AFP Test Scared To Have It Help

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Amy - April 22

My doctor suggests that I have the Alphafetoprotein test. I have read that there is a high false positive outcome. I don't want to have a false positive and think my child has downs syndrome. Is this something that I should do?? Help


Mellissa - April 23

My doctor offered the test to me also, and I told her no. I have also heard that there are many false positives and I just didn't want to deal with that. My own mother had it done, and it came back positive for my little sister, and she was born healthy, and my husbands boss told him that his wife had the test done also, and it came back positive and their child was born healthy....I'm already worried about a lot of things, I didn't want to add a false positive to my list.... I guess my thoughts on it and my advise to you is if you are going to keep the baby whether it is born with downs syndrome or if it is born healthy, then don't do the test, because if it comes back false positive, then you will be so worried about something that could possibly be nothing at all....good luck.


Sarah - April 23

Hi Amy, I'm having the exact same dilema at the moment. On the one hand it would be nice if the tests come back ok, because then it would be rea__suring - but if they come back positve it's just added stress! I'm like Mellissa, I'm already worried about a lot of things myself. I have decided not to take the test because if it came back with a high result (which could mean nothing at all), I wouldn't want to take the risk of having an amnio or cvs test - so there really is no point. I just keep thinking that when my mum had me and my brothers these tests weren't around - not even a scan! Her mum (my grandmother), had 8 children and the last one was born to her when she was 47!!! - everything was fine! Sorry for rambling, you're definitely not alone with your worries. I hope you make the right decision to ease your mind. Good luck xxx


Maleficent - April 23

this time around my doctor doesn't even recomend it. i wouldn't have taken it anyway. i know too many women who were freaked out over false positives, in fact i've never met ANYONE who has had a positive positive. (positive positive? my grammar is way off today! well, you get the idea)


Amy - April 25

Thanks for all your great input. I feel much better now about saying no to the test. I will leave it up to God. And either way I will love my baby. Thanks


Mimi - April 26

If I had a choice I wouldn't get the test done. If your baby has downs would you love it any less? I guess they do it for those that want an abortion, but being 18 weeks preg like I am I wouldn't ever consider it!!


May - April 27

Hi Gals I'm from Singapore, currently 20 weeks and really glad to have found this thread as I juz had a false positive test on my AFP levels. It showed that I have high risk of open spina bifida and I was scared stiff and made to go through 3 detailed scans to check on the spine of my baby. I had 2 sonographers check on the spine, the 2nd and 3rd being done by a senior sonographer. It was such an ordeal, as I was pretty excited and looking forward to the detailed scan as the whole world is asking abt my baby's gender, besides my hubby and myself are keen to know the gender too. I wasn't prepared at all when they announced that I had a high risk of open spina bifida has the AFP levels in my blood is elevated. To be throughly sure, they had to get 2 sonographers to confirm that the spine is developing normally. I was so scared!!! The first round the sonographer said the spine looks fine and normal and she would need her senior sonographer to confirm the results were normal. Lying there n watching my baby on screen feels like an eternity. First they told me they would like to do a rescan on the spine, second, they said the heart structure is not too clear... while waiting for the rescans I really broke down inside and cried. When they finally confirmed that my baby's spine is normal I was relieved, but at the same time worried. So I took the report and went down to see my gynae, and he a__sured me that my baby is 99.9% normal and told me that the hospital is very very careful when dealing with cases like mine, that's y the need for 2 sonographers to conquer that the results were normal. Well, being a first time mother, I am still worried and now am praying lots for my baby to be healthy and normal. This pregnancy didn't come easy to me, I'm already in my early 30s. I've already started to feel light flutterings and the love n bond I have with my baby is beyond words. Watching my baby sucking his/her thumb and then playing with the sonographer and myself when she tried to scan for the gender... the baby quickly placed his/her hands to cover the privates! I guess my baby wants to keep us in suspense till my next visit. Well the gender doesn't matter anymore, I am more concern for my litttle angel's health n well being. Boy or Girl I love my little one all the same.


Amy - April 27

May- thanks for your input. I am so glad that your baby is alright. Good luck to you and your little one.


May - April 27

Hi Amy, juz noticed that our names are juggled up to form May or Amy! haha, well, I am really thankful that my baby is all right. It was indeed scary. I don't think I would want to go thru the test for my second baby.


Justine - April 28

Amy - my hospital is doing a nuchal scan to test for down's - this is more accurate than the blood test I think and is non-invasive so doesn't increase the risk of miscarriage. Maybe you should ask for one of these instead?



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