Alexis Shortened To Alex

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Aimes - June 4

Is that weird to name her Alexis, yet call her Alex. Alexandra sounds too formal, but we really like Alex. Any thoughts?


Angiconda - June 4

I have a neice names Alexis we call her Lexi for short. If you like the name then that is perfectly fine done let anyone else change your mind as we all know that family and friends like to try to have their imput. I have been pretty luck so far everyone seems to like Landon Carter for our baby boy.


mcatherine - June 4

I like Alexis - shortened to Alex. Alexandria is another option and although as long as Alexandra - it doesn't sound as formal. I think it's a nice choice.


Erynn21 - June 4

I don't think so, we actually wanted to name our daughter Alexa, but we have an nephew who's name is Alexander, shortened to Alex. My husband thought it would be too confusing w/ Alex the boy/Alex the girl. So we're probably going to use Alexis as a middle name because the first name we have chosen sounds better w/ Alexis than Alexa. I think if you like it you should go for it it is cute.


Aimes - June 4

I do like Lexi for short, too. I thought about Alexandria, but it too is very long and kinda too formal. I think we'll go with Alexis--Alex for short, but not let anyone know so we don't hear everyone's two cents!


Mingill - June 4

Whatever name you choose will be fine, I like Alex for short. And besides, by the time she hits highschool, she may well have another nickname she prefers. I know my brother randomly decided one day he no longer wanted to be Paul, but Raj (His full name is Raj Paul) and I debated going by Shar instead of Mindy (full name Sharminder).


LeslieK - June 5

I have a 12 year old daughter who I named Alexandra, but she has always been Alex. Its a great name for her. She is a cute red head who can be girly but plays tons of sports. The longer name gives them a more traditional first name for later in life, especially for looking official on transcripts etc. Good luck!! I'm on baby #2 and we can't think of any name yet!!


Aimes - June 5

LeslieK, thanks. I do like Alexandra. I also love Olivia--Liv, but my husband doesn't so I can't use that one.



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