Accused Hoochie

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militarymother2b - December 6

The father of my child has a problem with me going out the clubs. He loves to think the worst of things. On top of him complaining that I come in to late he calls me a hoochie because of what I wear. Now before anyone goes and judges me the tops I wear are NOT revealing. Only my back, and arms out. I'm about 3 months and have a lil pudge like I just ate showing. Is it wrong to go out while pregnant? I mean I know about two months from now I can't but now at least, before I can't or don't want to move.


Jessica - December 6

No. I went out clubbing once when I was 4 months. As long as your not drinking and it's a non smoking club, I think it's ok to go out and dance because after the baby is born you won't get the chance. I wore my regular clothes also until I couldn't fit into them anymore so I would say wear your clothes for as long as you possibly can because maternity clothes aren't that cute. :)


militarymom2b - December 8

See thats the thing I live in Germany and all the clubs there is smoking but the rooms are ventilatedto. But he thinks guys are gonna hit on me because of how I'm dress.


Sabrina - December 8

Even ventilated rooms have alot of smoke in them that is affecting your baby. I don't undertand why you need to go out to clubs without your husband.


Tasha - December 9

I would say not to go to a club where there is a lot of smoke...even if it is well ventilated. Your baby can be harmed from second-hand smoke no matter how far along you are. Also, I really hope you aren't drinking at these clubs. You could end up with a baby w/brain damage from fetal alcohol syndrome. I don't know whether you are married or just with the father, but I certainly can't blame him for not wanting you to go to the least without him. I wouldn't like it either and neither would my husband. A lot of men and women go clubbing to pick up people. I would recommend going out somewhere with your man. Trust me, you will not have a lot of free time to just go out together once your baby is born. You can still go out by yourself and with friends, but I would pick someplace that isn't such a party scene. Go to the movies or out to dinner or something. It is safer for your baby's health and for your relationship with the father. Hope this helps some!


christine - December 9

tasha has a good point...why dont you go ith him...and if your questioning yourself for going then probably you yourself dont feel it is the right thing to do...I went out to the clubs throughout both of my previous pregnancies...and if I feel like it I'll go this time too...I love to dance...just like other people love to ski, or tan...or whatever...I'm in New York, everything is non smoking now...but back then it they still smoked have to make a choice...good luck


militarymom2b - December 10

Unfortunately I am not married. And I tried to get him to go out any ahere movies, dinner the park even we'r both soldiers but all he wants to do is sit around up under each other or play Xbox and PS2. Thats why I go out with my friends. Its alot to see and do in Germany its just not alot without him.


Veronika - December 20

Well, it definitely isn't wrong to go out while pregnant and there is absolutely nothing wrong with not being married, either, but it does sound like your relationship could be alot better for you. Go out and enjoy yourself-dancing is great exercise- but I would be a bit concerned not to expose myself to too much smoke. Sit down with your boyfriend and explain why you go out, and that you would like to work out something fun to do that you can enjoy together. Sounds like he is a bit insecure in himself.


Jasmine - January 21

My bestfriend went to the club regularly when she was pregnant and the her son came out deaf because of the loud be careful also happened to a girl i went to school with.


Veronika - January 22

Wow, I had not heard that the baby going deaf was a possibility, but it makes sense. Apparently they start to recognise voices and react to music at a certain stage, so I guess the loud music would be detrimental. Thanks for the info!


militarymom2be - January 23

Thank you Ms Jasmine. I didn't know that either. I read that the baby can hear your voice but I didn't think he could hear outside yet. If he can recongnize sound can he hear peopls voices too?


militarymom - January 24

Not only can your baby hear many things, but somethings are amplified. If you shine a flashlight on you stomach, the baby will try to move away from the light. You might want to check on the things you can or cannot do. I am not married either, but my fiance would flip if I went to loud, smokefilled clubs. I don't feel comfortable going into bars anymore. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to stop going out, but I do think you may want to consider something else to do. I think it is very irresponsible to put your unborn baby's health at risk just so you can have a few hours of fun. There are plenty of healthy things you could be doing. I have been in the military long enough to know that the military offers plenty for pregnant woman to do. (Overseas or not!)


militarymom2be - January 24

I stop going out to clubs along time ago back in December.It'stoo much energy being scared weather or not I'm okay and worrying my friends so now we just go to the movies on post or in Frankfurt. I really appreciate your advice. Knowing someone took their time to actuall respond to this I feel alot more confident in my preganancy.


Alexandria - February 28

I honestly wouldn't do it. There are so many risks. What if fights break out and god forbid you fall, and you know what a rush everyone would be in to get out. Fires.. anything could happen. Plus just the enviornment I don't think its "pregnant friendly lol. I personally wouldn't do it.


Ne - March 1

I agree with all the other ladies. You shouldn't go to smoke filled clubs because second hand smoke is worst than first hand but that doesn't give your Bo the right the call you names like hoochie. That is not something i would want to hear personally. There is a way to talk to a person.



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