Acid Reflux Is KILLIN Me

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Kathleen - October 21

Ladies, Any of you find something to help with acid reflux??? I have it so incredibly bad that the doctor actually gave me a prescription to help. However, have any of you found something (non medicine) to help with this painful problem???


April mom - October 21

I have a very bad acid reflux too. I try to avoid spicy foods and eat a lot of yoghurt. It helps to reduce the severity, but still now and then it kills me.


Erin - October 21

The only thing that I've found to help is medicine! My acid reflux was making me vomit, so now I'm taking prilosec twice a day


Krista - October 21

I was on a prescription before I got pregnancy. I find that the best thing for me now is Zantac 150 (you can take 2 a day).


Amy - October 21

Sorry Kathleen.. it sucks! I took Nexium with my first baby. You doctor can give you a prescription.. most of the reflux drugs are safe. Good luck...


Amber - October 21

I just take some perscription pepcid 30 min before eating, and 30 min before bedtime. Its awesome. I can eat buffalo chicken AND orange juice at the same time!!! But i think im lucky and can just get away with that!


April mom - October 22

When does the acid reflux / indigestion stop? I'm 14w 3d now. Will it stop some time soon? Or is it bound to continue all throughout pregnancy? I figured out that my nausea and vomiting has subsided a lot, but my acid reflux is triggering it again.


to April Mom... - October 22

I didn't have heartburn or acid reflux until the past 2 weeks. I'm 31 weeks now. I think it gets worse when you get further along because of things inside being pushed up...I also have to lay on my back and side alot because I'm on bedrest so that might play a part but just wanted to let you know that it doesn't neccesarily go away.


Amy - October 23

April mom -- my reflux didn't get better with my first baby until after the baby was born. However, I think it just depends. I have friends that have had heartburn only in the early months and then they were fine... mine just got slowly worse though. Hopefully, you will be like my friends!


jenna - October 23

my acid reflux eas so bad and mine never did get better.and that was 23mos ago my throat is still messed up one big tonsil red throat burning in the throat any advise you can give me?i took percription and over the counter medicine nothing helped.



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