Aching And Stretching In Abdomen

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tasha - January 13

Is this normal? I'm 21 weeks pregnant today and last night I had a really hard time sleeping b/c of the streching/pulling feelings going on in my abdomen and lower back. It's pretty painful. Is this normal? I'm not that big yet at all, so maybe I'm just going through a growth spurt. Can someone help?


Ba8y6irl - January 13

I feel the same way I am 21 weeks and 3 days and I feel the smae thing. Sometimes when I walk I get these horrible stiches and they hurt.. I figgured its just part of the process :) anyone else have some insight??


missy - January 13

I am 22 weeks and also get the same kind of pains. I have been getting real bad lower back aches, I find that taking a warm bath helps! It is normal just the pressure of the uterus and your muscles streching!! Oh the joys of pregnancy lol!!!


sparkles - January 13

Just got finished with all of that fun stuff! My baby just took a big growth spurt 1 1/2 weeks ago that left my belly twice as big(literally overnight!!). For about a week before the growth spurt, I had ligament pains down both sides of my abdomen. For about a week after, I had LOTS of ligament pain and a very ,achy belly. It really bothered me for a while. Try taking a hot shower and having someone ma__sage your back. I don't have much advice for the achy belly, as nothing helped mine. You could try taking some tylenol and apply a warm compress to the ligaments. If you sleep on your side, put a small pillow under your belly to help support and relieve tension from those ligaments. It just takes time for your ligaments and muscles to stretch out. I feel for you since I know exactly what your going through. Hope you feel better soon.


tara - January 13

I am 24 weeks and have been feeling the same thing for a few weeks now. I hadn't really grown that much until the past month or so. The baby is starting to put on weight now, so it is natural that your back and stomach would ache when you lay down. To help with it, I build a fort around my body I put a pillow between my legs and rest my stomach on it, and put another pillow up against my if I could just make it all night without waking up to go pee....


sparkles - January 14

Amen to that sister! A night without having to pee would be nice!


Karen S - January 15

Do some of the pains feel like menstrual cramps?


sparkles - January 15

Karen S, I haven't gotten menstrual like cramping/pain. But when my belly gets achy, it's the same achy feeling I get right before I start my period.


ololo - October 13

My sister Julie’s wearing maternity belt because of the pulling pain in the lower abdomen. May be you need it too. Now she is at 25-th week and pains appeared when her belly began to grow. She’s got a congenital hernia. Recently I’ve bought a pregnancy pillow for her on her birthday. Think, this pillow would also be a good thing to support her. Oh, yes, I found the info about a U-snoogle I’ve chosen on Cozzy. org.



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