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BeccaC - March 13

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to share in my excitement that I am 13 weeks!! I had two m/c last year, and I FINALLY made it to 2nd trimester. I owe it to a lot of prayers and a lot of faith, but I FINALLY get to post on the 2nd tri forum!! My due date is Sept 13th and I don't care how hot I will be in the summer - I am looking forward to the many weeks of being pg with my little miracle!


kvilendrer - March 13

Congratulations! Enjoy your pregnancy. You deserve it!


kristie h - March 13

Hi Bec, congrats to you, DH and bubs!!! I bet you are more excited now? I am 12w and 3 days so not long till i "officially" join you. How are you going? Are you tired? Moody LOL? I am very moody and still very tired every now and then. Have you herd from ellla? I think i will go over and check to see if she is still around. Take care


jodie - March 13

congrats!!!! That is soo awesome! Welcome to the wonderful world of the second trimester!


suze42 - March 13

CONGRATS Becca!! I also had 2 m/c prior to this pg...Its amazing to FINALLY be in the magical 2nd tri. you know the stats are in our favor now! Im 21 wks and doing great! You will too!


Terio - March 14

Becca, welcome ~ very nice to read your post! Congrats. :-)


Martha2007 - March 14

hi BeccaC, I also had two early miscarriages. Now I am in my 21st week. I was also so excited to enter into 2nd trimester. Chance of miscarriage is very less once you enter into 13th week. Good luck


kimberly - March 14

Congrats! You are due on my brothers birthday, I am due Aug 26th so not far ahead of you. Wonderful news for you!


jessica72 - March 15

How wonderful! You are due on my birthday! :) I also had an early m/c and am now in week 32. I remember entering the 2nd trimester with such a huge relief. Enjoy this wonderful time!


BeccaC - March 18

Thanks for all your support and kind words!


carriebug - March 18

grats, Cant wait to see you on the Third trimester board saying uuuggggg when is this going to be over lol .... Good Luck being pregnant is a very fun time... :)


SaraH - March 18

BeccaC, congrats on making it through those first few long weeks. I too have had 2 m/c and just wanted to say, hang in there; the 3rd times the charm. I'm now 37.5w and everything has gone well (other then feeling like c___p alot :) ) and baby has been perfect the whole time. I know things will work out great for you this time around too. Good luck and again congrats --it's such a releife to be past those first weeks. YEAH!!!



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