.... thanks!!!


Hope - January 27

I had an u/s at 15 wks and 3 days and they told me 90% girl. I just had my 20 wk. u/s today and it showed a girl!!!! Good Luck! Let us know what you find out!


Betsy - January 27

My doc says he can find the s_x if the baby cooperates at 16 weeks. Good luck!


angel - January 27

heyy... we had ours done at 17 weeks for the same reason :-) fouind out it was a boy..and still at 24 weeks is a boy. Good luck tho. They should be able to find out if the baby cooperates. Hope all goes well with ur hubby!


Mellissa - January 27

Thank you all for your responses! I am so excited to find out!! We were kinda shocked to find out my husband is leaving so soon, but he'll only be gone till november, so that's not too bad. last time he was gone for 13 months!! I am due in July, so the baby will be 4 months when he gets home. I just want him to get to see the baby before he goes...and hopefully the baby cooperates and we get to find out if we're having our boy or not!! Thanks again guys!! And I'll write on tuesday to let you know if i find out!!


Mellissa - January 29

I have another question. Is it better to tell the s_x if the baby is active or calm? i'm wondering if i should drink some juice or something to get him going before the u/s. with my daughter, i didn't have to do anything because she actually peed during the ultrasound and that was the dr's big clue that she was a girl! he said if she was a boy the pee would have gone up instead of down. lol. anyhow, any advice would be appreciated!! thanks!! oh and angel.... is your husband gone now? how long will he be away?


lucy - January 29

hi melissa,, it depends on the baby's position.. if the baby had crossed legs,, u would be praying that it would move.. my baby was sleeping and wouldn't move in both of our u/s 16 & 18 weeks.. but at 20 weeks finally we got to see its a very obvious GIRL :) she was so active and moving all around and opened her legs widely LOL!! so in my case active was much better.. good luck after tomorrow and keep us posted :)


Hope - January 29

My little girl at 20 wk. u/s made it hard on the tech. Her b___t was under my belly b___ton and she wouldn't move for anything. Finally at the last she moved over a little and opened her legs for us to see.. I did drink a pepsi before I went to my app. hoping she would move around alot... Good Luck!


Mellissa - January 30

thank you lucy and hope.... i think i will drink a cup or tea or something before i go. my appointment is really early (8:20) so i don't think drinking anything carbonated would be good for my belly. i tend to feel a little sick after drinking a soda. i am so excited though. i'm really hoping to find out what we're having. i have to say we're hoping for a boy, but i will be happy with a girl too. then rylee (my daughter- 2 years) will have a little sis to play dress up with. :) i'll let ya'll know how it goes!! thanks again everyone!!


Mellissa - January 31

UPDATE: I just got home from the ultrasound. The midwife said if she had to guess she'd say BOY!! :) my hubby and I both saw it and said "boy" at the same time!! We were looking up at his b___t, and it was kinda obvious to me that it's a boy... but she wants to be safe since i'm so early and not go on the record yet. and he was moving around soooo much. it turns out i don't have to do anything to make him active, he already is!!! I have my 20 wk u/s march 2nd. so we'll get to see for sure that it's a boy then.:). My husband won't be here, but i'm sure he'll call right after my appointment. Also, I am going to get a 3d/4d u/s done at 24 weeks and get a 30 min dvd to send to him. :) I'm so excited!!! Thanks again for all of your input!!!


GLORIA - January 31

Same here. I had a 3-D ultrasound done and they gave me video. It was so cool. In two aspects (on the black and white part of the video)we saw a bump in the crotch area that indicates...a boy! When looking closer we could see three white lines...This baby moved a whole lot! Legs together...then legs crossed...then one hitched up...then straight out front...this baby wasn't still and wasn't willing to give it up!... The 3-D images part of the video part of the crocth area was very blurry because the baby moved so much and you can't see the placement of the umbilical cord either. I go in for a regular ultrasound on Feb.23 I will be starting my 20th week. My Doctor said it should be clear enough then to know the s_x of the baby for sure....ARRGH!....the wait and anticipation....I'll keep you updated. Peace out...GLORIA


Steph - January 31

Awww!! Congrats to you!! Sorry about your hubby being in Iraq, best wishes to him and your family!!



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