AFP Test Results Positive

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Jessica - September 23

Hi, 9/2 - my doctor told me that i'm at risk of having a Downs baby. At my age 34, normal probability is 1 in 400. I'm 1 in 32. 9/8 - I had an one-hour genetic counseling, a level II ultrasound and the amnio. They found no markers from ultrasound. The amnio went smoothly. Much faster and less pain/discomfort than I thought. We asked for 'FISH' that day too so we can get the preliminary result in 3 days. 9/12 - Genetic counseling informed me that FISH report turned out to be fine. #18 and #21 chromosomes are normal. 9/19 - Genetic counseling called again. The final report turned out to be normal. All 42 chromosomes are normal. Nothing more, nothing less. In addition, the 2 protein levels that used to be abnormal in my AFP result turned out to be normal after they tested the amniotic fluid. Like you all, these messages gave me a lot of strength to carry on, during those days when there was no answers. I know exactly how you feel. Please be faithful. Look at my example, not too many women has hig probability like mine(1 in 32); yet, my baby is normal. Have faith, especially have faith in your unborn child.


Rhonda - September 23

To mari Hi just hang in there if you have read all these posts you can see what we have all been thru but I have yet to hear of anyone having any real problems yet...I think from all the research I have done that there is more of a chance for someone that gets a neg result to actually have a problem!! The hardest part is waiting you feel like your life is on hold I just kept my mind busy while I waited I went to the library and checked out books and did lots of reading you just have to keep the stress down somehow....well keep us posted and take care and remember you are NOT alone here....I check up daily and I will always post back...


Jenny - September 23

Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is just fine, the genetic counselor called on Wed. Amnio results came back normal and our little girl is doing great! I'm so relieved...Thank you to everyone and their support these past few weeks.


Amy - September 26

I just got AFP results of 1 in 10 for trisomy 18 :( we actually went for the level II ultrasound and the doctor did not detect any markers at all. I feel comfortable with the results from the U/S so I refused amnio. The way I see this is that i would rather hope and pray for the last months of my pregnancy that everything is fine, rather than know for the last months of my pregnancy, my baby is going to die. Before you get amnio or even consider it.... ask yourself what am i going to do with this information when i get it?? I sure hope the doc is right and my baby is healthy.


Amy - September 26

I just got a screen result for AFP and mine was 1 in 10 for trisomy 18... i went for ultrasound and the doc said my baby looks healthy.. he found no markers! i refused the amnio because i would rather go through the last couple of months of my pregnancy hoping and praying that everything is fine rather than go through them knowing my baby was going to die


brandy - December 7

i am 23 yrs old on my fourth preg. i just got results of 1/18 chance of baby with down syndrome. since i have been pregnant i have thought i am going to have twins which can elevate levels. anyone know more about this?


sparkles - December 7

I chose not to have it done, because every mom I talked to told me that it had such a high percentage of false positives. Don't worry yourself too much over it. Normally, the follow up test will come back negative.


Ashley - December 7

My friends AFP test came back positive and it said her baby had a 1:10 chance of having down syndrome. The nurse told her the test could come back positive if your dates are even off by days or hours. I wouldnt worry about it! Stay Positive!


linda - December 7

Well we have chosen NOT to have these tests done. I am a hairdresser and I have come across TOO many woman who had bad results , ruined there pregnancy's with worry. To only have healthy babies! ALSO I was told by my OB at my last appt. that being 36 I would DEFINEITLY test positive automatically because of my age. BUT it dosn't mean there is a for sure problem. I am having a ultrasound at 20 weeks so they can check everything there. either way I am not aborting this pregnancy.


goldfish - March 10

I got two know that i have a positive AFP just 2 days before.these two days have been the toughest of my life i have been crying ever since.I have been taking the prenatal vitamins very regularly 2 months before i got preganent. Now that its positive is there anything i should do like execricse diet of any specail kind toi have a healthy baby?.Please let me know any advice would be really helpful at this point thanks buddies


goldfish - March 12

I just got a positive on my AFP,Since a week iam extremely worried and have been doing nothing but crying.I have got the ratio of 1:36 I want to take up the level 2 ultrasound but iam not willing to take up Aminocentesis,Iam just not comfortable.I am 27years old and both me and my husband come from 2 healthy families.


Dee71 - March 13

Hi I am 21 wks. and 35 yrs. I had a level II u/s a few days ago. I had an abnormal triple screen for DS. This is going to be my last baby and I thought I would enjoy this time . NOT even close. I have been so stressed out. Well anyway I was given odds of 1:201 for the abnormal triple screen , then we had the level ll u/s they said kidneys were a little larger than normal not by much(no numbers given) but it was still a soft marker for downs my odds are now 1:90.I declined the amino. So we have an another appt. in a month .DR. said everything else looks fine and this problem is kind of normal in pregnancies mostly male fetues,and most of the time it can go away by the third trimester.So now what are we supose to think???? I guess we have to just wait .I was also wondering if any one else had anything like this happen to them? Thanks


Atarahsmommy - March 16

I refused the test because of that reason, if it came back positive I was not going to have amnio done, and then I would just worry the rest of the pregnancy, and they also test for spinal cord defects, but the next step if that comes back positive is to have an u/s which you have at your next app. anyway so there is no point in the afp test unless you are going to have amnio done if it is positive


Dee71 - March 17

Hello Ladies, After reading many stories and going through the guessing game myself . I also belive if you know ahead of time you won't have an amino or cvs it almost meaningless to have the APF because it's only a screening.I do know of many women who have had abnormal results and went on to have healthy babys.I myself have had abnormal triple screens and had a level II u/s.The level II u/s showed one soft marker mild kidney dilation. The specialist said it dose put my risk higher but I shouldn't worry because plenty of "normal" fetuses have the same condition.So I'm back to square one.When I became pregnante I knew I had risks because I'm 35.I feel I would have been better off if I never had any of these test except one u/s to check the babys structure.I might have felt better in the end if you don't get a cromosome test it's all a guess.GOOD LUCK TO ALL


Jaden - December 19

Hi my name is Amanda and i am 25 years old. I took the test and mine came back positive for downs. I am a reck I had an u s and they sent the test back in with my right dates and it still came back positive. So I guess now I have to have an amnio. But my wonder and question is why are so many womans test coming back positive. Is it that this test tells you that you are at high risk for having a baby with downs, it doesn't actually mean your baby has it. But what is it that throws this test of for so many woman and they end up having healthy babies. It is a lot of unessisary stress. I think that they need to better this test. Amanda


Gretta - December 19

What was your result? They usually give you odds as a number. It comes back positive a lot of the time because its a screening test to see if you might be at risk and would need further testing so try not to worry too much. Did you say your Ultrasound came back indicating Downs?



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