AFB Triple Screen Tests

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Ry - October 8

Is anyone here having or did you do the afb tests? My doc is really pushing me to do it but i have had a pretty complicated preg so far with hypereimis and unexplained bleeding so anymore undue stress is scary to me! Should I do the test? What are you guys doing about it?


Lisa - October 8

I did mine at 16 weeks. My doctor really recommended it so I did; it was just a simple blood test so there was nothing to worry about with how it was done. It is a good to take it incase something is wrong with the baby; that way you can prepare and ready right after delivery.


Lisa - October 8

I haven't gotten back my results yet either, I was supposed to but I have not been back to see him yet. I am waiting till the 19th and I'll be having my big ultrasound and he can tell me everything at is nerve wrecking I know..


Debi - October 8

Ry, it depends on what you would do if the test should show something wrong. I had the test done at 16 weeks and my results came back with a 1:47 chance of my baby having Trisomy 18. This is a really bad chromosonal abnormality in which most children, if born alive, do not live past the first few weeks of life and they have severe defects. I opted to have an amnio done because if my baby did indeed have Trisomy 18 I would have terminated my pregnancy. I have already buried one child who was born perfectly healthy and contracted meningitis when he was 5 months old and died. I could not put myself or my family through that again. Luckily my amnio results came back good and my little girl is okay. I agree about this test putting alot of stress on you, when I got the phone call from the nurse at my doctor's saying that the doctor needed to see me right away reguarding my blood tests I knew it was bad and lucky for me he had me scheduled 3 days later for the amnio. The waiting was hell. I don't know if I will have anymore babies after this one but if I do I am skipping the AFP and just having the amnio done (I am 35 also which increases my risks too) The actual blood test is no big deal it just depends on what the results are. Chances are that your baby will be fine regardless of if you take the test or not, but it truely is a decision that you need to make, not the doctor. If you were to find out that something is wrong with the baby would you still have him/her? If you would then why bother with the test? If you are not sure what you would do you could ask the doctor if there are any other options such as a level II or genetic u/s. Whatever you decide I wish you lots of luck and a happy healthy baby!!


Lisa - To Debi - October 8

Debi, that is such heart retching news. I'm very sorry for the loss you and your family suffered. I wish you all the best...


Sara - October 9

is this the same as the multi screen testing where you have the u/s then go straight for the blood work? I had this done and thank god it came back normal , wish you all the luck Oh I am 36 thats why I did it


Ry - October 9

thank you for your comments. Debi i pray that everything goes well for you!


sar - October 10

my doctor talked to me about it, i was not going to do it. regaurdless of what the results are will not change my mind about having my baby, but depending on how the results come out if something is wrong it will help the doctor be more prepared to properly take care of my baby. i pray that all is well, and depend on God to help me not to stress about it, thats all i can do:)


Renea - October 10

Ry-this is my 4th pregnancy and I have refused the test with all of them. I figure that there are times when the results come up wrong and so then if you don't decide to do the amnio-you just worry until the baby is born. If you do the amnio-I worry about chance of m/c. I know that whatever is going to happen with my baby, God will be there and that is just the way it was meant to be, so no need to stress it out.


Sara - October 10

I thought the same way also but you have to think of the child its not fair to them and what if something happens to you or when you do die of old age the child is left in a home I just dont think its fair I have seen first hand friends and cousins with downs children and spinal bifta and there is now way I would let a human suffer through like that way besides its costly and you have to spend you time 24 hrs for the rest of your life with them you say you can deal with it now but trust me you tire emontionly and phsy then you are no good to that child this is my thoughts on it if i was a child with any of this I wouldnt want to be here .



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