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anxious - October 15

h__lo all. i have my 19 wk ultrasound scheduled on tuesday and i was wondering if anyone had any advice on anything i could do to help insure we'll be able to see the s_x. i've read alot of posts on here where women say the tech couldn't tell because of baby's position. i read someting about oj (which i plan to drink plenty of), but does anyone know of anything else? i'm dying to find out and don't think i can stand going any longer not knowing the s_x. thank you ladies.


jb - October 15

The first time i went the baby was face down and we couldnt see. The tech couldnt see the heart or the face well either so we got to come back 3 weeks later. I drank a coke and ate a muffin right when I got to the doctors office to ensure the baby would be awake. It worked, the tech got to check all the stuff she needed and said she was 80% sure it was a girl! Try to eat or drink right before your ultrasound. They get a burst of energy from the food and after that the go to sleep so do it right before.


anita - October 16

thanks, i'll try the coke.


to anxious - October 16

I went through the same thing! I really wanted to know so I posted a thread too. What I came up w/ was sweet, cold, and orange. So I ate a scoop of orange creamcicle ice cream on the way. The tech could definatly see my little boy bouncing all around! Good luck!


RA - October 16

THE baby is more clear when there are more fluids in you. Cold soda!! But all i had was cold water, my boy had his legs wide open both times when i saw him. Not shy at all :)


Kate and Baby - October 16

Hi ladies. I am 24 weeks and have my 3D / 4D ultrasound in 2 weeks. They told me to drink half a gla__s of Sunny Delight. Specifically that because of the sugar. The only problem with coke is that it isn't decaf. I drink regular OJ everyday and the baby doesn't move that much but when I drank half a gla__s of Sunny delight he was all over the place. I do want to warn you that when you go for this ultrasound they are checking for everything. The kidney's, Spine, length of the legs and arms, brain, heart chambers, Everything..... I had to go for a second because he was moving too much. It was kind of cool because I saw my little guy again but the ultrasound tech's get frustrated. Good luck ladies


anita - November 16

here it is.


Tess - November 16

Anita, I found it. :P I will definitely take all these advice.....I'll make sure Im prepared when we find out the gender of our baby. Can't wait.



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