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Tootsie5c - December 6

I've been a long time sufferer of migraines and since I got pregnant I'm not able to take my usual medications, so they've become unbearable. I've had my current migraine for three weeks now. I got to sleep with it, I wake up with it, and its really hindering my performance at work and my relationship with my husband. I just can't take it anymore! I've heard good things about acupuncture but nothing about it during pregnancy. Does anyone know if its safe? And for those of you who have tried it, does it hurt? And does it work? Thanks for your answers.


JoJo123 - December 6

Tootsie- I feel your pain girl :( I have battled migraines for 11 years. I found before I got preggo that the chiropractor helped a lot if I stayed up on my appts and I can continue to go to him while preggo. None of my migraine med's are safe to take now. I did have a migraine when I was 13 weeks that lasted for a week and they did prescribe me a pain med (I think it was darvocet) and it did help a little bit. I ate and popped the pill and slept for 10 hours (obviously, if you have kids to tend to this might not be possible). The next day I still had a headache, but not a migraine where I was down and wanted to cry in the dark. They suck I know and I feel badfor anyone who get's them (especially when preggo)! I also tried soaking in the tub and putting cold compresses on my eye's b/c that's where i could feel the pounding. As for the affecting the people around you - you need to help yourself feel better before you can concentrate on what's going on around you. I would explain to dh that you're in such pain and please bare with you until it's gone. Also, explain to others at work that you are having problems with migraines- most understand. Good Luck!


Astra - December 7

I have a friend who was using acupuncture for headaches during pregnancy and it worked for her. I don't know if it would work for migraines. I would double check with your doc but if the pract_tioner has expertise in treating women in pregnancy I think it should be ok. good luck.



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