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angelinakai - May 11

Are any of you dealing with acid reflux. my throat and esophagus have started hurting whenever I swallow anything.. even water. Could this be from the acid reflux and indigestion that come from pregnancy?? have any of you had this?? i got on anti-biotics in case it's a throat infection... but just don't know. it's super weird.


prayn4baby - May 19

I don't know. I just experienced acid reflux for the first time a few nights ago in the middle of the night. It was very uncomfortable, so now i take a tums every night before bed. It seems to have helped. Yours sounds alot worse though, i would call your dr and see what they recommend.


Bumblebee - May 24

Angel - Did u see your doc about this? Did he put you on antibiotics? I had something like that happen - difficulty swallowing anything, even water, felt like a big rock going down, and then it hurt in my throat and then in my chest, etc. I thought it was from the slowed action of the esophagus in 2nd tri - from what I read. Anyway, it only lasted a 2 to 3 weeks and slowly went away - I probably got used to eating slower to accomodate it. Hope it gets better. try to take yogurt or good bacteria per your doc's recommendation after any antibiotics course to replenish your guts..


tryingx3 - May 28

I had horrible acid reflux with my 1st pg - slept sitting up every night from 7 months on and ate supper EARLY - avoided spicy foods, acidic foods, etc... I always wanted ice cream because it felt good on my throat. I read that almonds can be a natural help - didn't work for me, but I kept trying it! I think I read something about real pineapple too. I read drink BETWEEN meals, not much with meals as the liquid would interfere with digestion...?? Certain over the counter meds are considered safe - including Zantac - contact your physician for medication list and dosage. I have been able to control mine to this point with Rolaids Soft Chews - they are tasty and have worked but the last 2 days have been having more issues. My 1st dd was born with LOTS of hair, so at least I can hope for the same with this round of heartburn - although they say that isn't what causes it - I can still hope!!



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