Alcohol Use Early On Having Trouble Enjoying

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voyage - November 3

Hi Ladies. I guess I am here for some support. At about 5 weeks I had a big drinking night without knowing I was pregnant. I was irresponsible and had entirely too much for my body much less that of a little embryo. I am having trouble enjoying this pregnancy for fear that I have damaged this little person inside of me. I wake up sick to my stomach with guilt every morning and go to bed the same way. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop feeling this way??


Cathy - November 3

You cannot change what has already happened. A lot of woman including myself have been in your shoes. You did not know, so don't beat yourelf up. The likelyhood of something being wrong from this is very minimal at that stage of your pregnancy. If you are still worried, I would call you doctor to speak to her about it, he/she should be able to ease your mind. I went on a heavy drinking binge the day before I found out I was pg. It happens all the time. Just make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your little one now. enjoy your pregnancy, the worrying is not healthy for you.


karen - November 3

The fact that you're so worried shows you'll be a good mom, and like Cathy said a lot of women are in the same boat. I have read that almost nothing you can do that early on will harm the baby, so at 5 weeks you should have nothing to worry about. But like Cathy said, to ease your mind, you should ask your doctor about it.


Jennifer - November 3

I read almost that exact problem in one of my pregnancy books. It said that during the embryonic stage, there is very little you can do to harm the baby. If you haven't had anything to drink, the chances are slim to none that there is something wrong with your baby due to alcohol consumption. When you get your first ultrasound, you'll feel better!


rl - November 3

I agree with the others and I am included before I found out I did drink not alot but enough and I am now 26wks and have had several sonos including two level 2 due to my age (I am 35) so I am high risk and everything is showing my baby boy is good and don't worry the stress would be much worse than anything you did before you found out you were pregnant...good luck


dwc - November 3

It is so nice to see everyone pull together like this to comfort one another! I agree with the stress over the worry of something maybe wrong. You can't change it so try not to worry about it, ask the doc for rea__surance and take care of yourself from now on. I too had a few drinks early on in the first few weeks of pregnancy. I am 25 wks 4 days and everything is going fine for me and poppyseed. Good luck and take care.


voyage - November 3

I can't thank you enough for your wonderful support. I feel much better after hearing you all. This place is great for expecting women. And thank you karen....this is my third and I do try hard at being a good mom. It is scary knowing you are bringing another life into the world as it is, let alone thinking you have somehow changed their well being. I appreciate your support and wish you all happy healthy pregnancies!!


Lisa - November 3

I drank a lot my first 5 weeks as I did not know now I was pregnant. It was the summer, lots of parties, beach days and I was not working so I had lots of time with the news friends I made in the place I moved; and they don't work either right now. All we did was drink and shop. I'm not worried about it; I've had monthly ultrasounds, tests and everything is completely fine. My baby is growing great and is on perfect schedule. I still have a couple gla__ses of red wine a week; I love wine and my doc says it's fine. Don't stress out, everything will be great!


sparkles - November 3

I wouldn't worry about it! You didn't know you were pregnant and it was only one night of drinking. On episode of alchohol consumption shouldn't do any harm to your growing baby, especially so early in your pregnancy. I would be worried about the women who drink daily and still know their pregnant. That's what's going to cause problems. Good luck and your baby is going to be just fine!


maya - November 4

I agree with all the ladies. I too had been partying away without knowing that there was someone inside. In the couple weeks before I found out I was drinking heavily and happily every night. I really dont think there is much to worry about. Now I just have a drink here and there but sure do miss really enjoying the drink!


mls - November 4

Doctors say that if you are still carrying this little one....the partying you did, suffered no damage. otherwise you would have miscarried early on. I think most women are guilty of indulging in things they shouldn't before they knew they were pregnant. your body has it's ways of protecting your baby until you aware that it's there. I did a lot of drinking and partying with my first (and this one) before I knew I was pregnant and he came out big, fat and healthy! the worrying your doing now, will cause more harm than good. let it go. :-)


Maggie - November 4

I found out I was pregnant with my son on January 3, 2000. I partied my a** off for the new millenium, and I'm talking party. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I went to my doctor freaking out. My doc told me to relax and that everything would be fine. He was right, and on August 29, 2000 I gave birth to a perfect baby boy. Don't stress out so much because that can harm you. Look at all the women here who have been there, and take comfort in the fact that it has all worked out.


Nicole - November 4

I was also worried b/c I smoked until I found out at about 5 weeks and the dr's said taht everythign is fine I am 12 weeks now and have had 3 u/s's and everything looks great so stop worrying taht can actually be worse than the alcohol you drank.


AMY - November 4



S - November 7

I was in the same boat. My fiance and I actually sat and drank a bottle of wine each then decided to walk to the store and buy the pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive! at that time I was roughly 5 weeks. After that I even went out with my friend for a couple gla__ses and dinner, and that was my last gla__s! It doesn't effect the baby, remember the baby is only 3 weeks gestation so it is literally the size of a grain of rice or smaller. Also at that point the baby hasen't even implanted yet, so I think you will be just fine! We will all be great mothers!!


Tess - November 7

I wouldnt worry too much....Like some of the ladies said "you cannot change what has already happened" Just stay positive...and then if you have any questions or concern you can definitely set up an appt w/ your doctor. goodluck!


voyage - November 8

Wow! I feel a million times better! Thanks for all your support. I have quit worrying so much.....still hard to quit all together! I think I am starting to feel that quickening start and that is exciting! Once things are really on their way I think it will be easier to move on to expecting a healthy and happy baby! Thank you all so much again!



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