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momof2.5 - August 18

i had a false positive afp test result with my second child last year with a 1/80 chance of DS. It all came out false in the end. My doc and more then several girls that I know say that AFP positive results are usually wrong.


samantha - August 18

Hi im 25and pregnant with my first baby and my AFP test came back high risk for Downs syndrone 1:109 have had a retest today as my midwife says my dates are wrong and that mu first test was done at 14 weeks which is too early - anyone else had this and the 2nd test be negative? Its caused us nothing but heartache so far wouldnt recommend the test.


madison - August 18

yes, i am the post below yours t_tled 'quad screen scare.' i got my results back on wed and i have to go in for more testing tomorrow, and i am scared. although the downs part of my test was ok, my trisomy 18 part (different chromosome) was 1/15, and i am only 31. so i have a one in fifteen chance, whereas at my age, i should have almost none.


Kerri - August 18

Hi, I tested for 1 in 190 for Down's and had an amnio done almost ten days ago and just waiting for the results. I agree with these ladies that I was told the test was only 75% accurate and that the amnio will tell for sure. So now its just the wait and hopefully I will hear the results possibly Friday. The amnio wasn't a painful procedure but you have to be off your feet for 48 hours after its done. You have to have the amnio done before 20 weeks and I had mine done when I was almost 19 and a half so if there is any doubt get the amnio done and also for everyone's information that there is another type of I believe blood test that can be done between week 11 and 13 called an Integrated screen which is 90% accurate to test for any problems as I was told by a genetic counsellor. But my ob wanted me to have the amnio done so it will put my mind at rest and his as well. Hopefully this has been helpful. Good luck.


Wrong terminology - August 18

All you people keep saying "false positive." It's not technically a false positive, because it is a screening test, and merely shows the likelihood. Further testing is needed to actually determine whether your baby has any of these things.


carol - August 18

i had my afp and it came back 1 in 36 chance of downs i had a cvs done and all is normal dont worry its prolly wrong


Melissa - August 22

I am a labor and delivery nurse and I am also 18 weeks pregnant with my first child after going through infertility for 21/2 years. I just received news that my AFP was positive for neural tube defects. I worry because I am on an epilepsy medication that puts me at an increased risk for this. I have my level II ultrasound on Friday. My friend was here when I found out and she told me her AFP was positive for Down's Syndrome so she had the amnio and ended up delivering a healthy baby girl. As a nurse I see many positive AFP tests on prenatals and I have yet to see one come out to be true. I have to say it is extremely stressful to know of the possibility, but I don't know that I would avoid the test with a subsequent pregnancy. I truly believe in the quality of life so I wouldn't want my child suffering his entire life, but at the same time, I don't know that I could terminate my pregnancy I have waited for my entire life. Good luck to everyone and keep your positive thoughts flowing.


Samantha - August 23

Hi i have just had the results of my retest and its gone from 1:109 to 1:254 which technically makes me low risk but i still dont feel much better my midwife says i can still have an amnio if i wish - any advice??


Debi - August 23

Samantha, before you go for the amnio talk to your doctor or midwife about a genetic u/s. It's non-invasive and is supposed to really give insight on the chances of any abnormalities. I'm going to be 35 when I deliver, which puts me at high risk now, but my doctor and I discussed this and the amnio scares me alot (I've had a m/c before) so I will have this u/s first to see if things look okay. If something should look "off" then we will talk about having the amnio. Good luck to you and everyone :)


Melissa - August 27

I am writing back after my positive AFP test for neural tube defects. I was given the level II ultrasound which showed that the complete brain stem and spine are intact. The perinatologist said no amniocentesis was necessary. So, obviously it was a false positive. How the genetic counselor explained it to me is that they look at a positive AFP as a risk factor, but the problem is as soon as us moms-to-be hear it we are then put under so much more unnecessary stress. Using my nursing judgement and mom-to-be instinct I have decided to refuse the AFP test in any future pregnancies because I am a high risk pregnancy anyway and will require the level II ultrasound, which I feel is much more effective. Good luck to everyone else in the same situation!


Sunshine - August 27

Was also an L&D nurse and have seen many Moms who were concerned about their babies while in Labor because of test results only to have a wonderfully blessed birth with healthy babies. I am pregnant with baby #4 (19 weeks) and have gone thru the 1st trimester screen, and sched. for level II next month because of high risk. The last pregnancy was pretty much the same....high risk of DS with the AFP, level II showed no such thing....we have a beautiful little girl to show for it. Try not to read too much into what you read on tests and test with most tests they are based on percentages and statistics (which change). God's blessings to each of you.


Jessica - September 6

To Melissa, I too have been trying to conceive for 2 years and just last Friday I learned that I am at risk of having a Downs baby. i'm having amnio on Thursday. I just want you to know that I'm with you and good luck to all of us.


lmrod55 - September 7

We just got our results yesterday, and it came back 1:144 chance of having a down syndrome baby. After consulting with the doc we have declined the amnio and will do a Level II ultrasound...we have been trying to concieve for 3+ years and feel that we don't need to take any risks by having the amnio, besides we had already decided that we would not terminate the pregnancy. Good luck to all of you.


Jenny - September 7

I am 31 and just tested positive to be at risk, although my NP wasn't cle


Jenny - September 7

sorry, anyway she wasn't clear about what I'm high risk for...I have a level 2 scheduled for Monday, and have to wait 5 days! I appreciate hearing that there are a lot of "false positives". It is so hard to focus on anything else right now...


Rhonda to Jenny - September 7

Hi Jenny I just went thru the same thing!! I am 35yrs old and mine came back positive for 1/41 chance for trisomy 18 which is a really really bad defect most babies don't make it to birth and if they do manage to be born die with in the first few days of life!! I was soooooo worried and like you I had to wait a week before my level 2 sono and the waiting was pure hell I have never prayed so much in my life but I just had my level 2 done on 9/2 and found out that my baby is prefectly healthy showed no markers what so ever for trisomy 18 and I found out we are having a boy...I did tons of research when I was waiting and what I found out is about 5% of women who take this afp test get a positive but only 1or 2 will actually have a baby with a problem that over 90% of women with a positive result have healthy babies...we even spoke to a genetic couceler and she said that even with me showing 1/41 of trisomy 18 that I had a 97% chance that my baby was normal and healthy!! So try not to worry this afp test is ONLY A SCREENING....Good luck to you and baby I am sure all with be ok just do a google search type in afp test false positive and you will find out lots and that will help make you feel better



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