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Confused - November 3

I will be 24 weeks on Friday and have been having 1-4 braxton hicks contractions every day for the last 3 weeks. Due to this my doctor has told me to take 200mg of advil every day for the next 3 weeks to see if they slow down the contractions, since I have a history of preterm labor. Has anyone heard of this or know what possible side affects this can have on the baby? I have tried to look up this information and asked a pharmacist but cannot find this information anywhere.


S - November 5

I was told NOT to take Advil ... but to take Tylonal ... there is something in the Advil that you aren't supposed to have I guess ... so I would say scratch the Advil & see if the Tylonal helps .. but no more then 3 a day ...


Brooke - November 11

I was told by my physician not to take Advil as well - only Tylenol


Christine - November 12

Advil contains Ibprofin...which is a blood thinner...and along with these ladies I have always been told to take tylenol...nothing else...I would def. talk to your doc about this and question why he would tell you to take something that is even in books not to take as you are pregnant...I think its like giving aspirin to a child...raises risks of rhemautic(sp) fever...not a good choice...


angela - November 19

I second that Christine, I has some weird pains around my 13 th week and the doctor told me that that early in pregnancy it was ok to take advil but other than that he has always said ony Tylenol.


claire - November 21

i am from England what is Tylonal??


MM - November 24

I was always told that Advil thins the blood and thus may cause the placenta to come loose


aria - November 25

just like everyone else before me NEVER take advil, ibprophen is very bad for your baby. You're not supposed to take it until after you have the baby.. and some doctors say not to use it even then if you're going to be b___st feeding.


KRIS - November 26

my doctor told me only to take Tylenol only no Advil I am 14 weeks


Milly - November 26

You are able to take Advil in the first and second trimesters BUT not in the 3rd trimester. I just asked my doctor about this last week because I was having migraine headaches.


bry - November 29

Tylenol only!!!!!!


carlena - December 2

Claire, tylonal is non asprin.. another name for it is acetaminophen.


june - December 6

i was put on aspirin for premature labor, in some instances the doctor may want to use a blood thinner in premature be sure to ask the doctor if this is what he/she has in mind before deciding whether or not to follow the doc's advice


Milly - December 8

You are able to take Advil in 1st and 2nd trimesters but not in the last one because it can thin the blood in the baby. I called 3 pharmacists and they all said the same thing plus I called a help line that we have here if you have questions about pregnancy stuff - same thing - fine in the first couple of trimesters.



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