All Mothers Who Thinks Or Knows Having A Boy

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Kunti - June 16

Congratulation to all… I have questions regarding how do you fell when you having a boy (M/S or whole day sick nees or nothing at all or what you craving for) or how do you know it’s a boy… Of course you know by U/S but need to know how do you fell? I haven’t done my 2 level u/s yet. It’s going to be end of this month when I am 22 weeks but just wounding how do you all fell?


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 16

One of the biggest signs for me is noticing an increase in hair growth and needing to shave more often. I noticed this with my first son and I didn't know the s_x until birth. This time I was already noticing this by 21 weeks and then found out it was a boy. I have friends who have girls who say they shaved less. My pregnancies are very similar and both boys. Not too bad on morning sickness at all.


Melissa - June 16

I had virtually n o morning sickness at all, like SOnya said, I had a noticeable increase in hair growth. (I even found a big black hair growing out of my neck once!!) Really I have been feeling like normal, hardly any symptoms at all. Not sure if you can rely on this to determine if you are hvaing a boy though, everyones pregnancies are so different. I have no feeling of what s_x the baby was, we found out at the ultrasound


Kunti - June 16

Thank you all... In my case this hair increase with my first one and I had a girl so I am still confuse. This time no hair growth so what could be??


SRG - June 16

I am 19 weeks, and I just found out I am having a boy. I knew it though, I just felt I was having a boy from the moment I got pregnant. I have been feeling great, not sick. Just the usual aches, pains and discomforts that a pregnant woman feels during the nite. I do find that I am carrying this baby more in the front and I have been told this is a true sign of a boy.


Nick - June 16

I found out at 21 weeks that I was having a boy. The week before I noticed a very fine, white, almost like down hair below my belly b___ton to my pubic bone. I was convinced at that point that hair would grow if I had extra testoserone in my system=a boy. I never threw up,but had no appet_te and was very tired from about week 6 to week 12.


citrouille - June 16

I think I may be having a boy. WE didn't want to know but I say something on the u/s anyway that leads me to think that the baby is a boy. Also, I have more hair growth ( I was not a very hairy person at all before!). I wasn't very sick at all during the first trimester and craved greasy, salty foods. My sister was the same when she had her boys; Oh and I'm definetly carrying out front. I've got that I look like i've swallowed a beach ball look :)


jena - June 16

interesting. i'm having twins and at 15 weeks they already strongly suspect that one is a boy - and I am HAIRY! Yuck!! Maybe they both are, then! I had semi-bad M/S - not that bad, but was nauseus a lot and only threw up 3 times total - which is great for twins - my experience can't really be compared except for the hairy part!


Lynn - June 16

I don't know for sure but I've felt from about 8 weeks that its a boy. I am MUCH hairier than before (thank god its blond!) I mean I have hair all over my tummy, the hair on my arms is disgusting, it runs down my wrists covers my hands all the way down my fingers (again -thank god its blond) I am waxing my ENTIRE face i have never waxed anything but eyebrows before. I have always shaved my legs & underarms every day cause I can't stand stubble but I swear even that's growing faster these days. My m/s lasted from week 6-10. I never threw up but I was really nauseas from about weeks 7-9 and then just kinda nauseas the rest of the time. Oh.. and I didn't know about the extra hair=boy thing until about a weeks ago.. For about a month I've been saying to my hubby that I can't believe how hairy I am!


Lenore - June 16

In what week did you all start to notice more hair???


Lynn - June 16

I guess I really started to notic eit at about 12 weeks, maybe alittle earlier..


Lenore - June 16

Thanks Lynn! I am in my 12th week and although I am not going to find out the s_x of the baby, I would like to take a guess myself! havn't noticed anymore hair yet, but I will be paying close attention.


pmolson - June 16

well you really dont tell i am preggo with my second baby and both boys to tell you the truth i thought i was having a girl this time they are so different but im not its another boy let me know what you have


Jodie - June 16

I am pregnant with my 2nd son and my pregnancy is completely different to what it was with my first son. There is not one similarity between the 2


melanie - June 17

JODI & PMOLSON- When did you find out it was a boy? I felt completely differnt with this one. I already have 2 boys so I thought girl! WRONG! U never know.


Kunti - June 17

JODI & PMOLSON, What are difference you had with first and second one?


pmolson - June 17

Kunti- well this time i have really bad dry skin i am always cold i was so p__sed off all the time now this is just with this pregnancy and also i have not gained weight i have lost i was so sick in the first two months i lost 12lbs and still losing okay now my first pregnancy i was fun of energy always in a good mood looked hot pregnant even though i gained 68 lbs i was never tired like i am now i used to sweat like u would not believe i mean i was always hot i only wanted beef jerkey and mountain dew with the first one but this one i want freezes and ravioli i hate ravioli usually not pregnant well those are a few of the things that are different oh yea one more thing this one it is just in the belly but with the first it was every where



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