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Holly - January 5

I know its an old wives tale, but I am curious if anyone suffered from mild to moderate acne and had a boy? Some people say that when you have acne it's associated with girls. Also a more serious question about have anyone of you treated it? I have heard retin A is a no no. Is benzoyl peroxide a no no as well? How about salydic acid? Please help. I can't stand the spots (don't have many, but the ones that I do have are killing me). Thanks,


Dia - January 5

Hi Holly! I have had the worst acne of my life since about 7 weeks pregnant. I have always had nice, clear skin, but not anymore!! It isn't super bad, but it is embarra__sing for me...also its all over my back and chest too! I am having a BOY!! I am 17.5 weeks and we just found out yesterday with very clear genetal (sp?) pics. Also, with more wives chinese chart says a boy, the heartbeat (153-156 bpm) says a boy too!!! Hope that helps!


Holly - January 5

Thanks Dia. I am 28 weeks this weekend (we are not finding out). For the most part my instincts tell me boy although this acne thing is throwing me off. Most of the women in my family who have had girls have been miserable from the moment of conception. I think why should I been any different. This pregancy really hasn't been hard on me. It's been pretty good except for the acne. Are you using anything for it?


Dia - January 5

I know that salsylic (sp?) acid is bad to use, and my doc only said to use dove or dial soap. I use dial soap and a facial brush, which makes a HUGE difference. I definitely suggest a facial brush, it really helps. I also use a lot of moisturizer, because although I am broke out, I am also very dry. That is about all I am doing, and I have become best friends with my concealer :) Good luck!!


Suzanne - January 5

I am 23 weeks and having a boy (had an amnio). No acne at all, not even one. I used to get one or two around the time of my period.


ME - January 5

I have had terrible skin since I found out I was pregnant. I am having a girl. I heard the old wives tale that the girls take the beauty out of their mama's while pregnant. Which I would believe - my hair is terrible as well. My doctor told me to stay away from ance products as there are not tests proving that it will do something to the baby and not test proving that it will not. So I have been using dove and suffering through the pain and the $$ of buying all this cover up!!


karen - January 5

It is rare for me not to have at least one breakout, but since I've been pregnant, my skin has been as clear as it was when I was a teenager (I didn't get bad skin till my early 20s). I am 24 weeks and having a girl. So the gender/acne theory doesn't seem to be very consistent.


Tess - January 5

I have 1 pimple (acne??) on my forehead this is the first coz I dont usually get any of them even before prior to becoming pg. We're finding out the gender on Monday. Im super excited!


stephanie - January 5

I agree with karen...with my son I had horrible ance& now I am pregnant with a girl & I do have some brake outs but nothing major. I am 20 wks... half way there!


Lori - January 5

I have always struggled with my skin. And of course, nothing has changed during pregnancy. I am 15 weeks, so I don't yet know what I'm having. But I talked with both my dermatologist and my OB and I was prescribed Erythromycin. It is a topical astringent-type medicine. They said it was perfectly safe to use. And it has helped!


Allyson - January 5

b4 i got prego i had bad acne but they i started to use proactive and it worked wonders now that i am prego i can't use it so my skin is breaking out again.. doc said use dial soap but its not working for me guess i will have to just wait it out...


Prissanna - January 5

Doc told me benzol peroxide was fine. My pharmacist said the same thing. I have read that salydic acid is a NO NO. I broke out terrible with my first (DD) and this one hasn't been so bad until the last week and my face looks like a war zone.


livdea - January 7

hey Holly, I'm only 14 weeks but have had the WORST acne, my face, back, neck, chest, and it's super painful and embara__sing. I had to ask my doctor what to do. He perscribed clindamycin (generic) Cleocin-T 1% (reg) and it's been helping. I have sensitive skin any how but not much acne until now (first baby & I don't know yet what it I'm having) but this prescribtion works well for me. doesn't dry out my skin or anything. Ask your dr. about that if nothing else works. Good luck!


Megan - January 8

I've heard about the 'pregnancy glow'. I thought it was going to be something wonderful, but I'm starting to feel as though the 'glow' is the shine on my greasy/broken out face (and neck, chest & back)!!!! I'm with livdea & I think that's what I'm going to do is call my dr. about some new meds. He told me if I got pregnant to stop using them. I've tried dial & neutrogena... no good!


liz - January 8

I am relieved to read that others are dealing with acne too. I have REALLY bad zits on my back and arms and chest and stomach!! Luckily (fingers crossed!) it has not invaded my face. I asked my OB if I could have a back facial done and he said ok if the products were natural. Does anyone know if your skin gets more normal later? (I am 12 weeks pregnant now) Does it go back to normal after you deliver? Thank you for your input.


Daisy - January 8

This is my second pregnancy and second boy. With both of them, my back, chest, and face was filled with acne. I don't normally have acne at all, my face has always been very clear when I'm not pregnant so I just can't wait until I'm finally done being pregnant this time around.


tara - January 13

I'm 24 wks on tues and having a boy, and my face is clear except the bottom part under my lips has bad acne on the right, left, and center of my chin. my skin is also very dry. I think its a cyclical problem. pimples= need to clean face= dry skin=peeling= need to moisturize= more zits. if anyone can figure anything out, pls let me know. i think mine is getting a little better, but maybe that's wishful thinking??



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