Advice Wanted Is It A Boy

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1stTmommy - February 12

I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks 4 days and me, my husband and the tech clearly saw "something" which looked like male this too early to tell? Has anyone seen something this early, and if so did it turn out to be a boy or girl? they won't do another ultrasound until 20 weeks and the suspense is killing me.......please help, thanks!!


MNMOM - February 12

12 weeks is too early to tell. 16 weeks is the earliest to be accurate when determining gender


Faye84 - February 12

too early to tell.


aliciavr6 - February 12

I think it could be possible, the male parts develop at 10w I believe.


squished - February 12

We just had an u/s the other day and she said that it's really hard to determine the s_x until week 15 or so because they aren't very differentiated at week 12. Good luck for your boy!


1stTmommy - February 12

thanks for the replies ladies. i guess i'll just have to stick it out & see!!


mamaof3 - February 13

I have 3 boys and I actually found out at 11 weeks with 2 of them. I just came accross a site last week that says 11 weeks is the earliest you can tell if the baby is a boy and no later than 13 weeks if the baby is a girl with almost 100% accuracy. They do ultrasounds to specifically find out the gender of babies who have a risk of genetic birth defect from being a certain s_x, if they rule out that specific gender then they don't have to do invasive testing which could cause miscarriage. I will search for the website and post it so you can read it.


krnj - February 13

They were pretty sure with me at 12 weeks when I was pregnant with my son.


jenshim - February 13

I had an U/S last week at 12 wks, 4 days. It's a boy, no question in our mind or the techs mind. She even put an arrow pointing at the very obvious p___s and wrote "BOY" on the picture that she printed for us. It is definitely not too early! My girlfriends all found out at this early stage. That is not true. Congrats!!


JolieLucker - February 13

if there is 3 dots its a girllll


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

its just the earlier on the more u/s techs can make the mistake that the umbilical cord is the babies p___s. 20 weeks is a little more accurate, I was told at my 19 week 5 day u/s that 60-70% im having a boy!! my dh's family is boy overrun so im sure she is correct. I am currently looking into getting a 3d/4d u/s though at about 32 weeks and I will be having a repeat u/s at 30 weeks and im sure they will be more accurate due to the fact the baby and its parts are much bigger.


1stTmommy - February 14

yes, when we were at the ultrasound it definitely wasn't the cord, there was something there that looked like a boy's part!...but i'm not sure because some people say it splits or something...thanks for the advice. I don't mind either way, its just the waiting that is hard since i want to go out and buy stuff!


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

lol I hear ya 1stmommy its hard to see other mommies buying all blue and pink. Lets hope next u/s will be a big yes or no for ya :) Also I found if i bought a unis_x outfit it helped fight the urge and feed my addiction lol.


1stTmommy - February 16

DownbutnotOut i did the same thing! i have already bought 6, yes 6, unis_x outfits...they are white & green. I guess i have an addiction too!! i would have thought at 20 weeks it would be more accurate than only 60-70%, that's still quite a bit of room for error, lol!



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