AFP Test

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worried - March 13

Has anyone had an abnormal AFP test? Particularly reading high indicating neural tube defect. I'm 33,I have a week till I see a specialist and thought I was doing everything right. I'm worried sick any false positives out there?


michelle - March 14

worried, please look at my forum. "took afp blood test and got bad results" it happed to me, i am 29 and i just went for my ultrasound and everthing is fine.. my dr said there are alot of false/negatives.


BBK - March 14

There is a 29% rate of false positives with AFP. All 5 couples I know that had a positive AFP turned out false. In my book that test is useless and only causes unecessary anxiety in parents to be.


Amy T - March 14

I think I take my test on Friday and I am a little worried.


AL - March 14

Hey, I found ya. Love AL


heather - March 14

i've opted not to take this test because i've heard of so many false positives.


New_mom - March 26

worried, Did you take the test?


Vina - March 26

We're contemplating whether or not to do it. The doctor also orders a level 2 ultrasound for me (which can show if there's a birth defect). That makes me even "not" sure if I should do AFP.


Maleficent - March 26

i've know alot of women who got bad results on that test and every single one of them worried themselves sick and went on to have perfectly healthy children. i have always skipped this test because of the high rate of false results. why worry?


Heather - March 26

I've heard lots about false positives which is why i decided not to get this test done.


Cathy - June 1

I'm taking my test on Wednesday and I am very very frightened because I am 33 yrs and my relatives kept telling me if I wait too long to have a baby something will be wrong and now I got the call from my doctor today (2:50 pm ET) that I have tested positive for AFP. I will go on Wednesday 6/08/2005 and I am definetly going to get the accurate results. I will email back on Thursday if I get the results back that day but whenever I get the result I will post it here and I hope you will do the same. Please pray for me and my baby and wish us a well.


m - June 1

they either need to improve this test, or do away with it completely. It's almost absurd to put women (and dads!) through this awful worry :(


J - June 1

I took the test and everything was fine - I had heard about the high false positive rate, but opted to do it anyway. I figured this way, if it did suggest a problem, that I could do more extensive testing. Thank God all mine came back negative. Good Luck to all!


ali - June 28

I received news yesterday, June 27, 2005, that my AFP blood test was positive. I have heard numerous women say they also got the same result, however I am scared to death. I can't go for an ultrasound until July 13. I think this is torture for mothers to be. I would suggest not having this test done. I wish that I had never had this test!



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